Is Mars In Scorpio Conjunct The Ascendant Bad?

Mars in ScorpioI have Mars conjunct my Ascendant in Scorpio on the 12th house side. I had someone tell me recently this is bad…but wouldn’t explain!

I haven’t found much online other than a brief little snippet that said if 12th house Mars is NEGATIVELY aspected with ascendant to stay away from violence, guns, etc. but from my searching … conjunction. Is positive?

I’m a beginner in astrology and would love some guidance!

From Carly on Effects Of Mars Conjunct The Ascendant In A Natal Chart

Hi, Carly.  I can see why you’re confused. What you were told makes no sense.  Maybe the person wouldn’t explain because they couldn’t explain! Clarity follows.

  • Mars in it’s home sign, Scorpio is an exceptional placement. It’s effective which is exactly what you want from Mars!
  • Mars (deep) in the 12th house is different from Mars conjunct the ascendant from the 12th house side. It sounds as if you’re dealing with the latter case.  If Mars is within a few degrees of your ascendant, you can figure it’s operating in the first house.  It would be married to your ascendant and all it stands for. In short, you are Mars-in-Scorpio, walking!
  • Further, Mars functions beautifully in the first house, which is rules.
  • Mars in the 12th house cannot square or oppose the ascendant; it’s a conjunction as you’ve learned.
  • Generally speaking, a conjunction is not a negative aspect. It is potent, for good or ill.

Bottom line, you show up, probing. You probed in the other blog post. I responded. This demonstrates your effectiveness!

Do you have Mars conjunct your ascendant in Scorpio?  How does it work for you?


10 thoughts on “Is Mars In Scorpio Conjunct The Ascendant Bad?”

  1. My husband and son have Mars in Scorpio. Our son has it in the first house. He is generally fearless and reacts very quickly to things. He’s also aggressive. I’m interested to see how he handles this as he grows up, since he’s still very young.

  2. i have mars in scorpio in the four house square my leo rising can you comment on squares as well. btw my pluto in leo and lilith are in the first house as well and my pluto is square my taurus moon

  3. I have this exact placement too. I’m a very passionate and intense person. It’s exhausting sometimes…! I’ve been an athlete all my life and exercise is a requirement for me – a way to channel all that energy. I did martial arts for years. I’m female and there’s much about me that is feminine but I admit I have a lot of masculine energy. I’ve heard mars in 12th can have hidden enemies and I did have a very painful experience of a good friend turning on me. It was life altering and I survived and came out stronger, but have never trusted people the same. Doubt I ever will.

  4. I have Scorpio Mars in 12th house conjunct my Scorpio ascendant. I feel like I have the typical traits associated with scorp Mars but it’s not so obvious to others until they really get to know me. I kinda hide my competitiveness, ambition, my anger and my aggression. Funny to note also after reading other comments – I’ve always been accident prone and have a scar on my forehead from my horse and I taking a tumble and it kicking me (accidentally) when getting up. I’ve also had hidden enemies, always women (not sure if that’s significant). The other trait that I blame Mars in the 12th on is my habit of procrastinating. I leave important tasks to the last minute and then have to pull off a feat of heroic status to get it done. My Mars is opposite Saturn though so that could have something to do with it too?

    1. Have you ever been able to hack the procrastinating habit? Or figure out why you do it? I have a 12th house mars too.

      1. Hmm, I’ve taught myself to just make a start and then do something on it everyday, no matter how minimal which reduces my stress as I feel like it’s in progress. It’s an ongoing struggle however, so I’m interested in anyone else’s hacks too. Why I do it? Great question, still trying to figure it out too. I feel like my Mars is a little wounded in my 12th house which frustrates my Cap sun and Aries moon who are all ‘stop your whinging, pull your socks up and get on with it’. Ha. Having said all that, from the outside, most people would say I’ve achieved a lot, am a strong person etc etc so it may be more an internal perception thing?

  5. Progressed ascendant conjunct natal mars in Scorpio and the individual was found hanging – not sure if it’s a suicide or someone did this to him because there are a lot of suspicious things… actor was only 34 years old

  6. Interesting.

    Mars is, planets aren’t, always conjunct.

    I have yet to find any info about planets just sitting in the first house without making aspects to points if they are in angular house.

    I have 3 signs in my 1st:
    Sag 21°;
    Aquarius 0.4°;
    in my first house cusp.

    Mars at 17° (all on Capricorn btw)
    Venus & Neptune 20°
    Sun Cazimi Uranus 22°
    Mercury 26.5°
    Moon 27°
    Mars is not conjunct… my ascendant.

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