What Are The Effects Of Mercury Conjunct Mars?

painting thinkingThe current Mercury Mars conjunction activates my natal conjunction of these same planets. It’s been highly affecting.

I find myself, cutting to the chase. It’s as if I am angered by what I see as “mind pollution”.  People pushing (Mars) their ideas (Mercury).

I am not referring to politics though I guess that’s part of the whole.  I just want to think my own way! That’s what Mars is about.  You assert yourself.

This is quite freeing for me, seeing as my natal conjunction is in the co-dependent sign of Libra.  I’m always able, if not trying to understand the other person. But right now, I just don’t care. I’ve had it. I don’t want to be a doormat, come to think of it.

There are other manifestations of this conjunction. These things are textbook.  For example, virtually every consultation over the last week, has been sped up.  Last night someone scheduled for tomorrow… then wrote me and said, “How about today?”

I said, yes, of course. I love impromptu consultations.  If we’re here now, let’s go! I like this energy. If you marry it to Saturn in Capricorn, a person like me can just say “no”. Or, “yes”.   And these answers are determined by what I want.  It’s a big change and I hope it lasts long enough, I learn something.

How are you faring with Mercury conjunct Mars?

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  1. This Mars-Merc sat on my natal Jupiter for a while and it’s a miracle I didn’t punch anyone. (No. Seriously.) Now that it’s moved off Jupiter and closing in on a sextile to my natal Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunction I’m nowhere near as irritable and aggressive.

    I think I may survive after all. 😉

    1. Yes, I’ve felt like that too. But luckily I heard fresh idea (Mars Mercury) in regards to this. I put it in one of my newsletters.

      I feel like throwing knives, lol. And I guess it’s nothing new. Except I have refrained from throwing them for a long time.

      I’m staying home and using this energy to be effective in consultation. So much better than wrecking my car.

  2. Due to a couple of people attempting to hold me hostage with no real random, I told them to fuck off. Blocked their numbers and all.
    We were real pals too, or so I thought….

    However the 3rd person is in my life for the next decade, so I’ve simply ignored said person. But it’s not easy.

    I don’t like this energy. Being used incorrectly. Seems people are easily manipulated, so they then try manipulating others.

  3. I’m finally getting my car’s A/C repaired. It’s been malfunctioning for years and especially bad lately. It’s so hot out here. I went out of my way to make it happen this week since I’m driving out of town next week.

    1. Something else happened…I ended up sending a really honest message to someone that may have come off a bit harsh. I haven’t known them long but I was attempting to end the friendship over something they did/said to me that I haven’t been able to get over. But they took it surprisingly well, they totally validated my feelings and took ownership of what they did and now my perspective has changed. I think we’ll be able to preserve the friendship and have a healthier connection now that I’ve cleared the air.

  4. More mind fogged and bored AND irritated than I have ever been in recent memory. I have Mercury in patient Capricorn which is currently in tight conjunction with even more patient transit Saturn (so facing an opposition from transit Mercury), and Mars in Scorpio. I haven’t worked for a minute in the past 2 days. Whiling away time both annoys and gratifies me . We just moved to a new apartment on 1st July and I haven’t been sleeping well either. Talk about bad timing. Can’t wait for this haze of blind boredom to go away so I can focus on work again. I am looking at you, Mars in Leo.

  5. Fed up about the stuff that has gone on and continues to go on at work, but it’s a dysfunctional environment so I won’t get anywhere.I guess thinking about retirement more!

  6. I, too have a natal mars-mercury conjunction (in Scorpio). Lately I’ve been very irritated all the excess conversation and small talk going on in my office right now. I’ve also felt very involved with my work (I’m writing a procedures manual and getting super into it with this conjunction), and I’m just more irritated with distraction.

  7. I heard from an old friend. The with “benefits kind”…Nothing since the end of January and on Monday I get a message. This is the longest we’ve gone with no contact. I haven’t even read it and don’t know if I will. He’s in an open relationship which I didn’t know when we first met, Yada Yada Yada. Of course I fell for him and then figured it out. I •think•I feel strong enough to never open it. That’s my hope anyway.

  8. I guess with this duo transiting my 4th house, my Mom (4th, Cancer) is trying to “push” her demands that I come home earlier in the evening (I often leave work late, then work out, and have been seeing my girlfriend afterwards recently, making me come home at around 2300)(lol).
    I have Taurus Moon in opposition to Scorpio Venus, both with aspect to Saturn. Guess I dont have to tell how totalitarian and manipulative my Mom is from my perspective. She’s also a Pisces (reading: abandoning all manners of healthy boundaries – quite the reason why I dislike Pisces).

  9. I love it!
    My two favorite planets together – so yeah – getting a lot done. Building a new Bathroom in my rental property and as always getting along great with my GC and his crew.

    My communication is clear, quick and direct. And men, especially skilled craftsmen, like that. My action, while deliberate and focused, is always tempered with open-mindedness (my Mars in Libra) and the willingness to change, compromise or innovate ( my Mutable Virgo Sun), so I am very comfortable, confident and productive in this aura.

    Speeding up a little faster these last two days, as Mercury is going Retrograde on July 7th I believe and I am starting to sense his Shadow period. We are five days ahead of schedule – so I should be ok.

    Happy July 4th Everyone?????
    Aries Rising

  10. I read through this so quickly I can’t even remember what you said. But I have the same conjunction except my mars is in scorpio. Love you loads, thanks for the blog

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