All About Mars In Gemini!

gemini twinsMars will ingress into Gemini next week. With Mars in Gemini, it’s a war of words.

Mars in Gemini seduces with the mouth, the mind and the hands.

Mars in Gemini gets what it wants by being clever. It is perfectly capable of tricking the pants right off you!

Here’s a discussion about Men With Mars in Gemini.
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In regards to the transit of Mars through Gemini, people will get on with it. Write fast, with courage!

Tell us about Mars in Gemini, yours or others…

21 thoughts on “All About Mars In Gemini!”

  1. War of words it definitely is. Twisting them. I don’t know, I still feel the passive agression.

    Turning “Hey, seriously, I have a problem with that, please stop” into “but this is who I am! I’m playful!”

    Now, the topic at hand was grabbing my boobs in public at a bar, but…my point remains.

  2. I knew my sister would have Mars in Gemini before I even had to check her chart…I can never win an argument, she always has to have the last word (and always thinks she is right)!

  3. Mars in Gemini here (as well as Mercury in Aries, hehe…) and I definitely get what I want via communication…It kinda follows that I cannot STAND people I have a hard time communicating with – if you can’t hold a conversation, I’ve got no time for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The “war of words” bit is funny b/c I used to love having illogical arguments with both of my parents ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’d argue about silly stuff & try to have it make sense…I don’t know about being a trickster, tho’…

  4. Yes. I draw Mars in Gemini types a lot and they are indeed clever when they want you. The king of puns, dirty jokes, double entendres, seductive words. And they are tons of fun. Best kissers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. You’re so right Elsa. Mars in Gemini here. And on top of it all Mercury in 3rd.
    I like dialogue and exchange of thought in general. discussing things. don’t like arguing, but if you get me started, oh, be ware, I can convince you I’m right in no time.
    My favorite wisdom: I’m not always right, but I’m never wrong! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Like Lilly, I can’t stand people who can’t express themselves verbally. If I can not communicate with someone, they could as well be dead.

    And I never in my life liked a man who is not eloquent.

  6. I had a good friend that was Mars in Gemini in the 9th house. Yes he was engaging and lively, but… there is a huge but, he was egotistical with grand plans he could never actually manifest in any way. He would brag how great he is and how great his grandiose plans are. It took me a long time to stop listening to the talk and look at what was actually being implemented….nothing, absolutely nothing. He couldn’t look after himself or his children, his house was knee deep in filth and cat pee. It took me a long time to see through the grand talk and really see him. Tremendous level of trickery. I don’t see him any more.

    I’m sure there are other things at play than just Mars in Gemini. He had Libra sun and jupiter conjunct neptune in the 1st. He was a great actor but a charlatan and a fraud. I felt sorry for his children whom he would continually lecture about morals and ethics ha ha…classic really

  7. I have Mars in Geminiin the first (conj Venus and ASC)and Mercury in Leo in the 3rd hose, and it drives me nuts. I cannot relate to the posts above but i cannot remain focused on any plans. I have started umpteen courses and careers and have not specialized in anything. I read 6 or 8 books at a time. I change my mind about doing something in the middle of doing it. I am extremely fickle. My husband is amazed i still want to be married to him after 18 years and I am amazed to.

  8. Another Mars in Gemini here( in the 7th),with Merc in Libra.In times of “peace” with a witty partner I can talk for hours,wildly gesturing and hardly able to sit still for very long.Iยดd say my coordination in general is pretty well.Love Badminton and Ping Pong.I sure have a lot to say, but I am a fair listener, too.Telephones were invented for me :).In times of “war” my words can turn into intellectual daggers, like fencing with words till the other has run out of convincing contribution.But oh I love reconciliation.My hands and shoulders are also well-shaped.Not surprising that “I Want to Hold Your Hand” was written by Gemini/Libra fellows McCartney& Lennon

  9. This explains a lot! Geez, better late than never. I Scorpio did take the Mars in Gemini man with amazing hands and words he makes up.

  10. Wow great stuff, who knew! My Mars in Gemini 3 opposite Jupiter square Pluto Virgo 6 wide square Pisces sun/moon conjunction 1st, trining Mercury Venus in Aries. Just did get cleverly wooed by guy whoโ€™s Gemini Mars conjunct mine, his Cap sun on my Saturn idk; his moon & Venus Scorpio rising near my Neptune & Saturn near my Uranus, Iโ€™m tempted but frankly afraid of retaliation if it turns out to not work for me since attraction can suddenly just drop for me. Gone. Forever. Out of nowhere. Not a trait Iโ€™m happy with nor sure how to deal with. Any advice anybody?

  11. The one I knew had it conjunct their AC too and was a MAJOR cheater. Multiple. All the time. While in a very long-term relationship. He once told me he had cheated with a female friend while his girlfriend lay next to them. Sneaky, clever, charismatic, never seen a better liar. Sex on the mind all. the. time. Even said he thought he might have a sex addiction problem. Addicted to web cam porn, fantasising about risky behaviour (doing it in public changing rooms, places you could be caught), threesomes, etc. He cultivated a persona where most of the people closest to him have no idea he is like this (even guy friends). Married the girl he cheated on for like 15 years. People believe they’re a perfect fairytale. That’s the sex/clever sneak stuff. Lots of what soup said in one of the linked posts sounds familiar too. Non-stop energy, ‘sleep when I’m dead’, insanely curious, on the phone texting people all day long from wake til sleep. Communication communication communication. A very charming, sexy, witty (eek, dangerous!) trickster who knows exactly what to say to get what he wants, whether that’s going after somebody or lying to cover it up. Said “I just want a fun life!” Life motto was ‘YOLO’. I don’t think he was ever one to fight aggressively…always much smarter than that and with words. Could be lots of fun though.

  12. mouth, mind, and hands; spot on sissy, seduce the pants right off
    ya, powerful, skillful, impressive .For me it is the intelligence the craving for more knowing ,the diplomatic abilities, instant memory and the cool facade !the caring ,the honest truthful confessions Been riding the river of Gemini for two weeks ,so gentle yet intense ,I read they like mystery yet I am the one in mystery rather awe now Mars? WOW think I am gonna be looking for the Rapids!!

  13. Who can out talk a Gem Sun and mercury female ? a Mars in Gem male. This guy has been love bombing my daughter all week.He is doing all the talking which I find hard to believe lol. The guy also has a Leo sun and scorpio moon like her ex husband. Oh my.

  14. Natal Mars in Gemini but I feel my Mercury retrograde in Aries just messes it up. Often I feel tongue-tied and misunderstood! Yeah.

  15. Mars in Gemini in 7th with Aldebaran.
    I’ll be having a Mars return on 18th March.
    I can’t sustain a relationship that has no communication. No comms – no contact… I’ve only cheated once in my life, under extreme provocation – the issue that made me stray was a breakdown in communication and the seducer wooed me with … words words words and listening to MY words…
    High sex drive. I’d be a slut except that I have to overcome my hatred of being touched every time. And there’s ALWAYS more than one guy at a time that I fancy. And I’ve been married three times. And I was the one who left each time. Some people DO think I’m a slut because when I’m “with” someone I don’t get secretive about it.
    In spite of having a “narrow focus” chart, I have a gazillion interests. So Mars is very positive for me in that respect. But I am either hyper-focused or have a problem focusing at all.
    Good with my hands, lots of handicrafts, always have something on the go – something that involves needles. Good co-ordination – except when it fails me (but fortunately never when I’m driving). Good communication – except when I suddenly feel constrained. Isn’t that kindof Gemini too, this back-and-forth?
    I basically don’t lie because I have Aspergers. But I’m good with white lies to save people’s feelings (Mars trine Neptune and Chiron in Libra / 10).
    Mars’ square to Mercury in Virgo can apparently make you good at sarcasm? I’m VERY good at sarcasm, but had to learn to make it amusing rather than cruel. This Mercury has been good for my Mars, in spite of the square aspect.
    My Uranus and Moon are also in Gemini. Mars transits will be on 1 & 23 April.

  16. Originally I wrote “the issue that made me stray was was” – this kind of duplication is also about Gemini. As is the fact that I OFTEN say things twice – why? – perhaps to make sure I’ve been heard / understood?

  17. I love Mars in Gemini! I’ve got it in my birth chart.
    I love fast thinking, quick wit. I write poetry and have always been fond of making beautiful things with my hands. It can also do harm: i’v got Mars trine Pluto, but used with love it can move mountains. Also, i’m a teacher (Gemini) and i teach mostly people who had to flee from war (Mars), aka refugees.

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