Criminal Mind Astrology

Yesterday I had to turn down a client for a consultation because I just didn’t feel I could deliver what she wanted. This doesn’t happen that often but it does happen.

The person may want some form of astrology I know nothing about like horary. Sometimes they want me to time things like a wedding, and I refer those people too. Sometimes people want me to apply techniques to their chart that I don’t use or don’t like and I refer those people as well.

This led me to thinking about what I am well-suited to and I have come up with this short list:

  • I love to get (or keep) people married.
  • I am very good at cock-blocking bad men.
  • I love to devise strategy that will neutralize the terrorist in someone’s life.
  • I love to do quick hits on the person someone is dating as it relates to their chart / issues / their relationship patterns.
  • I love to solve problems no one else has been able to untangle – and quickly!

I think there are very good general astrologers out there but when I look at this list I see that this is “Criminal Mind Astrology”.  Being able to define that makes me very happy. I was born to specialize!

14 thoughts on “Criminal Mind Astrology”

  1. Oh, yes. You are good at those things, Elsa.

    I find that people can be incredibly if they’re focused on something they’re both good at AND enjoy doing. The difference in quality of finished product is emmense!

  2. It is sooooooo much work to try to please someone you’re not going to be able to please, simply because they are looking for someone who is not you!

  3. Couldn’t agree more, Elsa. I have just about quit doing anything but the broadest transits, mostly because it feels like micro-managing one’s life. Still working on relaxing and taking life as it comes myself . . . instead of worrying. Ha! 😀

    My heart is in helping people understand the “whys” of their relationships.

  4. and you’re very very good at it 😉

    seems the responsible thing to do… if you know someone’s going to find what they want more readily somewhere else, to send them there… seems like good business too.

  5. Avatar

    Once you can see what is you or what isn’t you, life seems much easier to deal with. It’s like getting in tune with your own sense of time (in terms of life and career) – a concept my Capricorn aunt introduced me to.

  6. A line on the criminal mind… I love it! I will happily refer to you the people who need more cock-blocking than I can provide. Awesome awesome.

    My best work seems to be helping people who feel their entire world is crashing down around them, and people who keep getting told they’re “too intense”.

  7. jenfullmoon, there are people out there who routinely destroy their relationships due their inner conflicts. When you can help them, understand, manage or resolve these things, it opens doors.

    In other cases someone may routinely pick partners who will never marry for various reasons and if they want otherwise, becoming conscious of what they are doing, of their own desire for love, and other things along those line, shifts their perspective which allows them to have a new experience.

    Some people just need a reality check – ‘hey, he’s not perfect but either are you” and that goes a long way to allowing people to maintain a relationship that is real rather than constantly chasing a carrot that does not even exist.

  8. This is why I like you Elsa. You are COMPLETELY HONEST. I don’t like to be dicked around. Thanks for the NO B.S.

  9. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it and I appreciate being able to nail this down. The more I can refine the more satisfied everyone is going to be in all directions.

    I do think there are astrologers who thrive with a multi-pronged approach, I know of some. But I am more of a distiller, I’d say.

  10. Hey! Remember me, long about late last november or hell earlier – and me with the goingon30yearthangbustinup and first thang you write is ‘double virgo should never get married’ -hell, mebbe it’s true but i kinda thunk yer advices were a little bit backwards – not that yuh coulda ‘saved’ my marriage. Mebbe you coulda seen the messedup future but couldn yuh have warned muh? Virgo’s gift’s refining – howz about dialling it back abit? Like seeing the wood fer a change … I sureashell keep stubbin muh toezonlogs….
    Loveya Elsa, n read yuh everyday, ifn I kin!

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