More Of My Goat-ish View Of The Saturn Return

eva writes on Fatalistic Statement Regarding The Saturn Return

“Elsa, I see your point. But take your example — the boy who lives at home with his mom. You can’t doom him and say well, because you did this your life is a complete waste, and the only happiness you have a chance of getting for yourself is going to come when you’re close to dead…”

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eva, I don’t mean to doom him. I just think there is a point of maturity and once you go beyond it you don’t get any taller… until Saturn comes around again. Life is kind that way. You get a second chance and I have seen many, many people take the second chance and run with it further than they ever dreamed possible. Case in point, the soldier and I.

A person’s ability (or inability) to do this is contingent on what they did (or did not learn) over the prior 28 years. The humble learn, the arrogant fall if for no other reason then they become aged. The people who fare well when “close to dead” are those who have matured and developed. The others?

Well they are scared to death of course.

See the lesson?

Face your fear or… um…face your fear.

3 thoughts on “More Of My Goat-ish View Of The Saturn Return”

  1. Okay, I see this about the point of maturity. I’ve seen that happen. I’m not sure what I think though about the idea that what you do at your Saturn return is a “mistake”. It’s just a choice culminating at the end of your childhood, made with the best of intentions based on what you know. Which, at 28, isn’t that much.

    Of course: Life is not a fairytale. You live your consequences, that’s also true.

    Funny thing, Saturn is in EXACT opposition to my natal S today, on Venus, on one end of a t-square. I’ve been running into nothing but Saturn all day.

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