Can Intense Relationships Last Or Do They Die By Their Nature?

eagleDear Elsa,

I am wondering about relationships where there a lot of Pluto aspects at work, deep intense crazy connections, that seem to be rearranging your inner organs, can they last?

What I mean is, if Pluto is transforming and obsessive, and related to death and rebirth, is it the kind of thing a relationship can have a lot of and survive? Is there sort of a built in time frame, a transformational process that naturally ends, or does it just keep working on you endlessly?

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Dear Curious, What a great question. Unfortunately I don’t think there is one answer to it. There is only theory and when theory is refuted by experience, then what?

In theory these relationships can last but my experience shows that typically they do not survive over the long term but get this:  Superficial relationships don’t survive over the long term either!

What turns the worm for Scorpio and/or Pluto and 8th house types is when they opt to use their power to protect what they have rather than to destroy it.

Astrologically, this would mean the  Scorpio acts their highest manifestation… the Eagle, which is pretty damned hard to come by. (Read Scorpio, Dr. Z on the Eagle)

If you want a real life example… refer back to my posts on the soldier and I protecting the perimeter of our relationship here:

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Jealousy… I Love This Topic …where I got in all the trouble, claiming Italians will pluck your eyes out if you threaten their thing but…

But I think this kind of fierce protectiveness is exactly what it takes.

Anyone else?

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  1. Definitely an 8th house type, only amputating or moving on when others show me they’re full of it. Otherwise I am loyal and a sharp shooter. And, yes, I do protect what I have, who I am, and whoever is with me.

  2. I’ve had lots of Plutonian friendships, and they all died! All of them had mars pluto aspects too. It was so weird how they gravitated to each other, as if they loved all the drama and control And boyfriends have been rather Plutonian….lots of Scorpio. I gave it all up. I avoid those Plutonians like the plague now. I have Mars in the 8th, and some minor pluto aspects, so I feel much happier without those highly intense controlling plutonians hanging around.

  3. I have noticed that two Pluto types stay in a relationship better than one being the Pluto type. I think this is because the two Pluto types are (of course) understanding of each other. They know what the other expects out of relationships and they expect the same.

    About the transformation stuff: Everyones lives are transformation – not just us Pluto types. We just do it more often and more deeply. It is our path in life. Life IS tranformation and change – maybe Scorpio types are just more aware of it. That doesn’t mean that relationships can’t be sustained with them. I think the oppposite actually – because Scorpio is not a sign known for wanting superficial relationship – they want deep connections – anything less is a waste of our time. This leaves us with fewer friends and most us are happy that way too. We may also have fewer romantic relationship because we see through to the BS rather quickly and don’t go further down a path we know is not going to be good. We are alot more practical than people give us credit for. 🙂

    I don’t know why people are afraid of Pluto types – we are deep, passionate people you can depend on. Rather have that anyday of the week to a flakey air type. Give me the intensity and deep feeling to superficial unreliable space cadet anytime!

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