Moon In Cancer Opposite Pluto

I woke up very early this morning, feeling a bit tweaked. I know better than to feed feelings like this. I don’t invest because I know they’ll pass.

I finally got out of bed and let the dogs out. I got some coffee and started thinking about how I’d rearrange my day, considering I don’t feel as great as I would like.

Eventually, I pulled up the chart of “now”. I see the moon in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn, exact at 14 degree.  That aspects my natal Mars and Mercury. No wonder I feel tweaked.

Identifying the cause may not ride me of the feelings, but knowing the moon is the trigger…well she moves along pretty quickly. This tells me, I’m likely to be clear these feelings in a few hours.  Astrology is so helpful in this way.

This combination is all about fear and security and control. I’m really glad I don’t have something like this in my chart, natally. It upsets the tummy, to say the least!

13 thoughts on “Moon In Cancer Opposite Pluto”

  1. I feel the exact same! It aspects my Mars and Mercury too. Except I found out something so stomach churning yesterday. Something so repugnant, I don’t even know how to speak about it, I doubt I ever will.

  2. Well, I discovered this morning that ST’s mother unfriended me on FB. That’s weird. :/
    (She’s already unfriended most of her family members cause they pissed her off. Wonder what I did.)

  3. Same here. Stuff’s getting done. Handyman here *finally* making repairs. I’m getting paperwork and filing done and clearing off my desk. I’ve been up since dark. And I’m about to call it a wrap – and spend the rest of the day relaxing.

  4. I own it. I was born with this condition. The only thing that helps is 9th Aqua and 11th Sag to cast my weight for support when I start to topple over.

  5. I also woke up very early this morning! Then I went out on the balcony to watch the Waning Moon and the stars. Being an amateur stargazer, I also managed to see some of the zodiacal constellations. So beautiful and peaceful. ?

  6. Yes, this has been a very MOODY Cancer Moon opposite Pluto day for me. If I didn’t know anything about astrology, I would have joined in with the complainers and whiners, too. I have an older brother with Sun in Cancer who tends to drink a lot on weekends and after today’s moon, I totally understand. :[

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