Effects Of Mars Conjunct The Ascendant In A Natal Chart

mars bottle capAstrologer, Patrick Watson tweeted:

“Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are the only Presidents to have been impeached. They were all born when Mars was rising on the Ascendant.”

Nice catch!

In my world, if you have Mars conjunct your ascendant, it would impact all of the Cardinal houses in your chart. You’d be assertive (1st), fire in the belly and family life (4th), draw and deliver strife in your relationships (7th), and the same at work (10th).

This is super interesting to me because I have Mars in Libra and it has a similar effect.

Do you have Mars conjunct your ascendant? How have you seen it manifest?

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  1. Ah! Another post by Elsa that feels like it’s written just for me ?

    Mars conjunct ascendant, present! It’s the small things, like how I was born with a big bright spot on my forehead that still flares up when I’m emotional haha. As a kid I was aggressive and independent – I started walking at 6 months and disconnected from my mother from about age two, but that’s probably the Capricorn IC talking. I was always above everyone else, never needing anyone, even as I was socialized and starting to feel the want and need to connect. As an adult it can be like wielding a huge samurai sword whether I mean to seem threatening/arrogant or not; discovering how to be vulnerable and how to share intimacy for example, have been very big issues for me as I’m nearing my thirties.

    Of course, sometimes this placement has served me exceptionally well – I think everyone who’s ever met me would agree I’m not a person who bullshits anyone, and I expect you to be as up front about things as I am. Like I tend to prefer rude people before overtly nice ones because at least I can count on an asshole to be honest.. at least I can respect that! So people tend to make me very seriously when I manage my affairs, and that’s just how I like it.

    But I have to say, I’m glad to report I’ve definitely mellowed out. I’m a Libra by progression these days. My sun ingressed in Libra just a couple of months ago, but my asc/mars entered Libra as a 15 year old – which by the way coincided with discovering my need for balanced relationships and a (very feminine) fashion sense! ☺️ And my natural instinct is definitely to keep the peace and make sure everyone is pleased and comfortable, even in situations where I was the one who saw and started the conflict in the first place.

    So to summarize: it’s complicated! As a quite socially adept adult I constantly question my mars, wondering how much pressure or action is too much while at the same time being aware that I have a tendency to let people I trust step all over me. I’m too nice at the same time as I’m nobody’s fool. It’s weird ??‍♀️?

    1. I can relate. I’d rather have someone punch me in the face than stab me in the back. If you’re going to be an arse hole at least own it. There is no room for passive-aggressive, manipulative people that lie!!! This Mars placement is detriment to my intimate relationships and I’ve been told that I will never have good relationships. Gee I wished I read my chart much younger in life. My Mars is in Sagittarius.

  2. My Mars in Scorpio is square my Leo rising also have Pluto and Lilith in the 1st house in Leo have an intense transformative for myself and others life and yes anger issues

  3. My daughter have it and in Libra.It makes grand square with Pluto on Ic, Jupiter on MC and Urania conjunct Moon o DC. Boy, she is hard task for the world….

  4. My eldest daughter has Scorpio Asc conjunct Mars. Moon in Aries (part of a grand trine in fire signs). Just after she was named Ruby a small round strawberry mark appeared on her forehead. She is extremely strong willed and used to beat the boys at arm wrestling in priamry school. She’s strong so she gets some opposition though that isn’t usually a problem.

    1. Wow Louise – my daughter is also named Ruby, has mars conjunct her Scorpio Asc, and had a strawberry nevus birthmark on her back at birth. She’s only 5 but also VERY strong willed and assertive. It’s amazing how clearly you can see their chart manifest at such a young age!

      1. Wow! That is amazing ~ was there anything in particular that made you choose the name? It’s a popular name now but not then, my daughter is 17. My Ruby was the same from the off ~ the only one of my babies who would ‘growl’ if she didn’t get the boob quick enough! You get the feeling they could do anything they set their mind to.

  5. My husband Big Sadge has natal Mars on the ascendant in Libra. He also has a cardinal cross in the cadent houses.
    He definitely has fire in his belly, he is fierce. I met him at work 40 plus years ago. Co-workers definitely liked or disliked him. Now that his mother is elderly, he spends half his time caring for her, 250 miles away. He is devoted to family. Yes, there has been some strife at home. His Sagittarius sun and Mercury give a sharp tongue. He sometimes tells me of a conversation and wonders why he said what he said.
    Mars on the ascendent is expressed as accident prone. Big Sadge is that. He has broken bones from bicycle wrecks. He breaks parts while fixing items.

  6. Does it count if Mars is 2° before the ascendant?
    I have Mars in Libra in 12th, 2° before ascendant & it’s shitsville, as far as being assertive goes. I crawl into the woodwork. No fire in my belly.
    Two scars on my forehead though, didn’t know how to stop on time – it just went too fast for me, bang! And stitches. There are worse effects.

  7. Hmm…interesting about the angular houses. I have Mars on the descendant. Actually a Mars/Mercury conjunction, part of a 6 planet Cancer/Leo stellium straddling the descendant, opposing Chiron on the ascendant, squaring the nodes. For a person with 4 planets in the 7th house, it’s amazing how alone, single I am. Just lost a job for being too mouthy. Bit of a warrior vibe – profoundly articulate for the cause of truth, justice…probably makes people uncomfortable.

  8. I work with all Men – Mars Ascendent – in a leadership capacity. I find it helps when I am athletic – I am getting ready to take a long walk now. I have a STRONG Saturn (29degrees Capricorn) which helps contain the Mars. I wonder what Saturn is doing in their charts – sounds like they needed more.

  9. Funny, I have Mars almost opposite the Asc in the 6th and often have to work with Mars archetypes. Even co-workers are way too competitive and I just have to laugh because I like to keep my work profile low key.

  10. Hello Elsa,

    I have Mars conjunct my Ascendant in Scorpio.

    Always felt I was excessively driven/passionate about successful career (10H)
    my marriage (7H)
    my home and children (4H) and passionate about myself (1)

    Do you think Scorpio makes it more intense?

      1. Hi Nancy. My daughter’s Mars is 2 degrees away from her Scorpio Asc (Capricorn sun) it so happens she said in normal conversation yesterday “I so have big-dick energy”. I can see how this is a positive truth!

      2. Hi Elsa,
        All these major players…..AMAZING.

        Lisa Murkowski 5/22/57
        Attorney General Bill Barr 5/23/50
        Guliani 5/28/44
        Gerold Nadler 6/13/44
        Mike Pence 6/7/59
        Jay Sekulow (Trump’s lawyer) 6/10/56
        Donald J. Trump 6/14/46
        Don McGahn 6/16/68
        Boris Johnson 6/19/64 (British PM)
        Adam Schiff 6/22/67
        Elizabeth Warren 6/22/49

  11. I have a person in my life be born 2 weeks before Trump who also has this with Pluto. Serious blind spot or on a more positive note strict devotion to family at the cost if pretty much everything else.

  12. I know someone who has Mars/Saturn/Desc in the tightest conjunction imaginable. For some reason she has made it her life’s work to destroy other people’s relationships. Her motive looks like jealousy because she has never had any kind of romantic relationship herself, but what the heck do I know anyway… Pluto is conjunct NNode in the 8th house, that probably factors in.

  13. A bit off topic but relevant:

    As a transit, Mars transiting my ascendant is lots of energy. I also am more abrupt in my relationships. I come across more assertive and gets things done! I always look forward to this transit (every two years or so) but it is also exhausting. I’m sometimes more accident prone at that time, due to other aspects made in my natal chart to my ascendant. But mostly I have an abundance of energy. It’s a great “pick me up”!

    I’m going through it in early stages now. Once it is over, I need rest more than normal.

  14. I have Mars (12H Scorpio) Conj. my Asc (also Scorpio). I had someone tell me recently this is bad…but wouldn’t explain! I haven’t found much online other than a brief little snippet that said if 12h Mars is NEGATIVELY aspected with asc to stay away from violence, guns, etc. but from my searching … conj. Is positive? I’m a beginner in astrology and would love some guidance!

    If it helps, I’m 11H Virgo Sun, 8H Cancer Moon, 11H Libra Venus/Mercury.

  15. My son has mars conjunct his cancer ascendant. He’s an amazing kid, and he’ll have you kindly back into any corner necessary if it means getting what he wants. I wish I could say he only does it to me, but not the case.

  16. Hi there
    I agree, affects all Cardinal houses, as mentioned above

    ..My Asc.9°libra
    …My natal Mars 15°libra,
    part of 1stH. stellium w/Saturn@15°libra, Pluto@24°libra & Jupiter0°scorp.

  17. Hello, Elsa! I found this marvelous exposiion of yours (yet another!) just today, 18 October 2021. And I badly needed it.

    Mars is conjunct my ASC at 29 degrees of Gemini. I am very often surprised by the very different, indeed divergent, ways that peope have described me, either to me or to a third person. I am certainly Martian sometimes, particularly when I have a cause to fight for or an argument to win. But I am sure my general approach is Cancerian/Moony, so more likely to retire than pitch. Still, I certainly have a history of this: ‘You’d be assertive (1st), fire in the belly and family life (4th), draw and deliver strife in your relationships (7th), and the same at work (10th).’ But not only this. I am also affectionate, helpful and keen to please in all the latter areas. So two faced, and hence the divergent descriptions?

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