Drama And Pride: Leo And The 5th House

Lioness“Oh, the secret life of man and woman, dreaming how much better we would be than we are if we were somebody else or even ourselves, and feeling that our estate has been unexploited to its fullest.”
                                                             –Zelda Fitzgerald, Leo

I think Leo gets an underhanded bad rap. People don’t come right out and bash but there’s an undertone sometimes, a “who do they think they are?” kind of vibe. Well, that’s the thing; Leo knows who they are. It’s good to be king (queen). Have you ever heard, “she’s just full of drama,” or “he needs to be taken down a peg”? Healthy Leo is shiny, and that makes some people uncomfortable. Often those people are not comfortable with their own Leo energy!

Do you have Leo? Being Leo is not just a Leo sun. You can have a Leo energy about you with Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars in Leo. The 5th house is Leo’s house. Do you have a personal planet in the 5th? What house cusp falls in Leo? That area of your life is leonine, extra Leo points if it’s angular (good for you, ROWR!).

Leo rules the heart. Leo has heart. Yes, sometimes Leo can be overblown, big for their britches, but they’re entertaining, yes?

I have Leo rising and a 5th house moon. I can be shiny and I can also be dramatic and prideful. I find that if things get too placid I’m all too happy to insert a little excitement, a little theatrical mayhem. Hey, I’m not dull! And let me tell you, everyone around me is the best. My friends are the best friends ever minted. My kids are the best kids you’ve ever met. I even own the best shoes (I do have a Pisces sun). Leo can be generous, and I don’t need to be the only one who has the best. You can have the best friends and kids too.

But oh, oh don’t humiliate me, or insult me, or my friends, or my kids, or my shoes. You’ll get the Leo claws and teeth. Actually, I’ll just show them, dramatically, but you will get the ROAR.

Where do you have Leo? Are you comfortable with Leo energy?

72 thoughts on “Drama And Pride: Leo And The 5th House”

  1. Leo rising and Jupiter! Big bright and yeap I have the best of everything. I am not really that comfortable with it always but strive to be!

  2. My mother said that I don’t fit very well with Leo energy as I tend to steal their thunder. And yet I come from a very Leo family dynasty.

    I have no Leo planets and the only thing in my 5th house is Chiron.

  3. oh and I also have a virgo stellium in my 5th house….sun, uranus, pluto and mercury in my family I am surrounded by leos……i really love leo energy…but I guess thats my venus

  4. My Uranus is in Leo house 5. Plus Leo is my 6th house ruler. Uranus is part of a grand trine with Saturn and my ASC. My mom still calls me her problem child, my friends think I am wild and crazy, and my Archie Bunker dad hated the ethnic groups I dated. I have also been called a trouble maker at work as I tend to get excited at work about stupid policies, when people look for a way around(pisces) a policy(saturn) they come to me(Leo).

  5. Hear Hear LisLioness same here. I have a cappy moon too. Messing with my kids is serious business and I will rip your head off.

  6. Avatar
    curious wanderer

    Leo rising & 5th house Sun. My Leo is highly tempered by my Capricorn; you *must* notice how dignified, professional, and accomplished I am over here, kthx. 😉

    Narcissistic types bug the hell out of me, and I recognize it’s because I don’t want them to hog all the attention.

    I don’t really see myself as the type to respond to threats in a Leonine way, but I’ve been known to growl, as well as use a show of fangs and claws. Ya know, not using them, but kinda a “I will eff you up if you don’t back off” message.

  7. When I grew up I had a very bad impression of them because my mother, who is a Leo, was very domineering and selfish. She was what you call a ‘bad’ Leo.

    As I grew up I met better Leos who were warm and giving, but at the same time they still had that same warm light that spread everywhere they go.

    There’s nothing wrong with a healthy ego, but Leos like my mother needed a good kick in the butt.

  8. I’m Leoless, with only my Gemini NN in the 5th and and Leo is on my 7th cusp. I have some Leos in my life and the energy drains me! I need a healthy dose of quiet time after being around them.

  9. Well my moon, mars & saturn fall in leo. So a bit of leonine energy and pluto lands in my 5th house. and apparently I’m shinier than I thought. I always thought no one took much notice of me in high school, bit of a nerd and wall flower and was okay with that…too much attention makes me uncomfortable. I find out years later that is not the impression others had of me at all. It was odd to find that out. the leo does come out when I’m in a temper though.

  10. Oh yah! I have a lot of Leo! Mercury, Venus and Mars. 2nd and 3rd houses in Leo. And my sun is in the last degree of Cancer.

    I’ve always been dramatic and expressive. I either love or hate, nothing in between! Some individuals are VERY uncomfortable with that…

    Since French is my mother tongue, I am more active in other forums. Recently, I’ve been arguing with people (me against them) about “love” issues. Someone told me that I was acting like “Madame Je sais tout”, which basically means that I was pretending to know everything. She also said: “no one wants to be with someone like you”. So obviously, I told her what I thought about her…

    Anyway, I was sanctioned (I was not allowed to post for 2 weeks) even though I was just defending myself…

    (hope that my “Leo’s story” makes sense!)

  11. 5th House Sun/Chiron/Mercury–squares 8th House Saturn in Leo. I love Leo energy. I’m not so good at shining, myself. But I’m learning. Much easier, post Saturn Return.

  12. I’m a solid leo person! I’m loyal, fun, enthusiastic, and generous. And when I’m happy, the sun shines.

    I think from a less personal point of reference, some Leos also make some of the best humanitarians. Though aquarius energy or the 11th house is more associated with humanitarian or worldly goals, Leos, if they WISH to, if they operate on a higher level, can be generous, enterprising, and encouraging to those less fortunate, those outside of their immediate family, friend, or community circles. 🙂

  13. Caroline, my Gemini friend and I have the best time when we are together 🙂 Such a shiny, happy combo!

    I have sun, mercury, N.Node, and Midheaven in Leo. I’m gettin back in touch with my Leo. Sometimes I shy away…I have a lot of Cappy/Saturn influence as well, which keeps me grounded but sometimes hinders me in the sense that I don’t allow myself to shine when I should.

    I’m trying harder to let myself be noticed, to take compliments, and receive gifts, etc. I’m truly horrible at those things. Even though I DO desire them, I’m always afraid of coming off as such.

    Like some of the other ladies have pointed out, especially StarF (in one of the board posts…she described it so well), I think us Leos sometimes do receive negative seniments from others…that we’re attention-seekers, show-offs, etc. I TRULY TRULY TRULY enjoy smiling, laughing, sharing and bringing that out in others. It comes natural, without any effort or motives. I think I’ve grown accustomed to repressing that side of me, so I can satisfy my Cappy moon. But in reality, I see that I am not living my sun….which makes me unhappy.

  14. I adore Leos when they’re using their leonine traits positively. I don’t have anything in Leo in my natal chart (Leo is my 2nd house), but my progressed ASC & Moon are well into Leo now, and I’m totally loving it.

    And now that I think about it, I HAVE had some run-ins with people (mostly women) who have accused me of thinking I’m “all that” and tried to take me down. Usually when they perceived I had something (i.e. confidence, artistic skills, a man) that they wanted for themselves. And lo and behold, I discovered I had a ROAR. 🙂

    Yep… lovin’ the Leo!

  15. I gots Leo. Leo rising. And Jupiter in Leo on the Ascendant. I actually only found this out when I got into astrology some months ago. Before that I just chucked it into the “Cancer mood swing” bin. It was a big bin. It really has been interesting to open up the bin and start another 40. Re-sort the junk of me into different piles… Organize it into categories. Like: Shoot, there’s that Saturn square Mercury at work again.

  16. I have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and BML all conjunct in Leo.

    I should also mention that I’ve had that exact picture on my desktop for years! =D

  17. I’ve got my MC/Uranus/North Node in Leo and my Sun in the 5th House (Aries). It makes my Scorpio cringe when my Leo comes out, but what are ya going to do with all that fire? I do use a lot of that energy to encourage others to shine, while remaining ‘behind the scenes’.

  18. Leo rising, and I do sooo appreciate the BEST of anything. Doesn’t have to cost a lot or be the best by anyone else’s standards. As long as it is the best to me, I will delight in and adore and lavish it with appreciation — food, place, people, clothing, song, color, anything.

    My car is not fancy nor flashy, but it is the best… good mileage, can get scratched and I don’t mind, great brakes, steering; it is the best for me. Food… well, I would rather skip it than eat crappy food, so when I do go out, I will spend whatever it takes so I leave the restaurant with a smile on my face and satisfied I left a nice tip in appreciation for people doing their work well.

    At its best to me, Leo generously appreciates the best in others and that just makes the world a brighter, shinier, more warm- hearted place. So comfy!

  19. I has no Leo , but it’s my 5th house cusp and I certainly fancy their energy.I’m partners with a Leo Venus/Rising after all.My best friend also happens to have a Leo Venus and a zero degree Virgo Sun ( the Leo Venus brings out the leftover Leo hehe ).I also have another good friend that’s a Leo Rising and Moon and I just love these folks ,and even another with a Leo Venus lol I love myself some Leo energy,not too much (or expressed poorly) but there is a certain flare they have about ’em that I really enjoy and envy to an extent.I’m fire rising too but my Sun is in fall,so meh.

  20. I don’t have any planets in Leo but it rules my 12th house. I’m both the Queen and loyal subject in my weird, private little world.

  21. I have no Leo anywhere and my 5th house is empty.

    Two of my really close friends are Leos but they are both on the cusp of Virgo. The other Leo I knew was on the cusp of Cancer and acted more Cancerian.

  22. I have Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars in Leo in the 8th and Taurus on the 5th House cusp. Yup, I can relate.

  23. Leo is my Midheaven.

    Plus I have a stellium in the 5th house. MOON, MARS, and JUPITER, all in Pisces.

    NOTICE what I create! LOL! Or I’ll start crying and need to take a nap.

  24. I have Jupiter in Leo in the 2nd house. My 5th house is empty using the equal house system, but when using placidus I have my Libra Mars in the 5th opposing my Aries Saturn!

  25. Avatar

    Empty 5th house… and Leo on the 12th house with Saturn and Vesta.

    I love/hate them… and im aware of my Leo energy.

    My progressed Sun is in Leo on the 11th
    My solar return has Leo rising, with a 12th house Leo Venus tightly conjunct my AC… with Pluto and NN on the 5th house.
    (was the best year of the last few years)

    Next solar return will be awesome… with Leo Moon/Mercury on the 9th, plus Ceres, Uranus, Lilith, Eros on the 5th house… i have to w8 July so i see how it reveals upon me.

    Mom is Leo sun/saturn… SUX! ex was Leo sun/rising… and the actual gf has Leo Mars.

  26. Leo rising, Uranus in Leo in the first (but on the cusp of the 2nd with Placidus houses, which is what I use). Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in the fifth house.

    Couple that with my natural introversion and reserve and it’s a recipe for other people to get the impression I think I’m better than them. Which is not the case, not at all, I have Venus square Saturn.

    All kinds of creative things feed my soul and just plain make me happy. Years doing community theatre, drawing, writing, music.

  27. Yep! Leo Rising and Sun/Merc in the 5th house. I have incredible Leo hair and yep like a little drama in my life!

  28. Avatar

    me -just a 5th house moon and pluto. The husband is a Leo though. He’s a heart of gold, white man’s afro because gawd forbid you cut his hair more than twice a year, and is really just a big ole putty tat.

    People LOVE him. I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t atleast like him a lot. He’s funny and creative and funny some more. The sad thing is that he never roars and doesn’t know if he has claws because he’s never sharpened them nor shown them to anyone but me. Instead he uses me as his claws and waves me about like a sword, it’s an interesting/frustrating dynamic.

  29. leo rising , neptune in 5 house

    I don’t like leo sun sign, I feel they try so obviously to get attention now I love attention and being underlights if am not I get DEPRESSED ! But I don’t seek it by all means ! I prefare it naturally as I desrve it … Lol I can see my leo talking her 😉

    And yes am a drama queen I was just talking about it to a friend and I’m guilty with charge :p I love mirrors and stop at everyone to look at me , I love hearing myself when I talk , and I do enjoy talking about myself and complements oooh my vitamins 😉

  30. Leo moon in the 4th house, not too much drama, I like a peaceful home…rather I demand peace…ha ha. Also Uranus conjunct Pluto in the 5th house, which is creative yet erratic at times.
    Then there’s a fire trine to the leo moon, keeps me on the move.

  31. I’m a Leo Rising with a Sag/Cap stellium in the 5th (Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury all conjunct).

    I’m having a sort of continuous Pluto transit to all of them at once, have been for years now (I am le tired, lol). But it’s made me think about Leo energy and how, like you say, Leos get the side-eye. What’s wrong with knowing who you are? Nothing, that’s what. It’s just jealousy! And it irritates me when people take advantage of the open heart– and wallet– but want to then tear down your self-confidence.

  32. 12th house Leo Sun/Mercury here, conjunct Venus. I AM the pretty kitty !! HAHAHAHA ! I have gotten the ‘Who does she think she is ?’ rap all of my life ! Thing is, I know exactly who I am. I’ve worked hard to be an evolved Leo and not a draining, irritating one; and have worked equally hard at not spoiling my kids too much — as Leo is all about kid-spoiling ! But yeah, I’m shiny; and some peeps let that bother them. Too bad.

  33. Leo sun conjunct Pluto square moon

    People have always seen me as weird. I see them as generally dull and robotic. I date people 15 years younger to get a break from people my own age whose pluto conjuncts me and squares my moon. (way too much transformation vibe to take 24-7)

    I think basic society is made for earth and water signs–status quo and successfully repeating ones self is reinforced and promoted, being creative unique and dynamic is not, especially these days. No more frontier, or edgy thinking, just security–another bore.

    Have always been told to watch my expression, not be too bright or shiny. Just beginning to come out from under that creative busting bushel basket and shine for the first time. Love the sun, detest the dreary, and find most non-regular people refreshing and exciting, truth be told.

  34. Leo Moon conjunct the Ascendant (and Uranus from 12th) trine Saturn in Sag on cusp of 5th. That Saturn puts a damper on my Leo energy, especially since the ruler Sun is in critical Virgo square that Saturn. And Chiron opposite my Leo Ascendant/Moon gets wounded for its pride, etc. So it’s a challenge to let that Leo shine!

  35. I have Leo on the cusp of my 5th House but no personal planets. I’ve never really thought about having any Leo traits, but I’ve realized that if my pride is hurt it’s a very dramatic emotional event. I usually withdraw from these individuals, and I just assumed it was the Taurus in me.

  36. I have a Leo Sun and a Scorpio rising, with Saturn in my 5th house. Leo Fire, Scorpio Water…does this mean I have no charm/personality for water douses fire? How do I approach this combination?

  37. That’s a lot of Leo. I’m happy Leos are stepping forward here!

    Question… would a Leo MC affect a person’s appearance the way a Leo ASC would? I.e. would a person with Leo MC have flashy, big hair the way a Leo ASC person is likely to?

  38. @Jojo B, that water doesn’t necessarily douse the fire (how many people have both fire and water in their charts!) but the saturn does certainly temper your Leo energy. If you only have one planet (sun) in Leo, this is even more so.

  39. Hey Sunshine 30.. I don’t have a Capricorn moon myself but with my Leo rising and a fifth house with Capricorn planets stellium (Saturn, Neptune, Uranus) in it, I do tend to repress my Leo energy. Most of the time I have a huge feeling that I am dissatisfactory and that’s why I tend to find the compliments I receive are all wrong and the kind of compliments I need. I also tend to shy away from physical contact and general warm, mushy behavior coz I don’t to seem to weak (although my Taurus moon and Libra sun crave it..)

    Anyway I just stopped hanging with a friend who has been my best friend for 10 years. Sure, I admit that reason was envy of her upstanding Leo energy (she too has a Leo rising and five Capricorn planets in the 5th house, same as mine plus Venus and Mars and she has a Pisces sun)but she was also so selfabsorbed in her own quality that she thought that she was living, breathing standard for ppl on Earth. And she wouldn’t give much praise in return.. I think she developed the TAKER attidute coz of her strong Capricorn stellium, including Mars in Cap conj Uranus in Cap – I read somewhere that these ppl never give anything in return..

    So what I’m aksing now is.. why do Capricorn ppl feel they need to control or the positive emotions so much??

    I have a Cap stellium too and despite feeling too depressed sometimes I don’t feel that I should be selfish and not try to make ppl around me feel happy.

  40. I would also add that me and my friend had a huge value problem in our relationship. The things that I valued, she couldn’t bring herself to understand and she was also a lot of times critical of me and since I’m more reserved by nature than she is (all that Capricorn/Saturn influence..), she was all the more critial. I get the fact that it was hard dealing with me, since I was so reserved but all the criticism and differences in opinions, which she wouldn’t bring herself to understand.. made it all the more difficult for me and it was prolly one the reasons that I shyed away from Leo rising even more..

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