Progressed Saturn Changing Signs

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What does it imply when Saturn progresses from Virgo to Libra? I have natal Sun and Saturn exactly conjunct at 22 degrees Virgo. Now at age sixty-four, Saturn is progressing into Libra.

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Most people do not see their progressed Saturn change signs in their lifetime. For example, if you were born with Saturn in the mid-degrees of a sign, you’ve have to live approximately 500 years to see it change signs.

For more information, check this link: Progressed Uranus changing signs.  But the main thing to register, is that this is a big deal.

As for how it will play, slowly you’re likely to become more social,  and less of a loner. Your age doesn’t really matter. You’ll want to build (Saturn) a social life (Libra) and pair off in various ways.

For example, you’re interacting on this blog. You and I are in a partnership, right here, right now. We co-created this post!

For more on the transition between Virgo and Libra in a Progressed chart, check this: How Long Will Your Good Or Bad Luck Last.

The story is about progressed Venus leaving Virgo for Libra, but I explained it well and you can extrapolate.

It may not happen frequently, but sometimes a person busts a move, later in life.  It’s often due to something like this.

Check your your personal progressed chart report.

Has your progressed Saturn changed signs?  What was it like?

Have a question? Ask here – please include your city or country. This keeps things interesting!

9 thoughts on “Progressed Saturn Changing Signs”

  1. Elsa,

    If I have a retrograde Saturn at 27 degrees of Capricorn, will it ever progress to Aquarius? Or do retrogradations also apply to progressions, secondary progressions, solar arc or tertiary progressions? I only looked at my progressed and natal chart – obviously Saturn didn’t move. Should I check out the other charts? Which one do you feel is the most accurate? Thank you!!! G

  2. My natal Saturn is 3° Pisces. Today my progressed Saturn is 9°. It’s been almost 50 years. Whoo hoo! *fizzles* It just set up camp there forever. Except it’s in my 5H in my progressed instead of my natal 6.

  3. My Saturn progressed from Capricorn to Aquarius in March 1977. I was a teenager. I had Uranus progress from Virgo to Leo in September 1983.

    My progressed chart has a huge stellium now. My ascendant was in Aquarius but progressed to Pisces this past May.

    This progressed stellium is something else: Aquarius stellium 12th house (cusp of 12th house is now in Cap) with: Venus, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn. All in Aquarius and that’s not funny. It’s being opposed right now by Uranus on the Descendant. That’s not funny either. What’s even more not funny is I have progressed Neptune in Scorpio 8th house squaring that stellium. There is nothing wrong with Aquarius or Aquarians but that stellium is a lot of Aquarius.

  4. I really have to look at some other charts to see how mars moves in charts where it is natally direct. My natal retro mars is progressed direct but not yet to its birth placement. And I don’t know how mercury moves normally either because it went retro at adolescence and has been in libra almost all my life but for a short stint back into virgo. I have no clue. But mercury should make it to scorpio. I won’t be so nice anymore. Finger in throat. Puke. 😀

  5. I was born with 29 degree saturn in Aquarius in 12th house.. I am 23 n it’s changed sign to pisces 0 degree in 12 th house . I guess the overall impact is same

  6. Thanks for explaining about progressed Saturn. I just found out my natal Saturn at 25 deg Cancer has progressed into Leo last September. I also just learned that Leo, along with Aquarius, are intercepted houses in my chart. With Saturn there in Leo now, does this mean the Leo energy which is 8th house, will be more blocked or restricted?

  7. About to have Saturn move from Pisces to Aries (I’m 53 , natal Saturn 28*)
    Into the 11th house (whole sign).
    Does this mean Restricted friends ?

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