Scorpio Woman Dating Sagittarius Man Wonders If They Are Doomed

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Dear Elsa,

I’m a 35 year woman and I’ve recently met a great guy. We’ve been dating for about a month, and so far everything’s great.

My question is regarding the fact that I’m a Scorpio and he’s a Sagittarius. Things are moving along fine in this relationship, but I’m concerned by what I read regarding Scorpio/Sadge love matches (i.e. “doomed from the start”). He is adventurous, fun-loving and spontaneous – this is what I love about him. I’m happy to run alongside this free spirited man I’m getting to know.

But what I read speaks terribly of the Sagittarius man, claiming he’s incapable of faithfulness and will forever be seeking something better. Are they all that bad?

Scorpio Wondering
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Dear Scorpio,

This is the problem with sun sign astrology. You read something very general like that and become upset… and for what? Your relationship is going well and that is what is real.

Astrology is also real and the fact you like to run with this Sagittarius man is no surprise, considering you have Jupiter (brings a benefit) in Sagittarius (he makes you happy)!

And you didn’t send his data, but for all you know he may have a Scorpio Moon – so you may have more in common than you think. And given the fact his Sun is in Sadge (and Venus travels very near the Sun), there is roughly a 30% chance he has Venus (what he is attracted to) in Scorpio so I hope you get the idea here. People are individuals! And I could let it go at that, but you have a couple challenges that are well illustrated in your mail – so I want to hit them up because these problems are common to many.

First, with a 12th house Sun and a Pisces Moon, you are very easily swayed. Even if you feel good about something… if someone tells you that it is no good, this upsets and affects you and I’d work on this. Learn to trust your own feelings always, never mind what you read in a book written by a person who has never met you.

Secondly, you have hard aspects from Saturn and concerns about your worthiness. Since you’re having a good and happy time, you feel doom is right around the corner and this is erroneous. You are creating misery which is another habit to curb and the Saggitarian can help you. Sagittarius almost always has faith in a positive outcome, so see if you can’t absorb and adopt some of this energy and leave the astrology of doom to the birds.

Good luck.

9 thoughts on “Scorpio Woman Dating Sagittarius Man Wonders If They Are Doomed”

  1. I get really peeved by people saying that Saggies are flighty and can’t be faithful. (I’m a Cancer Sun and I’m far flightier than my Sagittarian husband).

    As Elsa said it all depends on the chart. Sagittarians need to explore, and they don’t like to be controlled or boxed in. Fair enough, who does?

    I’ve found that Sagittarians I gave lots of freedom to felt no need to run away from me but rather sought me out as a companion to run with. Similarly looking beyond the sun sign you have some Sagittarians who are deeply deeply invested in relationships. In fact I’d say my husband is much more constant and deep in his affections than me but then he has a Capricorn Venus (slow starter but pretty enduring love once it does) and a Seventh House Sun (where relationship with others forms a necessary part of the process of self-individuation).

    Enjoy your relationship! Enjoy yourself in the company of the Jupiterean while resisting the impulse to control (which oh can be so hard indeed). Worry about stuff when the man himself gives you something to worry about.

    Good luck. I wish you happiness.

  2. Yes, many sagittarians have planets in scorpio and vice-versa – I don’t think the relationships between these signs are doomed at all. I’m a Sag and I loooove Scorpios (a bit too much) 😉
    So enjoy it!

  3. I’m a sag with venus in scorpio and I’m fiercely loyal, so you never know. My b/f is the same, we both have a bunch of scorpio along with the sag in our charts. Sometimes we butt heads, because that’s what people do, but it works. I don’t listen to the gloom and doom regarding signs who get along together.

  4. I’m so glad I found this page! I’m a Scorp girl liaising with a Sag guy I’m in the same situation and it’s early days but I was reading all those pages wondering if I shouldn’t save myself the future heartache and break it off now! The funniest thing is that he was in quite a long relationship before we came together so that flies in the face of the ‘flighty’ thing a bit. I guess I’ve just been reminded to take people as they are and not what others say they should be! Thank you again for the timely reminder – who knows – he could be ‘the one’ and I nearly got rid of it before giving it a chance!

  5. Wow!!! Im so in love with a sagittarius man right now but i fear it’s coming to an end, what should i do? Do i let go or should i stick around??? I want it to work but he makes me feel like he doesn’t want the relationship anymore at times, then there’s his other side that makes me love him more than i’ve ever loved anything or anyone. Please give me some advice

  6. Avatar
    Larina Rivers

    I’m a scorpion women and my sag man is the sweetest man I have been seeing him for 11 months and we get along so well sure we have our arguments but we can’t stay mad at each other we quickly move on from it i love this man he makes me happy whenever I’m around him and he says I make him happy when we first got together the chemistry was so strong it was unbelievable so whoever says this can’t work is crazy this is the most exciting and wonderful relationship I ever been in even better than the Taurus or cancer i was with

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