Effect Of Progressions On How Your Life Unfolds

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I got this from a gal in Italy, last night, regarding her Progressed Chart Report:

“Wow Elsa,

What a read that was, quite mind blowing and so much fun to read too.

I can’t believe how much information is packed in the progressed chart, not only for understanding oneself better but also for realising how one has evolved and — even — what is to be expected.

I absolutely loved it and it is worth easily more than $15 dollars!!”

This report is exceptional. I should say so more often!  And while we tend to see the progressed chart, marking your slow evolution, I’ve continued to develop the ideas I presented last week on this post: Life Story.

Basically, where will you wind up in life?  It’s one hell of a question – what if it can be answered? There’s not a lot out there on Progressed charts so let me share some of the points that have come to mind.

You know how mid-life can be stressful but people tend to calm down when they get a bit older?  What if this is because their sun progresses into a foreign sign but when they get a bit older, the next foreign sign is compatible with their sun sign by element.

Let’s say you’re a fire sun, a Aries. Your sun progresses into Taurus and you think, YUCK! But eventually, your sun reaches Gemini; it’s a lot easier to deal with for a Fire sun.

I can’t say this is valid but it makes a lot of sense.  The time-frame that constitutes, middle age, is variable here but you see what I’m getting at.

This doesn’t mean you can progress your ten-year-old’s chart, forty years and see where he or she will wind up. Well, you sort of can, but people move home. If they move far enough, it changes the houses which can make a big difference.

For example, I have five progressed planets in Scorpio in my 6th. Yes, I can deal with it, but if I were in my home town, they’d be in my 7th and I would prefer that – why? Because I have Libra! I may get in trouble for this but I think this perspective is far more reliable than astro-cartography.

I moved across the country about eight years ago. I was a progressed Aries rising with chart ruler Mars in Scorpio in the 8th house. Boy did I like that. When I moved, I shifted to Taurus rising – can you say, “flaccid”?

Not to diss Taurus rising; my point is that these charts work. I had been in that Mars-y situation for a decade. I had to adjust! I had to lead with Venus which took some doing.  It just wasn’t as invigorating.

Knowing what I know now, if I were to move again, I would consider the effect on my Progressed chart, because whatever you’re stuck with, it’s slow to change.

You can get your Progressed Chart Report here.

What do you like or not like about your progressed chart?
Provided you’ve had the experience, do you recall feeling, thumbs up or down, when your sun changed signs?
Have you ever moved and significant distance, and noticed the change, internally?

10 thoughts on “Effect Of Progressions On How Your Life Unfolds”

  1. I like my progressed chart. I thought I’ll struggle with the progression of my Sag Sun into Pisces but it’s cool and smooth. I definitely like mutable much more than fixed energy and I’m no stranger to water, with all that Scorpio.

    Sun progressing into Capricorn was harsh, into Aquarius was chaotic but liberating.

    Yes I moved 11 000km from my birth place which brought my AC conjunct N Jupiter and the Scorpio stellium into the 1st house.It also brought Mercury into the 3rd. I’m not planning to move anywhere else…

    One thing I notice, Elsa. I remember reading that you prefer to use whole sign houses, am I mistaken? Because it makes a big difference if I use Koch/Placidus or whole sign, especially when reading the progressed chart.

    I’m interested to know…

  2. I would love to just put me in the system and move around the plant to see where a new place to live would be most beneficial from this aspect. Also to see how different locations would change the outcome every 5 years or so.

  3. Avatar
    Electric Ladyland

    So you don’t use the natal location with progressed charts? And do you do the same re: solar returns? Would love to hear your reasoning

    1. Yes, I am also not clear how to do it. Progress the natal chart with birth location and then save it and change the location ? Or change the location on the birth chart and then progress it ? Same outcome ? Probably yes, haven’t tried both. Same for solar return…

  4. The idea that a progressed sun might be more comfortable in a compatible sign is something I’m certainly hoping for. I’m a Leo, who’s been in a long progressed Virgo cycle & like Elsa said, I feel/have felt YUCK. But according to my Progressed chart (that I purchased from this website …very interesting!) in about 6 years my progressed sun will begin a Libra cycle. I’m hopeful! I have all fire & air in my chart.

    1. I meant to add that it’s been my progressed moon cycles that are even more apparent in my mood & personality as the years go by. My entirely exciting, deep, controversial, loving marriage is truly revealed in the shifts between progressed moon phases. It’s the “overall feeling “ that characterizes the years as they go by, according to what sign the progressed moon is in. This is definitely an imperative part of the whole astrological puzzle, as I’m discovering it.

  5. I have certainly felt that shift last year, when my progressed Sun hit Cap, and I am a sun Scorpio.

    All my other personal Scorpio planets had hit Cap, but the Sun took the longest.

    And when Saturn/Pluto moved from my 7th to the 6th and Saturn even progressed into Scorpio from Libra, as well as my Ascendant shifted from Aries to Taurus, my life began a slow but steady changing of direction and challenges.

    I also noticed my body gaining more weight, after my Ascendant moved into Taurus LOL.
    And it’s really difficult to get it off too! I am more drawn to Venusian things, I am very artsy and creative now, even more than before, though I’ve always been fond of painting and the like, so yeah…. definitely a game changer.

    When my sun moved into Cap, I became aware of how much responsibility I suddenly had in regards to family and my own role as a person.

    Only annoying thing is that Cap is my 12th house in my natal chart…… So, it’s a blurry Cap, in regards to boundaries. *sigh*

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