Drama And Pride: Leo And The 5th House

Lioness“Oh, the secret life of man and woman, dreaming how much better we would be than we are if we were somebody else or even ourselves, and feeling that our estate has been unexploited to its fullest.”
                                                             –Zelda Fitzgerald, Leo

I think Leo gets an underhanded bad rap. People don’t come right out and bash but there’s an undertone sometimes, a “who do they think they are?” kind of vibe. Well, that’s the thing; Leo knows who they are. It’s good to be king (queen). Have you ever heard, “she’s just full of drama,” or “he needs to be taken down a peg”? Healthy Leo is shiny, and that makes some people uncomfortable. Often those people are not comfortable with their own Leo energy!

Do you have Leo? Being Leo is not just a Leo sun. You can have a Leo energy about you with Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars in Leo. The 5th house is Leo’s house. Do you have a personal planet in the 5th? What house cusp falls in Leo? That area of your life is leonine, extra Leo points if it’s angular (good for you, ROWR!).

Leo rules the heart. Leo has heart. Yes, sometimes Leo can be overblown, big for their britches, but they’re entertaining, yes?

I have Leo rising and a 5th house moon. I can be shiny and I can also be dramatic and prideful. I find that if things get too placid I’m all too happy to insert a little excitement, a little theatrical mayhem. Hey, I’m not dull! And let me tell you, everyone around me is the best. My friends are the best friends ever minted. My kids are the best kids you’ve ever met. I even own the best shoes (I do have a Pisces sun). Leo can be generous, and I don’t need to be the only one who has the best. You can have the best friends and kids too.

But oh, oh don’t humiliate me, or insult me, or my friends, or my kids, or my shoes. You’ll get the Leo claws and teeth. Actually, I’ll just show them, dramatically, but you will get the ROAR.

Where do you have Leo? Are you comfortable with Leo energy?

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  1. I’m a Sagittarius. I have Leo ascendant, Moon in Leo (ascendant), and Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune in Sagittarius 5th house. I can light up a whole world cause I have a very, VERY sunny personality. I’m also extremely creative. The downside is vanity and being too prideful!

  2. Haha yes guilty of my shiny, expensive shoes! (sun Virgo; always wearing spiffy shoes to impress the opposite sex. When I mean opposite, I mean pisces the big shoe lover! ) I am Leo rising also with grouped up planets in 5 th house too. Fifth house moon, Neptune, and jupiter…plus mars and Uranus conjunct want to edge their way in from the brim of fourth house. I feel like my life is like a soap opera especially in love. The moon gives me ups and downs in love. I was told I am too emotional in love. I think Neptune plays a role with my moon. Jupiter just makes everything abundant.

  3. I have leo on the 5th house cusp. Sometimes I like to be extravagant, the center of attention or the show-off. Im great with kids and have a creative streak. I love creative people

    Is having a 5th house leo similar to a sun in the 5th house since the 5th house and leo is ruled by the sun ?

  4. Hi! I have no fire signs. My 12th house is Leo. Don’t know what that means. But my fifth house is Capricorn with Venus and Mercury there. In a love relationship I feel like I want to be adored, but not too clingy. Worship me, but with not too close. But I would never tell the object of affection to be that way. I like when they show their affection uniquely but in a way I like.

    Sorry for the self-centeredness.

  5. Jupiter in Leo 5H, interestingly my Chiron in Cancer is also 5H so not really sure about that.
    Jupiter is philosophy right? I have a certain amount of confidence and boldness, I can see the generosity too, the downside is being bombastic and bossy, oh I don’t like insults either my 3H Mars in Gemini will cut you down with words, so don’t even go there!

  6. Stellium in Leo–Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto–in the 3rd house with Venus in Cancer and Neptune/Mars in the 5th. Gemini rising. I happen to love me and my Leo-ness but it’s not difficult to notice when it’s too much for others. Clawing back is sometimes necessary to keep balance in relationships.

  7. ? I have Mercury, Venus, (both in Capricorn) and my Aquarius sun in the 5th house! Oh how true…It’s a little too quiet around here ? I know! I’ll throw a little confetti in the air! I don’t even know that I’m doing it, sometimes! I’m not afraid of an audience, either. I can SHINE!

    Leo is my 12 house and that eludes me. I say I’m not afraid of an audience but I will damn well better look prepared, even if I’m not. That’s definitely my Cap talking.

  8. I’ve got Leo in the 6th/7th (both are empty). It come across as high relationship standards, some generosity and a fondness for high-quality in everyday life items. Still, I have saturn in aqua rising and sun in the 11th, so as much as I admire Leos for their generosity, intensity and warmth, their propensity towards drama and constant neeed for attention just don’t gel with me. And I get some secret little satisfaction when they can’t live up to all that fabulosity they like to brag about (negative types, of course).

    Gemini is in the cusp of my 5th (also empty), so a sure way of hurting my pride is implying I’m not smart enough (or maybe that’s my sagittarius sun? not sure)

  9. Not so much. Comfortable with leo I mean. Never can tell when they will choose to feel violated. I’m not tidy enough for leo. Too raw. I’ve had some good moments with leo, though. Overall, I don’t have what it takes to be a credit to their image of themselves. Not consistently anyway. It’s good to know so I don’t waste any of their time and I don’t have to take the hits for being a disappointment.

  10. I don’t have a problem with ego. Hell, I don’t even care if anyone is arrogant! I mean, I like Donald Trump (not as president) and find him entertaining, so I don’t have a problem with arrogance, or even over-the-top-ness.

    It’s shoving a belief down my throat that I don’t agree with, fully, or partly, that I have a problem with. I’d say this is more of a shadow Sagittarius problem rather than a shadow Leo problem, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a shadow Leo one day started telling me what to like, or how to live my life.

    My parents were both Plutonic Leos, and it was just insufferable living with them. They were so pushy there was no way out, but out. I’m sure even Plutonic Leos aren’t like this, but my parents sure were shadow Leos, that’s for sure.

  11. Timely, this post and the comments. I am at wit’s end with a Leo co-worker who is exhibiting all the worst of the sign. Not sure how the story will end! (Our boss is also Leo Sun but of a totally different ilk.) I think there is one king too many in the kingdom. (Me, I’m Libra and just want everyone to play nice and be fair! Ha!)

  12. I have Moon conjunct Jupiter in my 5th house in Leo. 🙂 All my life people mistake my pride for stubborness. And I’m not stubborn but if you hurt my pride, well, it will come out as stubborness I guess.
    That said, as a student of astrology, I’m not certain how to explain my 5th house. It starts at 26 degrees Cancer but mostly it’s in Leo. Does that mean Cancer/Moon rules my 5th house?

  13. My husband has 29 Leo rising, and my Mars (ruler of my 7th house) is 29 Leo. However, he has Saturn at 1 degree Virgo in the 1st house, so he is a bit of a self-effacing Leo (unlike his sister, whose Leo ascendant and stellium in Leo demand attention that I sometimes/often find irritating.) My Mars on his ascendant/Saturn point sparks his energy to achieve. And while he is still quiet and unassuming, he is proud to show me off. I feel the same about him (animus). This is a lovely dynamic!

  14. Eighth house Leo. Ya Leo’s are cool. They’re nice to me and not everybody is.

    My favorite Leo is my son. He is so protective of me. A good buddy at school. He’s popular and sweet and kind to everybody. Some adults do have a problem with him though. Jealousy.

  15. I have Sun in 5th house, Mercury in 5th house. And Descendant in Leo. Also my fathers: Mother,Grandmother, Sister, Nephew and Uncle were all Leo’s. My sister and dad is a Virgo, but my dad was still born in the month of August. My sister name is Ariel which in Hebrew, means Lionesses of God. And my Spirt Animal is a Lion.

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