Interpretation Of North Node in Pisces or the Twelfth House

In the Virgo world, everything is snipped, cut, molded, tested, analyzed, defined, categorized, and put into alphabetical order. This, in no way, means that things are necessarily done in that order, or worked in those ways one hundred percent of the time. But it sure explains the gist of how the cerebral Virgo mind works. In past lives, South Node in Virgos were taught how to live in their dissecting, linear, minds. Perhaps they were put into positions (a lot of the times by themselves) where they had to be as exacting as possible.

There are many archetypes of Virgo. One is the librarian. Sure, it doesn’t sound like the most exciting job, but a lot of Virgo types enjoy this type of work. The shelves have to be dusted, the books organized in alphabetical order, the lost books had to be counted for, and the money has to be counted in the registration.

Earlier in their lives, South Node in Virgos may have had a habit of living in their minds too much. Of course, it wasn’t the same daydreamy, effusive, world of billowy clouds that Pisces usually have. It’s more along the lines of the mathematician that spends all day cracking their skull just to sort out the details of a grand equation that they have yet to bring to completion. Or the worrywart of a child that is nervous she hasn’t picked a subject for her science project yet, or studied enough for her Calculus test.

Worry, ah, now that’s a very Virgoan word every astrologer should remember! South Node in Virgos are infamous for their sense of worry. Only probably Gemini and Capricorn are close to matching Virgo types when it comes to worry. It is also one of South Node in Virgo’s worst quality. A quality that they are so used to that they might even celebrate and bathe in it. In this lifetime, South Node in Virgos are learning to loosen up their mental lasso and not to attach their expectations to things when they don’t go as expected. This is a cause of great anxiety for South Node in Virgos.

This type of nervous thinking and worrying comes from not trusting in life’s process. It may also come from having a rigid way of thinking. These cerebral people like their facts and tend not to want to stray away from them. This keeps their sense of the world safe, but can also create fear because they already believe that they know it all, or that they don’t know enough. South Node in Virgos must also know that there are always blind spots, things we don’t know, and that the mundane world is always shifting and changing. They must accept the unpredictability of the world beyond their labels, definitions, and categories. This does not mean that South Node in Virgos are bad people, it’s just that they’re used to seeing the world in a ‘defined’ way. Perhaps they were taught this early in childhood, or they might have picked up this habit from a past life (or lives).

‘This is the way to do it’ or ‘do it the right way’ are definitely ideas that are instilled in them. But there can be more than one way to do something right. Coming off too closeminded, or pedantic, may turn off, or scare off, possible friends. People may politely avoid you if you insist on interfering in people’s lives without their permission. South Node in Virgos must learn to be more understanding and compassionate if they desire to have compassion bounced back to them in this lifetime.

This type of rigid and detailed thinking comes from a lot of fear. Fear that you won’t get what you want, fear that you’ll be punished if you don’t do things right, and fear that you could put yourself, and others, in danger. These are quite noble fears, but in this lifetime, North Node in Pisceans must learn to loosen up if they want to succeed. What was once considered realism and a righteous work ethic, is now a dominant nervousness and anxiousness, a self-righteous and dogmatic way of doing things, and a dogmatic sense of duty. These pangs of nervousness and anxiety can interfere with a more fruitful and full life. And self-righteousness and dogmatism only keep you from seeing things from different angles, coming up with new solutions, and seeing things in a more positive way.

At work, you may need to come up with a new project, ideas, and/or solution, but how can you come up with anything new if you keep thinking in the same way (s)? How can ideas flow through you, sometimes from your unconscious mind, if you live in constant fear and anxiety? Fear and anxiety attract spiritual blockages and resistance not from some higher entity that is trying to control you, but from your own energetic body and unconscious mind. Learn to surrender your anxieties to a higher power, or at least learn to trust in life. Surrender simply means to do the best you can in your work, or at an endeavor, then giving it up to the universe, or God, to take care of. In short? Loosen up, trust, and believe that positive results can come without your fears, prejudgments about the situation (or project), and too much of your interference.


North Node in Pisceans are also learning to tap into a higher source that comes from within themselves, their intuition. This can only come to them if they learn to relax, loosen up, and believe that their intuition is correct. Instead of over analysis, in this lifetime, North Node in Pisces must learn to get their mind still and let ideas and answers from their higher selves, ‘drop’ into their consciousness. This is why it is so important for North Node in Pisces to learn to surrender. For that subtle whisper from one’s own unconscious, is so gentle, North Node in Pisces can only hear, or feel, it if they learn to calm down, be still, and quiet all the noises in their mind.

The same can be said of creative endeavors. Sometimes the Virgoan mind is so caught up in analysis, anxiety, and negativity, that ideas can’t flow to their conscious mind. Those fears and anxieties can be like dust, dirt, and oil that clogs a pipe.

Embracing Mystery and the Unknown

South Node in Virgo’s penchant for fact finding can be a great mix with their North Node. Mixing information, facts, and intuition (North Node in Pisces), is a great mix. But North Node in Pisces must learn that some mysteries are meant to stay mysteries. Not everything in this universe is meant to be known. They must learn to embrace the foggy and unknown. They may even need to learn that to not know may be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps knowing something too soon, or simply knowing too much, may send them, and the people they love, into a mental and/or emotional downward spiral. Knowledge may be power, but it can also be a heavy burden. This is a great opportunity for North Node in Pisces to practice the alchemy of turning their sometimes-negative thought patterns into positive philosophies, thoughts, and ideas.

Working Less and Avoiding Burnout

In a past life, past lives, or earlier in this life, North Node in Pisceans worked very hard, took care of many details, and served others, to the point of exhaustion. The Virgo philosophy of ‘Serve others’ worked well for them that is until they realized that their service wasn’t being appreciated, they weren’t being paid well, or they plainly were being taken advantage of. North Node in Pisceans must learn to rest and choose carefully who they serve. Workaholics by nature, they must learn to lessen their habit of working to the point of exhaustion, or even physical and mental pain.

This lifetime, they may come into situations where they are forced to avoid overworking or burning out. Some may even feel worn out if they work too hard, go too deeply into details in their job or their daily lives. North Node in Pisces must simply learn to ‘be.’ They may be inspired to meditate in order to quiet their minds, or they may simply enjoy long walks and/or hikes that simply help calm their anxieties down.

The universe might also push them to surrender and let the universe do the handiwork (Mercury) for them. By doing and thinking too much, they create resistance and they will block the universe from helping them.

They are simply learning to ask for help, pray, and loosen their grips on control. ‘Be still and know that I am God’ is a great example of what North Node in Pisces could observe and experience if only they learn to let the universe’s hands work in their life, and usually in their favor.

Spirituality, Ghosts, and Angels

North Node in Pisceans are learning to attain, carve, and expand, their spirituality, in their lives. They have already mastered the daily, realistic, mundane, and sometimes tedious, tasks and living, of the earthly realm. In this lifetime, they are ready to explore the many avenues of spirituality. They might read about, or go through, many books about spirituality and/or religion. They might even go experience many different religious traditions and to different religious places of worship, before they find a tradition, or way of life, that fits with them.

Most will probably even make up, or choose, their own spiritual beliefs while denying rigid religious dogma altogether. This is a time for them to incorporate spirituality into their daily lives. This will help them keep sane from the dry, boring, and sometimes, painful nature of the ‘real world.’

Perhaps North Node in Pisces might go through suffering, embarrassment, and/or loss. These ‘negative things’ might help them ask bigger questions such as, “How does this serve the greater good?,“ “What can I learn from my pain?,” “What plan does the universe have for me in the long run?,” or “Does my pain help those in the future?”

They might also be interested in things that are ‘out there’, as if an intuitive desire is pulling them towards things such as Tarot, Astrology, New age, Christianity, the occult, or even dark magic. This is a perfect time for North Node in Pisceans to use their South Node in Virgo to discern which tradition, or avenue, of experience (es) or spirituality, they want to endeavor in.

North Node in Pisces can ground themselves with discernment, while also dipping their toe into the vast, oceanic, consciousness of spirituality and ‘things behind the curtains.’ This is a lifetime to lessen negative thoughts, closeminded cynicism, nervousness, and plunge into the ghostly, the ethereal, the imaginary, the creative, and the celestial.

Overall, North Node in Pisceans are pragmatists who are looking for an easier way to deal with life’s sometimes monotony, blandness, anxiety, and dryness. They sense a more intuitive and imaginative way of being. They have experienced and mastered the busy, nose-to-the-grindstone, and pragmatic, material world. And now they yearn to break out of their rigid ways of thinking and being. They yearn transcendence, whether it be through spirituality, painting, adrenaline, meditating, loosening up through dancing, or just simply being. Some North Node in Pisceans just want to rest and live in isolation while others desire just to slow their busy minds down. And maybe by slowing down, judging less, loosening up, forgiving more, and being still, perhaps they’ll find God at the end of the rainbow.

Do you have North Node in Pisces, or the twelfth house? Are these challenges familiar to you? If not, what challenges, or lessons, are missing? Do you think you are on your way to mastering your North Node in Pisces, and/or the twelfth house?

Read the intro to this series – Astrology and the North Node: Destiny, potential, and lessons

52 thoughts on “Interpretation Of North Node in Pisces or the Twelfth House”

  1. This is so true of me at least! I have NN in the 12th (Scorpio). I always felt more Pisces too as my Sun is also there. Yes resting, just being really helps! And I do and have explored many spiritual paths (I’m trying a new one now!) and I relate to being attracted to the Angels, Ghosts and things like that. I feel very close to God as well. Thank you anonymoushermit for these great NN posts!

    1. anonymoushermit

      Sounds like you’re headed in the direction of your North Node. There’s no way of knowing for sure, but if someone feels their North Node easy, then they have probably worked on it for lifetimes.

      1. Yes it is easy but at times I am not sure…but as I age I see it just kind of unfolding. I also exhibit SN in Taurus 6th house – my health has been poor the last 4 years. My Virgo Moon helps keep me going completely out of whack but I also worry a lot about it. M dictate a LOT these days!

  2. Great article Anonymoushermit! I have NN Pisces 5th house conjunct Moon and SN Virgo, I have always lived far too much in my head (Gem Sun and Mars 8th house) and can only fully relax when listening to music or trying to meditate (which doesn’t come easy with my monkey mind). Thanks for the input!

  3. My brother has NN in the 12th Capricorn. He has always been extremely materialistic, unable to share family resources. He is hard working, and still in need to steal from family and make the family cut off any financial support to me. The last 10 years has been the hardest.

    1. anonymoushermit

      It seems that your brother is showing the shadow side of his South Node in the 6th house. It is an earth house (6th house) after all.

  4. My daughter has her NN in her Pisces 12H. She is a world traveler and she is very curious about other cultures and spiritual practices. However, I don’t think she has truly embraced any of these practices. All I see are images posted on FB. Disappointing. I know she could really grow and get calm if she included meditation and prayer in her life.

    1. anonymoushermit

      ‘Other cultures’ is more of a Sagittarius thing, at least in my opinion. Jupiter signs, Sagittarius and Pisces, are both ruled by Jupiter, but I’d say it’s more of a Sagittarius thing.

      The thing is, it’s hard to know if she shows any signs of her nodes (Virgo/6th house or Pisces/12th house) if I don’t know her.

      1. Thanks for your input, Anonymoushermit. My daughter is an Aries Rising – every inch of it! She has a stellium in her 9H: Sag Saturn, Sag Uranus, Cap Neptune (on her MC). She has always said, “I want to make enough money so I can always internationally travel.” Her Libra Sun is in the 6H. She is a popular and reliable sales person at work.

        1. anonymoushermit

          Ahh, I see. All those Sagittarius planets, that’s why you expect her to learn more about other cultures!

          It could be her North Node lesson this lifetime is to loosen up and/or relax, rather than embrace other cultures. I see that as more of North Node in the 9th house and/or Sagittarius.

          The thing is, I can accept and celebrate other cultures without wanting to live it 100%. It kinda depends on what you mean by embrace. It could also be that your daughter is young and she’s at that age where she’s interested in fitting in with her friends/peers rather than expanding her mind.

          As for embracing a religion. That takes deep research, exploration of the religion, and long term dedication. Perhaps it’s my Pisces Sun, but religion is a serious (to me) thing to think about and practice. 🙂

          1. Thanks so much, Anonymoushermit! For what it’s worth, she was baptized into a differnt organized faith when Tr Saturn was three-quarters squaring her natal Saturn. I never thought of her SN quite that way. Her Venus and asteroid Juno are in her Leo 5H so simply “enjoying life” is part of her MO. This supports your analysis.

  5. anonymoushermit

    Well, well, well. I can’t believe I have finished it!

    I have enjoyed writing each one. My favorite Node to write about was North Node in Leo and Pisces (I haven’t decided which one I liked more yet). With North Node in Scorpio in 3rd.

    I have one more writing for Elsa then I’m back to being a regular forum poster, LOL. It’s been a nice, long, journey. And I have enjoyed all the energies of each sign! What’s important is that each sign got to shine. 🙂

    1. anonymoushermit

      Even if it’s not exact for everybody, I hope it’s at least in the ball park. Add in that I hope there are people with differences of experiences; It would be strange for everyone to have the same experience even with the same node sign or house.

  6. Thankyou anonymous hermit. My brother has his sun in Scorpio with nth node in pisces. This article describes him exactly and has helped me to understand him.

  7. Thank You!

    Your North Nodes series was very insightful and useful for me in relationship analysis. It’s profound how often the most durable relationships have each person working towards their respective N.Nodes but with support from the other. It’s almost as if, neither could get there without the other.

    For example, my sister has Sag N.Node in 2nd H – years ago she found religious values through esoteric practices kicked off by learning yoga and meditation to still her mind (S.Node in Gem). Her husband has N.Node in Pisces 9th H – through my sister he has become more aware of the spiritual realm that has always existed for him, but his S.Node in Virgo would always rationalize everything. In synastry they have a double whammy Sun-S.Node aspect, which means they easily get where the other is coming from and can support each other in their individual paths towards the N.Nodes.

    They have been married for centuries!

    1. anonymoushermit

      Wow, sometimes two people might have planned it before birth. Of course, some people believe that it’s probably chemistry. Some people just get along better with each other than others. I’m not sure I believe in pre-birth planning, but I do believe some people rub each other…..the right way.

  8. Nn 12th but in capricorn. The article is really neat on the part on ‘being almost forced to work less and prefer isolation’. Would love meditation but that comes very hard. The only 12th house stuff that I am interested in is music and maybe painting. I love empty churches and not a fan of hospitals but who is. A retreat with fresh air and lots of flowers sounds better.

    1. anonymoushermit

      Meditation isn’t for everyone. For some people, jogging is meditative. Wow, empty churches, perhaps you feel protected by God in churches vs. hospitals??

      As for working less. I know someone who has this placement (North Node in Pisces) and she can’t overdo details or else she’ll feel exhausted. I often wonder if it’s a past life memory of working so hard (South Node).

      1. Yes! I love long walks, that’s probably my meditation replacement. I am not afraid of hospitals, as per opposite, I get more less shy there,when I was younger, doctors had to search for me on the halls because I was almost always out talking to others, made lots of acquaintances in hospitals (I have sagittarius on both 11th and 12th cusp) but it’s because I had to deal with going to the hospital quite often, that’s why it’s not pleasant. And an empty church is the most peaceful feeling there is.
        North Node in Pisces in 12th, quite some placement! I read somewhere that’s the last of the last of soul re-incarnations on earth.

  9. I’ve really enjoyed reading your north node contributions, anonymoushermit. Very insightful and comprehensive, Thank you : ) .

    Pisces north node sounds relaxing and spiritual. I would love to swap my capi one for this.

    1. anonymoushermit

      Pisces and the 12th house is related to either spiritual enlightenment, or extremely sorrow and loss.

      You might get close to God, but you might have to suffer loss and sorrow before you get to Him (God). For some, the 12th house/Pisces is the house of total ego death, it’s an intense house for sure!

      1. Interesting about ego death. Some say it’s the Jesus complex. My ex has his NN square mine in the 9th (in my 9th as well) and he’s always pushing on me to grow, expand, etc. but I honestly don’t have the energy! I do get exhausted with the Firey placement (Leo) and mine being in a water sign. I guess that’s why we are divorced!

  10. I have north node in pisces and several times I felt I was just reading about my life. Very relatable. I do feel I’ve gone through so much and more to help keep me on the path to master this. Many times the universe has sent me such obstacles that have felt impossible to overcome until I simply surrendered to it all and learned to trust the unknown and relinquish control. It’s a constant lesson, but I’ve learned so much from it, and do feel that everything will happen on it’s own time if need be. Am able to quiet my mind much better now, but I feel this will forever need to be a life practise, with lots of opportunities for expansion. Consistantly surrendering in life in order to allow the universe to continuously bless me in unexpected ways, because things will work out when I let go and just allow it.
    Great post

    1. anonymoushermit

      Everyone’s life path is different. Some are supposed to learn how to work (North Node in Virgo) and some are learning how to trust the universe (North Node in Pisces/the 12th house).

  11. Oh wow. So well put. I know someone closely with NN Pisces in the 3rd. His NN trines my SN in Scorpio 7th. Karmic bond or so it feels like. We are telepathic provided he lets it or wants it. He seems stuck in his SN at this point in life it seems… sad cause he doesn’t seem capable of breaking out of that rigid form of thinking. When he goes to Pisces it usually includes some sort of drug/substance abuse (and I do mean abuse not just use). I myself have progressed NN in 12th for years now. God rescued me after separating from him and grieving for a long period. Still learning to trust Him every day. Blessings anonymoushermit. Beautiful piece of writing. And spot on. [[]]

  12. This is great! Super insightful.
    I’ve got the NN in the 12th, and I am incredibly prone to burnout. It’s something I have to watch and balance all the time. Since my NN is also in Aries, I have to make sure I set aside time purely to please myself. Not so easy with two jobs and a family, but I’m making it work. 🙂

    1. anonymoushermit

      Aries and the 12th house. Sounds like you’re supposed to know yourself through isolation. 🙂

      1. @anonymoushermit&Midara,
        Natally Ive got aries in the 12th (with Merc and Venus conj being now conj tr chiron), and NN taurus in the 1st, but prog NN in the 12th… I do know that burnout Midara talks about,and the much needed isolation that more often than not is last resource and then neverending… going through such phase as I write this… 6yrs by myself and counting…
        much blessings to both …

  13. An amazingly thorough and in depth assessment, much like your previous articles. However…

    For myself, I have a Pisces NN in the 6th house only 1/2 a degree from the Asc./Desc. axis. Perhaps this blending of the Pisces NN/most potent degree 6th house placement is why I so strongly associate with the negative Virgoan characterizations you describe, but I don’t mind. The only non- Materialistic position I ascribe to is the apparent contradiction of Astrology with Astronomy. This is reconciled by a recognition of fractals, synchronicity, and the prevalence of Fibonacci ratios. Having a lot of Earth (Virgo rising, Taurus Moon exactly conjunct Mercury) with a Gemini mind, I find what is described as spirituality for myself to be embracing my consciousness with a rapture of the awareness of a corporal existence. I believe the next evolutionary philosophy for humankind is to embrace the here and now. Failure to do so may lead to our extinction… and the universe won’t bat an eye.! Past lives? We are all star dust from eons ago Super Nova. Reincarnation is a fun and whimsical way to speculate on the formation of our character.

    RIP Stephen Hawking.

    1. anonymoushermit

      I can see your North Node by your writing already. You’re using your mind (6th house) to understand the universe (12th house) and God (Pisces).

    2. Wow. Me too. Gemini sun square the nn pisces in the 6th. I’m restless until I crash and learn how to recover. I live isolated in the woods as a caretaker. Lots of things to fix. haha. Learning how to live simply tucked behind a pond ( neptunian water preference) and keeping chickens. A routine keeps me grounded. Eighth house Taurus moon, saturn and mercury conjunction. Virgo rising with pluto conjunct ascendant. I did live in a tree doing forest activism and definitely benefited from that isolation.The tree sucked static out of me. That was my south node pull. haha.I’m glad to be walking on Earth. Great thread here. I learned quite a bit. Astrology helps me categorize , consider detail and wonder about the connectedness and frequency the planets generate. I recently found plants and herbal combinations to ease tensions.So much to learn and use daily.

      1. Hi Jenna,

        A number of chart parallels. Ironically, when I took one of those “best vocation for you” psychological profile tests when young, the top suggestion was forest ranger 😂. Although that never happened, I joined a commune deep in the backwoods of upstate NY and we constructed a 55’ geodesic dome and grew our own food. Once idealism faded to practicality, I ended being an entrepreneur and founded a unique retail store which sourced my current retirement. What year were you born ? I’m 6/2/51.


  14. Thank you so much! I related to all of this.
    NN Pisces in 9th (conjunct Pisces MC) and SN Virgo in 4th (conjunct Virgo MC). These trine my ascendant, moon, and Venus (all in water).

    Since I was a teenager I have worked in libraries and unwound by dancing! The day a dance troupe ran a dance class at the library I worked in (they were booked for a festival event) blew my mind…

    I do need to work on not involving myself in the struggles of family and friends without their permission: but I find it very hard to avoid stepping in if they are unhappy/ill.

    My paternal line is full of medical professionals. Interesting.

  15. anonymoushermit

    Sorry, I do not do readings. I’m a passing by writer for Elsa’s site. I have one more writing for her (not related to the North Node series).

    Thanks for reading! This North Node in Pisces writing took a lot out of my energy and not in a bad way! The pressure was to end the series fittingly.

    You have a Sun in Virgo, it’s going to be a bit more harder for you to reach your North Node in Pisces! Personally, I think Virgo is one of the most useful and practical signs in the whole zodiac. The more negative manifestation of Pisces is the drug addict burn-out who has given up on life. Obviously, ‘letting go’ can be taken too literally. 🙂

  16. Reading this again several months later, it seems even more right on. In fact I thought, have I read this before?! But there is my comment in July to show that I had. Definitely worth reading again and again and again, as this seems to point to a blind spot (SN) that wants to stay blind. Picking a random future date on my calendar to remind me to reread it again!

    The gift that keeps on giving, thanks anonymoushermit!

    1. Hi, aspire.

      It was my intuition and love of writing that led me to write this series for Elsa! Also, a few years ago, Elsa would ask if anyone would like to write or add their own flavor onto the blog. I guess one day my heart said yes.

      I plan on being a fiction writer one day. I’ve already written 200 pages of a 300 page book that’s a mystery novel. Thank you so much for liking my writing! I was very meticulous and exacting as possible with this North Node series.

      1. Coming back yet again to reread: it continues to spark new insights! Excited to hear you are writing a mystery novel. Hope you will let our ee community know when it is available – you’ll have a built in fan base eager to read it.

  17. Great read! Thank you for writing it out in such detail.

    I’m Pisces NN in 2nd house which I have hard time combining… How does letting go and surrendering manifest in the 2nd house themes??

  18. Thank you AH for an excellent article, so interesting and relatable. I’m NN pisces in 9th which is the tip of a grand trine with kite. Cancer Asc. Scorpio in Neptune. I’m on a spiritual quest for sure and the Virgo anxiety figures prominently, fuels maybe.

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