“Domesticating Elsa” – Saturn Square Venus In Synastry

I was 19. I was wearing a pair of jeans with a blouse, tucked in. My boyfriend, “Jaime” was a Capricorn. I was from the desert and never knew what he was talking about.

All my clothes were from Goodwill and I saw no problem with that either, I’d never had anything different or dreamed that I should. I just didn’t know what he was talking about – Period.

“You’re wearing that? he asked. “Aren’t you going to put on a belt?”


“A belt. Aren’t you going wear a belt with that?”

“Er… No. I don’t have a belt. I don’t need a belt,” I said.

“Yes you do! What do you mean, you don’t have a belt? You have got to have some kind of belt around here.”

“No. No I don’t. I don’t wear ‘em. I don’t need ‘em.”

“Yes you do.”

“For what? To keep my pants up? They are staying up just fine,” I said, staring. “Don’t worry, Jaime. I won’t take my pants off until we get home,” I said, shutting one eye and grinning wide.

He laughed because he was lovesick. “You’re crazy, Elsa. But you really should wear a belt with that. We’re going to have to get you a belt,” he said. “A few of them.”

“A few of them?”

“One brown and one black at least,” he said.

“For what?” I asked him, exasperated. “Why should I wear a belt?” I asked in challenge because he was beginning to piss me off. He had an Aries Moon.

“Jeez, honey, I don’t know. Girls just do. They wear ’em. When they wear a blouse like that and tuck it in, then they wear a belt.”

“Well that’s fine if your pants won’t stay up but mine do. My pants stay up all by themselves so I don’t need a belt. Why do I need a belt? I have never needed a belt in my life.”

“I don’t know. It looks more finished with a belt,” he said.



“Did you ex wear belts when she tucked her shirt in?”

“Yes. She dressed very well as a matter of fact.”

“Well I’m going to send you back to her if you don’t shut up, let’s go.”

And off we went, Jaime and his beltless girlfriend…

The picture was taken 10 years later – still no belt. I do have a belt in my closet now though, two of them. My sister gave them to me twnety years ago but so far I’ve had no occasion to put them on.

Update, fifteen years later – I do not own a belt and never will.

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  1. I never wear a belt. i was pressured into buying a really versatile trendy one at Nordstroms by my salesperson’ and then took it back after it hung in my closest for a year.

    All clothing, bras, pants, is uncomfortable for me. The first thing i do when i get home is take my clothing off. If i never saw clothing again, it would be too soon.

  2. My (now) sister-in-law tried to refine me when I first came into the family. I wore my one decent outfit which had had to be approved by my sisters, as they were getting it next. Not a scrap of make up and hair as lank as wet spaghetti. She tried to introduce me into the higher echelons of beautification. I responded by wearing fake pearls, fake nails, and ruby red cheeks. I felt like a five year old who had raided her mother’s wardrobe!

  3. that picture is cuuuuuuute! I love it! I can’t tuck anything in because it’s so easy for my stomach to feel like it’s in a noose.
    However I am fond of belts as long as they don’t ride up and rub against bare skin. I hate that!

  4. Ha ha Mz S, my boyfriend hates clothes. So much that if I (ever) have anyone come by the house I have to yell at him to get dressed, company’s comin’…he’s Cap Sun/Scorpio Moon/Gemini ASC.

  5. I *still* wear clothes from Goodwill. In fact at least half of my clothes comes from a really awesome Goodwill in my hometown, so I go shopping there whenever I’m in town visiting family. It’s funny you say that he was an Aries b/c a former friend of mine was horrified and thought it was “gross” to use things other people had used, to wear other people’s clothes, not knowing where they had come from. I said “I always wash them and bleach them if appropriate?” I really didn’t get it, b/c I’ve gotten some very nice things on the cheap. I’m a stay at home mom and don’t have the money for too many “belts.” 😛

  6. “I *still* wear clothes from Goodwill.”

    Well I do not but to tell you the truth, I have no idea when I stopped. I must have been in my early 20’s before it occurred to me to shop somewhere else. I just did not have the idea, I guess. And I had freakish bills.

    Remember when I wrote “will work to pay medical bills for loved ones?”

    I have been paying for other people’s medical problems since I was 15 years old.

    I am still doing it and have no doubt I will continue to do it until the day I die.

  7. I have to shop thrift stores for clothes due to my $ situation but I never skimp on shoes.
    Some years back I spent almost $1000 on a few pairs of quality shoes that were all handmade and can have the soles replaced. I wonder if anyone else can relate to this…$3 shirt and $250 shoes?

  8. My best Scorpio friend and I used to share a belt when we lived together a couple of years ago. We had a big Pisces roomate who left it on the floor when he moved out. We called it “The Fat Belt.” When we finally moved out of that house I got to keep The Fat Belt and she got the deer head that we bought together at the antique mall for six dollars when I moved in. I think I got the better end of that deal.

  9. Oh my God, I have never had a man attempt to tell me what to or what not to wear, lol. I am so not interested in anyone else’s opinion when it comes to that – that story you were telling a little while back, the salesgirl bringing you clothes and telling you what to try on – I know they need their commission, so I stop them in their tracks. I ask them their name, promise I will say they helped me, but I do not in any way want their help. If they insist, I walk out of the store – and I visit our local thrift shop about once a month, sometimes it is a bust, sometimes I leave very happy!

  10. …certainly never wear a belt to hold my pants up..lol
    but sometimes i like to wear a belt to gather a loose, tunic-style shirt or dress…this style is comfy and it hides my belly which has never been washboard…

  11. At Goodwill you can still get some good brands that you won’t find in stores anymore… and in stores a lot of stuff has been used anyway (and returned).
    I like this picture, Elsa, it reminds me of one of my past lives… I grew up riding and no vehicle could ever replace the feeling of hanging out with my horse – his name was Leon.

  12. Conny, you made me think of when that picture was taken. It was on my quest to “sleep in a cowboy bed” which was sort of like my earlier goal, “to fuck in the snow”.

    ::rolls eyes:::

    I was a desert girl with big dreams. 😉

  13. A cowboy bed is up high off the ground by the way and sort of small and vintage. I went to that ranch for this express purpose, had two drinks and passed out drunk.

    I know because someone snapped my picture. I really can’t drink to save my life.

  14. Yeah, the cowboy bed… I slept in many of them, which is not the same than sleeping in the cowboy’s bed ha ha 🙂
    Horses are smart, they manage to bring drunk people home, or if you fall, they will either stay and way ’til you get up, or trot home to get help – I love them.

  15. Kashmiri, I so relate! I’ve never spent quite that much on shoes before, but I wish I could. I buy most of my clothing from the Goodwill outlet where clothing is $1.40/pound. No kidding I am lucky there and come home with a huge bag full of cashmere, angora, and designer jeans every time!

    But I just spent $20 on a pair of socks earlier this month. They are from Japan. Slouchy and beautiful.

    My best deal at the Goodwill outlet was the pair of designer jeans that had $10 in the pocket.

  16. Avatar

    What is this “tuck in” thing??

    Kashmiri – I totally relate. Shopped at goodwill and other locol thrifts since I shopped for clothes. I cannot imagine shopping elsewhere – you mean you only have 10 skirt styles right now? How boring. And everything is in black and gray — uuuck.

    But I will spend on shoes. I don’t own a lot of shoes but I buy the solid, last 20 years, good arch support not stylin’ at all shoes.

    I judge people by their shoes in business. The type of shoe tells me how they do business. Cheap and latest style is just that. Solid means they play the long-game. How clean and cared for is very telling. I’ve seen women in the latest and greatest and expensive and nicked and ripped and no attempt to care for them. She says – oh this is just this season’s shoes. Well, there you have it.

  17. Any man that tells me how to dress or suggests that my manner of dress isn’t good enough for him (within reason – if I’m trying to wear sweats to a wedding, he has the right to be embarrassed) will get a punch to the fucking nose. Period.

    How rude.

  18. Yeah, I agree with Luci. Its just so condescending. If you dont like my style, OR if you hate it too much to so much as be seen with me….get the f*ck out! PEACE.

    What a bunch of shit. Anyways, I think you look super hot in that photo Elsa!! Do your thang!

  19. I hate belts too!!! but am oddly compulsive to buy them… the only time I really wear a belt is when I know my pants will show crack if I don’t… and crack kills…

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