Eddie Izzard, Comedian: Pisces Moon, “Covered In Bees”

“Makeup’s just crazy, anyways. Native Americans used to wear it, and it did all right for them until, uh … well, until you killed them all, I suppose.”
–Eddie Izzard

When I mention British comedian Eddie Izzard people either immediately know exactly who I’m talking about and express their appreciation for him or they’ve never heard of him. In that case I try to describe him because sometimes with a celebrity you’ll hit some minor piece of information and people will say, “Oh HIM, I know who you mean.” That’s never the case. Instead they just begin to look confused and increasingly uncomfortable the longer I go on. I usually just stop at that point because I’ve made MYSELF sound like a total psycho. On the up-side, these people hardly ever ask me to babysit.

With his birth information listed on Astro-Databank as February 7th, 1962, 7:30pm in Aden, Yemen, this gives him Pluto rising within one degree of a Virgo ascendant and an unaspected Pisces Moon. This seems almost too perfectly descriptive to be true as it’s what I would pick myself if I didn’t know the birth time. It’s an extreme first impression with offbeat and painful emotional history, as that time puts his only minor Moon contact in quincunx with a 12th house Uranus. Izzard is well-known for being a heterosexual cross-dresser who lost his mother to cancer when he was young. As a result of his mother’s death he entered boarding school and as an adult he reported being persecuted and beaten there. Pisces Moon can be a painful placement due to its sensitivity, and in tough aspect to Uranus without other support, sudden emotional reversals would not be unusual. Pluto opposes Chiron in Pisces, deep wounding which impacts how he appears in the world, given his Pluto on the ascendant.

Izzard has his Sun in Aquarius conjunct Mercury, Venus and Jupiter and also has Saturn-Mars earlier in the sign (giving him staying power). Neptune exactly squares his Mercury (and therefore the multiple conjunction) and sextiles his ascendant. He has a huge personality, quirky, innovative, hilarious and appealing and the ability to communicate his wealth of self, spinning unusual tales on the fly. Neptune is a great aid in storytelling and also allows him to pull off his unusual look, whether he dresses stereotypically male or female. In fact, his Mercury-ruled ascendant is great for this in general. A Gemini rising might have given him two distinct looks, but with Virgo rising he switches back and forth but looks unmistakably “Eddie Izzard” either way.

I love Eddie Izzard’s quirk and his entirely unique style. There isn’t anyone I could even remotely compare him to as he is the most singular individual I’ve ever seen in the public eye. Being singularly unusual must be really tough for a Pisces Moon as there’s the feeling of being ultimately, universally connected but so tuned in as to be extremely sensitive. This in itself makes me predisposed to like him. I also love how he tweaks common subjects into the truly surreal. My favorite bit of his has him talking about and physically miming what it must be like to decide to be a beekeeper. He muses over what it’s like to try to chat up a prospective date: “I like my coffee as I like my women… covered in bees!”

Are you familiar with Eddie Izzard? What’s your impression?

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    Bridie Conroy

    He is just incredibly funny. And sexy as hell. Especially in a skirt. He very recently polished up his French so that he could go and do stand up comedy in France. They don’t do stand up comedy in France. Or the English. Brave guy.
    Nothing seems to daunt him.
    Also, he’s just completed a fund raising stint where I think he ran a marathon a day for weeks. (Just googled – it was 47 marathons in 52 days, raising £200,000 for a sporting charity).
    He is an absolute one off.
    Over the twenty or so years he’s been building his very diverse career I’ve often looked at him and what he has been doing and thought to myself “You haven’t even broken sweat yet.” I still think the best is yet to come where he is concerned. He never, ever, gives up.

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    Blessed Place

    Eddie certainly is a one-off – he has an extraordinarily fertile mind. I first became aware of him around 1990 – a friend took me to the house of songwriter Peter Sinfield and we sat up most of the night doing naughties and watching Eddie Izzard videos – laughing ourselves silly.

    I just wish he’d shut the fuck up about politics though – “Labour Luvvies” drive me up the wall. Earnest doesn’t suit him; he’s all about off the wall fantasy taken to extremes.

    Thanks for the astro info satori – I’d never looked at his chart – intruiging stuff!

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    Bridie Conroy

    “……….covered in bees.”

    No one does absurd quite like him.

    I think he actually wants to be a politician.
    He’s very passionate about the E U. (European Union). In fact the whole “French” thing was part of a longer term plan he had to go to all the E U countries in turn. He seemed to be planning to learn all the languages beforehand one at a time, then he was going do a stand up in each place, speaking to the audience in their own language everywhere he went.

    That’ll keep him occupied for a while……..

  4. I’ve read before about February 1962 being a very special time due to all the conjunctions in Aquarius, and that a large number of famous artists (musicians especially) were born during this time.

  5. I’m a fan of him as well, including his two-season TV show, The Riches, which met an unfortunately abrupt end.

  6. Having a stellium in the 11th house and a Pisces Moon, I really do understand where he is coming from. The need to be different and yet its such a struggle, because you know what people will do to you when you are.

    Also my favorite quote from him: “I come from Europe, you know where history is from”.

    It can be kind of true that Pisces Moon can suffer a fair bit, but I don’t think I’ve met a lot of Pisces Moon who really complain about their suffering, in fact I think they have made fun of it.

    Any way off my tangent, I love him.

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    Bridie Conroy

    It’s interesting you say that Josephine. One of his things about the European Union is that he says it’s got five hundred and fifty million people in it and we should all be talking to each other and getting along better than we are at the moment. If that isn’t a stellium in Aquarius I don’t know what is = He just wants us all to be one big happy family. One big friendly group of people sharing common goals. Hence the language thing. The English are notorious in Europe for not learning other people’s languages. He’s confronting that by example.

    But whatever else he does with his life, I will always think of him as a stand up. I think at his very heart that is what he was meant to do. He’s just brilliant.

  8. ” I like my women how I like my coffee….. in a plastic cup….?” (then that uniquely hilarious Eddie face) is what he said.
    “…..covered in beeeeees” one of my favorite Eddie lines. I LOVE Eddie Izzard, have every show on DVD and cassette. His Monty Python inspired surreal humour is right up my alley, maybe because I too have a sensitive Pisces Moon, I don’t like humour that is unkind or crass and Eddie’s never is. His humour is quirky and silly but very intelligent. And I find him so *male* even in a dress and make-up…how bizarre is that.

  9. Yes, but do you have a flag? 😉

    He really is brilliant – funny as hell, yes, but sharply insightful and brilliant. <3. Did you buy chance see Believe? It's worth a rental from iTunes.

  10. OK… I had to google him and have just spent the last hour ‘falling in love’. He’s so funny!! @Shannon- my favorite bit was the ‘flag’ one! 😉

    Thanks Satori for the introduction!

  11. Its hard not to love him – I always thought, without birth data, that there had to be some lunar/Cancerian influence, partly because of his Mum and partly because he clearly loves & appreciates women. Anyone who saw his sport relief work for charity, when he had to complete a full marathon every day for eight weeks or whatever with no fitness history whatsover will know how determined he is. This is someone who it would be great to get to know I think.

  12. Great article! I had the pleasure of meeting Eddie several years ago when he received an honorary degree. What an amazing guy!

  13. One of my favorite men EVAR. *nodnodnod* He’s husband #7 in the Zombie Apocalypse Compound scenario. 😉

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