Mercury & Mars In The 9th house: Truth Bursting Out

This will be sort of personal but also helpful to anyone who wants to understand Mercury and Mars the 9th house. I have this pair in natal chart. I will push hard to find the truth. I am compelled!

Mars is compels me to seek (9th) information. My Mercury and Mars is in Libra so there is a lot of conversation and bouncing off others in order to get what I want (Mars).  Seeking the truth has a social component.  The 9th house is both a student and a teacher. I am constantly learning as I teach.

This comes up today because I was working with a client who also seeks the truth. She made this very clear. She can handle the truth.  That last is interesting.  She has Pluto in her 9th (deep / hidden truth) square Saturn in Scorpio.  Saturn is the handle. Saturn can cope.

This gal has been drawn into this world of lies. She can sense it but she’s not been able to figure it out. She called me because I’m blunt, stating plainly that she could live with the truth, no matter what it is. The lies were killing her.

Courage is big here as well. Mars allows a person to take something on. With in Mars in Libra, this is a decision.  Mars in the 9th house is self-directed. It constantly wants to break free.

Mercury in the 9th is the quintessential “open mind”. It makes me think of the old Microsoft slogan, “Where do you want to go today?” I don’t need Microsoft. I wake up every morning with endless options of things to think about, write about, talk about or just things to “put out there”. Publishing is a 9th house thing.

The 9th house is akin to a wild horse.  It not made or meant to hang around in a corral. I always want to know what’s out there and I love finding something new.  Put Mars in there and it’s not surprise I started leaving the house through my bedroom window when I was eleven years old. I left altogether when I was fifteen.  What would you expect with something like this in your chart?

Do you have Mercury and Mars in your 9th house. What’s it like for you?

10 thoughts on “Mercury & Mars In The 9th house: Truth Bursting Out”

  1. Hi Elsa ,WOW My ninth house is Jupiter, fortunately for me I have a ninth house stellium,Mars, Mercury,AND Lord of the ninth JUPITER.
    That’s why when I first came upon your blog (while I was searching) it resonated with me so strongly.
    I like hearing the truth.
    I even like the hard bitter truth to a sweet lie.
    And yes I can take it like a man, haha.
    Unfortunately I realized early in life ,that most people DON’T like to hear it!
    With all three planets ,I couldn’t keep my big mouth shut, and would always just speak the truth quite blandly without any cushioning.
    Yes I was in Boarding school, when I was 12/13 years old ,I would jump our dorm door ,quite high and locked.
    Climb out and leave the school premises at 11 pm at night and go to main Street.
    However I was thin as a reed,short cropped hair and hairy as bear.
    So I passed for a young boy.
    But the daring thing was out manoeuvring two Watchmen, from two school yards !!!
    But truly Mars and Jupiter made me fearless.
    Sun in ten house.
    Yes I write poetry ,and I have started writing my book of visitors, and all the miracles that have happened.
    Yes I already have 3 books waiting to be published.
    I also want to make my own vedic Tarot cards.
    In a very unique way.
    So you are bang on the money.
    Yes I love to research,
    Or re-search.
    To get down to the truth.
    And I have learned not to BLURTH it out now.😁😆🤣

  2. That’s fun, ala 9th house component. Yet I don’t believe absolute truth is easy to find. Why? Because truth would be based in reality and our reality is seen differently from person to person. Truth evolves with us. Things that were true in the past no longer can be. We found new things, new principles, new angles. It’s continuous and never-ending. Reading this reminded me of Don Quijote in a good way. Very saggitarius. Might seem fighting the winds but there is the faith of the searchers, the seekers, the philosophers, the explorers. Maybe there is something higher out there. To tell a truth from a lie, that can be easy, to reach at a fast scientific truth in this moment, that can be easy too. To reach a state in which you can understand, absorb and impart absolute truth? No. That’s were we split the dogmatic, zealous, fanatic ones, with the higher minded, the human mind and human consciousness walking encyclopedias that keep evolving and going on forever and ever,and ever.

  3. For me the 9th house relates to natural law, which can be correlated with a way of truth. This is very different from man made law. To live by natural law is challenging because many of us have been conditioned away from it, and you have to refind it inside, and then connect that inner spirit with something existing outside, then try to balance that relationship in living. Listening to spirit, nature, intuition helps with guidance. There can be a lot of doubt living this way, which I think is a natural Gemini factor (questioning), but faith takes constant practice, learning from experience, plus loads of patience because time is something different in natural law. What I mean is, you can make a decision based on faith and not receive confirmation of right action (in a sense, if you give it a quality) for a long time, and have to negotiate doubt and uncertainty for prolonged periods. This is my personal take on the Sag 9th h with Sun (Taurus) and Mercury (Gemini) there. To say also, when I write ‘faith’ this is in relation to natural law, so there is no God or interlocutor involved, other than your own consciousness.

  4. My daughter has Gemini ruling her 9th, with the sun and Mercury there opposite Pluto in her 3rd. She’s 15. Mars will retrograde there this fall, she is for sure on a truth seeking mission.

    I have libra on the 9th, saturn jupiter and Pluto there too all squaring my sun in the 12th. I KNOW the truth 😉

  5. You may recognize me from occasional comments (Astrology student for 60 years) and yup…right there with you. I have the Sun Conjunct Mars and the Moon exactly conjunct Mercury in a Taurus ruled 9th. So, I totally relate to your thirst for learning and a desire to teach. I’m just a bit more “subdued” than I perceive you may be. LOL !

    1. I keep my philosophical and political truths to myself; many…

      “ can’t handle the truth “!

      Meanwhile, no desire for fame (Virgo rising with Saturn in the First), but creature comforts? Yes yes yes ! The mind and body are one to me.

  6. Mercury in Cap in the 9th, so total realist, however my Mars in Sagg, is conjunct Saturn In Sagg in the ninth, therefore acting or speaking my ‘truth’ can come across harshly. I get very angry when I see unfair or underhanded behaviour, towards myself and others, and I take on bullies, -can’t help it. Have always had faith – it’s just common sense to me ( that sounds like Merc in Cap) My inquiring mind has hit a bit of a wall over last few years, I think I am a little despondent from all of the human behaviour that I have seen, situations I find myself in- I feel I have to behave according to other peoples ‘truth’ for my own safety. This I have just realised comes from, my upbringing…… there is another truth to ponder!

  7. Mercury (Pisces) in the 9th House/10 House cusp. Sun (Pisces) in the 9th/10th house cusp. Most of my day-to-day is a zillion open tabs on a web browser, several cloud storages of data spanning my entire life online, hundreds of notes and voice memos on my phone, responding to others with an open mind, or endlessly talking to myself to discover how to balance all the input and output. It can be exhausting and exhilarating, but mostly it’s an adventure with its ups and downs – it’s never boring.

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