My Fatalistic Statement Regarding The Saturn Return

In response to the comments on the Saturn return video, I think I was misunderstood. I sound fatalistic. I’m not sure how to communicate my feelings about this.

I generally make a statement like this in relation to a specific person with a specific situation. I sound like this:

“Look. I would not expect anything more from this person at this time. They had their chance. The boat was there, they did not get on it at that time and the boat won’t be back until…”

This does not mean the person does not have a life. It does mean that failing to grow up retards you… period!

If you want an example, consider the man who lives with his Mom beyond his Saturn return. Is he all the sudden going to move out when he is thirty-three? No. I’ve never seen it, not even once!

If he does move, it will be with another mother figure and chances are, he’ll be right back to Mom in very short order. When does he get a chance to separate?

Most likely when she dies… making him about fifty-seven…

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17 thoughts on “My Fatalistic Statement Regarding The Saturn Return”

  1. Well, doublecappy this is assuming you have parsed the situation at your SR right which is a question for Capricorn who tends to feel they are lowly and have done wrong all the time, on every front when often times it is exactly opposite that.

  2. Elsa, I see what you’re saying, when I was around my SR, and with the dangerboy (and there were lots more after that), I was coming into my own- I knew who I was, wanted a child, to be married, to partner, to ground, have a garden. Well, I let the dangerboy dictate this (no, we’re not getting married, no kids yet, let’s wing off to europe, hey, let me fool around with other women while you hope I change, etc…) And I let that continue. (In other words, I guess I missed the boat). I’m 36 . . . still wanting a child, wanting to be married, to partner, to ground, to have a garden.

    I know very little about astrology, but I do think with Jupiter in my sign, I’m getting a bit of a go at things here. Thankfully.

  3. Ugh. That was my “afterthought” (after posting my comment), I was like, I hope you don’t mean I’ll get my next chance at like 57.

    Anyway, I’m hanging on to hopes of Jupiter. 🙂

  4. Oh.

    Well, I don’t want to take up too much comments space here, but was there another way to parse that?

  5. oh my god! i better get my money saved cuz my saturn return is just around the corner (end of the year i think) and i live with my parents. however, i moved back in with them BECAUSE i wanted to stop renting and save up money to hopefully buy a condo. now i know this shit is serious! aaahhhh! money, money, money. (mars in cancer in the second.)

  6. Hah, tell me about it. I’ve got like four planets in the second house. I’m not sure what this has to do with my saturn return, but my whole life i have always been working with others in group like projects situations and have never thought about having to save somthing for myself, akkk…

  7. I had a hell of a saturn return, but I feel a little confused as how to know if I messed it up. My father began dying of cancer, my brother was suicidal, I moved 5 times; twice cross country, I gave birth to my son… there was a lot to it, and I pretty much looked it all in the face, but is there always a pivotal choice in a saturn return?

  8. Elsa, I see your point. But take your example — the boy who lives at home with his mom. You can’t doom him and say well, because you did this your life is a complete waste, and the only happiness you have a chance of getting for yourself is going to come when you’re close to dead.

    You could also say that this was a choice he made because of Saturn. Fear, attachment, duty, and a sacrifice of something for love. The guy could still have a good life, that meant something — for example he could spend his leisure hours painting or building chapels or writing math formulas. Goodness in the chart can still play out despite rotten, difficult, misguided decisions. Life is hard, but it’s not that hard.

  9. This is a very, very very interesting story about this man. I know a man just like this, OMG he has the mama thing so bad. I feel for him, I am not a mean person, but I refused to be her. His ex-wife was her for a lot of years, then he went back to mama. Just me personally, and from my own limited experience, I would beware of man living with mama for a long time. But listen to some things about his chart: He has the Moon in the 12th house at 1-2 degrees of Taurus, and he has Saturn in the 12th house in late Aries. Any way you look at it (any popular branch), Saturn is in it’s fall, but also, it does not get any good aspects like from Venus or Jupiter, to help compensate for that. I don’t mean to be hard on people with Saturn in Aries, after all, I have saturn in Scorpio and who would want THAT? But I have witnessed, over and over, this man’s problem with either a) respecting the boundaries of other people, or b) establishing boundaries of his own (mostly a). He himself admits to his problems with responsibility.

    I have learned so much from watching this weak saturn in action, because, add to that, the Moon is in Mutual Exchange with Mars so that adds Mars to the mix! So the relationship with the mother is very twisted, from what I see anyway. But here is a new problem. His adoptive step-father is fed up with him coming home. So I am worried about him. Not worried enough to take him in, because he could and would take me down. But worried.

    I can only pray he finds a new mama figure very, very quickly, because he is only 40 years old, and 57 is a long time away for him!

  10. I should add, to the above, that I have moon square saturn in a mutually applying aspect with a reasonably small orb, which, I have to reckon, is how come I got so caught up in this dude myself. Ahhhh, that Saturn/Moon combo, troublesome at times, eh?

  11. “sometimes it takes 28 years to figure it out.”

    Yup, I think that is the case for me. My Saturn is in my 12th, my SR affected me profoundly, but in a phantasmagoric kind of way (is that even a word?). Meaning I couldn’t tell which way was up, so it’s hard to tell if I’ve done my Saturn well or not.

    I can see that I am not the same now as I was then, and I think how I am now is an improvement, so I just have to be content with that.

    It was during the SR time that I learned about astrology, so in a sense, I have a “framework” for understanding things, which can only help I think.

  12. i still feel like i’m working my saturn return, though it was done three years ago.
    maybe it’s the move into my first house?

    i went back to school. haven’t found my career yet, but i have a better idea of what i can do and waaay more knowledge and experience than i would have sitting playing secretary to that narcissist. or the next one. (i have a magnet for them or something. probably because i look like a target, somehow?)

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