Jupiter, Perspective & Happiness

hot air balloon I was told there are people who just can’t stand the idea of someone being happy. I would have liked to argue but I’ve witnessed the same thing.

I’m inherently happy. It doesn’t matter if life is grueling, I am still happy and feel satisfied at least 80% of time. I chalk this up to trines from Jupiter.

Jupiter types have a very hard time staying down. We just go up like a helium balloon, again and again and again. Pull it down, it comes down. Turn your back and its up again. Shoot it full of holes and next morning it’s restored. It’s right back where it was, wagging in the wind.

Invariably the people who have a problem with other people being happy and unhappy themselves. Invariably people who are happy want you to be happy too.

If you are somewhere in the middle which most people are, you probably have a choice. You can lie with the happy people because happiness is infectious. Alternately you can hang with the negative set and absorb that sort of like, “If you lie down with dogs…”

I dated a man for a few years who used to remark all the time about happy people. He was naturally dour; here would come some waitress to serve us, sporting an enormous grin.  Seeing her grin, I’d grin back and he’d shake his head as she left with the order.

“There’s one of your people,” he said.

“Yeah, she’s happy and it makes me happy to see her happy. I like that grin, it make me feel good. Does it make you feel good?”

“No. When I see people smile like that I just wonder what they are so happy about. Why are you smiling? I don’t get it.”

I want to update this because my moon is about to progress to Sagittarius, a naturally upbeat position. Hooray!

What are your observations around happiness and specifically the happy people you see out there?

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    Little Miss Hermit

    I have Sun trine Jupiter and I agree with your balloon-image:)
    When I’m under the weather – which is quite rare, considering I have quite a challenging life by anyone’s standards – I tend to retreat and then reemerge with some sort of game-plan: Mars conjunct Pluto sextile Saturn. Not blind optimism, in other words – but the will to make the best of what I have, helped by the ability to look on the bright side, obviously;)
    Unfortunately, I sometimes have little patience with people who insist on a negative view and their right to complain left and right. From my own experience, a quadruple Cancer or someone with a lot of oppositions can almost do me in!*lol* Any encouragement or uplifting advice is taken as a personal attack or insult. I’d better just let them take their time, right? See, I’m learning!;)

  2. I’m of the opinion that inherently happy people are, for the most part, realistic about the short-comings of humanity and of themselves.
    I don’t think people with ‘blind optimism’ are necessarily happy, it sounds a bit like burying one’s head in the sand.
    However I have been accused of having this trait over and over (I’m a Sag ASC) and it has me wondering: Why do unhappy people want to drag you down with them?
    I have optimism because IT WORKS FOR ME. I am happy because IT SERVES ME. Being depressed and negative makes me FEEL BAD.

    (Jupiter in 5th/Gemini; opposed Neptune, trine Pluto, sextile Saturn).

  3. I agree with both of ya’ll. I HAVE to be positive or else I get depressive easily. I hate when others bombard me with their negative attitudes. It’s like, dude, you’re creating negative energy that always sucks in more negative energy….negative people, negative circumstances will forever follow you if you don’t change your attitude. No one ever has a clue (except for a chosen few of course) when I am depressed. I still slap a smile on my face and go about life laughing at myself and my foibles, that usually snaps me right out of it.

  4. I relate to that hot air balloon image. I’ve got Jupiter/Venus in Leo in 6th house trining Saturn in Aries (albeit the first House). people gripe at work, or diss others, and I’m always the pollyanna, the encourager. and always trying to find other people inspiring jobs, often with incredible success.
    even though i have sucky aspects. sun sq saturn and moon sq pluto, natally, when it comes to work, I see things through expansive bright-sunshiney glasses. and always like work to be fun, fun, fun.

  5. Molly, I have those aspects too, and funnily enough I like them. I’m quite good at helping people through bad times and I suspect those aspects provide me psychic protection.

  6. Kashmiri, I like my challenging aspects, too. they’re the ones that have shaped who i am, my identity. Sun in Cancer in 5th with 1st house Aries saturn has turned me into a different kind of cancer, for sure. braver from being scorched, a little edgier, less an amorphous blob of feelings. moon sq pluto is definitely home in crisis, and i agree can help others through dark times. intensity and melancholy sometimes seem so contradictory — in me — to this upbeat, smiley Jupiter-Venus in Leo gal. 🙂 and boy can I brag about myself. the other aspects give me some substance to go with the flash, he he.

  7. All of my Jupiter aspects are easy (sextile Pluto, conjunct Neptune, trine Venus). My natal Jupiter in Capricorn is conjunct the current one, though I am not sure what exactly that means: luck through work? Humor in the darkness? Hell, I am having a rough go of it right now and I suppose that Jupiter is helping me stick around.

    I am not somebody who goes around smiling all the time and I can usually tell when the smiling is genuine or not. I am, however, not pessimistic — I’m a Leo!

  8. I agree, may be Jupiter high your mood like a ballon, but unless another points, it could become just a highed mood. Happiness as I look it, requires hard work, courage, an huge mount of courage required for: connection with our feelings, fight for our ideals, don’t betray us and so on. At that point after the most extremous feelings of auto-depreciation confussion, desperation in my twenties (pluto transit #12) I arrived at that highed mood with happiness. I don’t think sad people atracts misery: healing or assisting or simply to hear other people may be a path for our completude as a human being if you think the center of people is outside ourself that is our nature. It is a long and philosophical topic. However that is true, I avoid negative and ressentfull people. I think necessaryly that attitude attracts negativity

  9. LOL
    Venus/Leo square Saturn/Taurus = glass half full. And it’s a fixed, stubborn glass!

    And Cancer stellium (Sun Mercury Mars). And Capricorn ruling my 5th house of fun!

    Yeah, I have a sense of humor but it’s hard to find at times… but I’m usually only hard on myself. Not hard on others. I can see the good in others, but less so in myself… (Venus square Neptune?)

    I do have Jupiter sextiling Venus but poor Venus is in that t-square…

    I keep compiling a list for my next life. Yes, I want Sun Venus conjunct (I don’t even care what sign!). And I want some peppy Sage energy…. and Libra Rising and………….. Moon in Scorpio to keep me dark and twisty 🙂

  10. The other day i walked past a kids shop and outside was a bubble machine blowing bubbles and infront of it was a tramp (bum) and he was so happy dancing around in the bubbles. As i passed he was chuckling and said something to me incomprehendable but i laughed back anyway. It really made my day to see someone with so little so enraptured. Think i smiled all the way home. I love happy people and never resent it even if i’m feeling down cos it is infectious. Moon/jup in 7th trine merc.

  11. you never know when a little bit of cheer and consideration can make a huge difference to someone. it has to me. so i try to spread it around when i can (sometimes i’m too distracted….)

    i figure the more happy going around the better off everyone is. it _is_ contagious.

  12. I’m an optimist with a melancholy face. Dunno why…maybe too much saturn in the chart. Lots of Jupiter aspects though, so inside I’m shining, thinking, processing and getting better under the radar. I feel happier than I project sometimes….but I am always ‘somewhere’ else anyway.

  13. Somewhere in the middle with saturn aspecting jupiter. I love happy folks! But I cannot be with them for too long as I get stuck in the balloon and lose any sense of what is what. I love realistic folks that have their feet on the ground too.

    The ones I avoid are the obliviously happy because they tend to bounce away when needed, and the mean-dour bitter folks because that’s like gangrene.

  14. So what is there to be done (if anything) about the people who are genetically engineered to be unhappy all the time? Just write them off, I guess.

    I continue to be impressed at those who don’t sink down, but I definitely don’t have their rebound myself. Super fakey perky people are irritating/disturbing, but normal friendly folks are fine.

  15. I have a seriously afflicted Jupiter — a double square from Venus and Saturn but weirdly it feels like a STRONG Jupiter in Taurus — and if I’m a sadge rising then it’s my chart ruler.

    What i’ve noted with this configuration is that people mostly *hate* it when I’m happy. When I’m glowing and brilliant and wildly optimistic, when I take chances, when I am *Jupiterian* in any way there is *always* someone around to smack me down. *Always*.

    I don’t do this to other people *ever* because I know how much it hurts to have your happiness ruined. But it keeps happening to me.

    So what I learned to do was keep my happiness and hope and faith and affection for humanity a deep dark secret. It’s still here though. You can’t kill something like that.

  16. I can relate to the balloon image. I have Jupiter. I’ve had a lot of crap happen to me but I rebound quickly. I just can’t stay down.

    I don’t understand those who want to pull others down or who are so bitter that they are secretly pleased when you are unhappy.

  17. I have sag moon, Jupiter in Aries in the 11th, and Jupiter trine Neptune. I find immense joy through doing insanely simple activities. Just working in the garden and laying on the grass and taking a nap is enough to send me over the edge into giddy. Beautiful things and good hearted people also give me a happy feeling. I’ve known people that are joy stealers. I don’t hang around that type of person anymore. Life is too short and it’s hard enough as it is. Imma enjoy myself while I’m here. people have tried to convince me that I need to pay for happiness or that happiness comes from outside of myself. It’s completely within me and its free.

  18. Sometimes happiness breeds happiness, until the the unhappy one can’t take it anymore and they unleash on you and reveal, “You’re just too happy all the time and no one has that sort of life!” Then you stare back and say, “Well, I do and I like it!”

    Then again that probably Moon conj Venus and Jupiter in Libra. Just be kind.

  19. (Saturn opp. Jupiter) I have been on both sides of the equation, extremely dour vs happy most of the time. The latter came in the last few years.

    Happiness is infectious, and with Jupiter conj DSC and Venus in the 9th, I enjoy the company of those who are truly happy. Eventually, instead of merely enjoying Jupiter-types’ company, I learned how to use my own Jupiter to be happy and bring others happiness.

    I used to be suspicious of normal happy people because I thought it was in such contrast to my near-constant misery/depression. “They can’t really be that happy, can they? They’re just pretending.” Well, obviously it was projection.

  20. I was wondering if a 7 degree jupiter sun trine still counts?

    I thought I was generally upbeat and optimistic, but haven’t felt this way lately hehe!

    So… does a 7 degree orb still count as ‘jupiterian?’ 🙂

  21. I am a lucky son of a bitch, and happy that I’m lucky. Not in all things at all times, but usually when it counts.

    Jupiter in positive aspect with Uranus and Pluto and Mars.

  22. I’m a naturally happy person. I’ve got Jupiter conjunct my IC at the base of my chart, which I think gives me super power bouncing ability! 😉

    I also have a Pluto ruled chart, which you would think might be lacking in the happy-go-lucky department… but, I think that the fact that I’ve had some pretty tough times and still been able to ‘rise from the ashes’, that it actually fuels my bouncing ability.

  23. Yes! Sun in Sag trine Jupiter. Positivity does help keep my Cap stellium afloat.
    On another note: I notice that women who are strangers do smile at each other, in public. Like your passing closely in the supermarket isle, smile,and as Elsa says the smiling waitress. Many examples of this. An ex bf commented on this once, and said men (strangers) never would smile to each other. Any one else weigh in on this….

  24. I told the woman’s club ladies today, I was going to invite any woman I saw smiling, to join our club!

  25. I would say that my feeling mostly match my Sag Moon as easy going and adventrous – but since I have a Plutonian chart – I still think that life, in true Scorpio style, is basically unfair for most people. (me included). I also have Mars in Sag but it has square to Pluto – so for the most part I do not have a happy Mars. ALthough I guess I do think Saggy looking guys – ones who can make me laugh at at least. My Jupiter is in the 11th with conjuncts to Uranus and Mercury – I guess I do have good luck finding good friends and finding people who I can relate with – but my my deep relationships are very few.

    I would love to have Jupiter in the 6th house and get Saturns butt outta there. I imagine how great my everyday life might be with Jupiter hanging out in there permanently!

  26. I’m not an inherently happy person, but I enjoy the happiness of others.

    Just yesterday I ran into a client that’s been battling cancer. She always brings a smile to my face. She has unfailingly been positive, and smiling.

    Her hair is growing back from chemo, and we were celebrating that. Today I saw her birthday…yep, a Saggie.

  27. This is interesting because I consider myself happy but I wouldn’t say I’m cheerful. I don’t wear my happy on my sleeve? I have Jupiter (retrograde in Pisces 2nd/3rd cusp) – sesquiquadrate sun (not sure what this means but I disagree with everything I’ve read), opposite moon, trine mercury and Saturn, and biquintile my Uranus/MC conjunction. I smile & say hello if I’m not too distracted. I don’t have much cheery in my chart 🙂 Capricorn rising, cancer sun, Virgo moon, lots of Pluto, lots of water. Happy introverted? I read a phrase once that I identified with, “deep and quiet joy”. The more I type, the more “retrograde-y” this seems. I don’t stay down either but I can’t be around negative people – by that I don’t mean people who are dealing with hard things – I mean people who look for the worst in any situation. This type if negativity actually makes me feel physically sick.

  28. I think happy people are consistently optimistic and perseverant. Keyword: consistent.

    My ex was super cheery but alternately very controlling, anxious and had a temper. Very unpredictable and so a very stressful person to be around. But strangers loved him because he loved to socialize – WITH STRANGERS. Anyone close to him knew how maddening he could be. I don’t consider him a happy person though a lot of his acquaintances would. I consider him manic and troubled.

  29. I thought overt happiness had been outlawed. Must be my prgressed sun in scorpio, I am only closet happy now.

  30. eva – “I don’t do this to other people *ever* because I know how much it hurts to have your happiness ruined. But it keeps happening to me.”

    Interesting! Where is your Chiron? I feel like Chiron could be involved in that, y’know learning from wounds and being better because of it and all that.

  31. My definition of toxic people is for those who like to see me down. when I smile, they want to ruin it. They will project their negativity on me every chance they get. I am naturally a happy person with a very down to earth view of life. It’s hard to tell from my smile when things go wrong for me. It is extremely hard to be surrounded by whiners and emotionally crippled people, who like to look “ready to die” any time of the day or night for any reason. I call this manipulation. They want you to pity them, to make them happy. To them I respond: “I’m sorry. You are responsible for your own feelings. Not me. Until you realize that I can’t be around you either.”

  32. dorchid said:
    I think happy people are consistently optimistic and perseverant. Keyword: consistent.

    My ex was super cheery but alternately very controlling, anxious and had a temper. Very unpredictable and so a very stressful person to be around. But strangers loved him because he loved to socialize – WITH STRANGERS. Anyone close to him knew how maddening he could be. I don’t consider him a happy person though a lot of his acquaintances would. I consider him manic and troubled.

    This sounds like my last ‘experience.’ No fun!
    Anyone other than ‘close’ would say *sooo much fun* to be around. Not so, when in reality.

  33. Thank god for Jupiter’s and Venus’s trine in Sagittarius to my natal dramatic Leo Mars-Saturn-Pluto stellium. The best way to envision it is to see a burning house on chicken legs running to the ocean and cooling things off. Baba Yaga lives. There’s little doubt of life being hard. Astrology? A Scorpio Sun and Mercury with Chiron in there square all that Leo.
    So I can relate to that hot air balloon, though never been in one. Life has brought significant Sag into my life: my brother, and now a new grandbaby born during the time of covid. Now that there is optimism during upheaval. He loves to laugh, and makes me laugh when he laughs. That’s the best of contagious.

  34. I don’t think about myself and happiness much. I do for others though. I often think about people from my past, who I really enjoyed being around, who were nice to me, who shared a laugh with me. I think about them, smile, and hope they are happy In whatever life they chose.

  35. I know a man with Jupiter conjunct his Moon. He is happy all day long. I have seen him worry about stuff but it barely lasts a day. He just has tremendous resilience.

    I like it. It lifts me out of my tendency to anticipate the worst.

    In fact, I see happiness as quite an accomplishment

  36. My sister regularly exhibits the shadow side of her 1H Virgo Jupiter. She is hyper critical of others’ accomplishments and happy circumstances. Small-ball world.

  37. I am happy to be around people that are happy. I also take on too much when it comes to being responsible for their happiness.{family}.If I feel like my energy will drag people down I stay to myself. I stay away from pessimists If I can help it.{Even though I can be one with all that scorpio}. I try to point out the bright side of a situation which is not always appreciated. lol !! My philosophy is if I get knocked down I am going to get up again period. I have had some heavy blows over the years but I am ready to get back up !! Sag asc, moon and venus. Scorpio sun , mercury and saturn.

  38. I think I am a happy person despite feeling despair just as much. It does not make sense to me. The more I am in my head, the more frustrated and angry I get. I love happy people and around others; I am 97% of the time happy. If not, I do as Opalina and stay to myself until the mood passes. I would never want to kill someone’s joy or happiness. Actually, on aeroplanes, that is the only exception I can think of. I get mad if people are overly happy. Like, don’t laugh. I want a sombre mood until we land. I don’t want to risk taking the situation too lightly. Other than that, the worst feeling is to know that you changed someone’s mood for the worse.

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