Elsa P, Quit Boring People

I think this is funny.  It’s one of those things your see from the 8th house.

Recently I got in touch with a family member I’d not talked to for a good number of years. Uranus transited my Moon and I actually got in touch with a SLEW of family members but in whatever case, I was talking to Annalisa about the communication and told her I did not think we’d be in contact with the gal for long.  “I’m boring her,” I explained.

Boring her?”

“Yes.  She thinks I’m boring and there is nothing I can do about it. If she’d ever shut up she might find out otherwise. I am sure I’m not boring but she is never going to find out because I never say anything – I’ve yet to speak and we’ve had twenty conversations at least.”

Annalisa laughed.

“Well it’s true. She just calls me and blathers on. I say, okay and that’s it. That’s the end of the conversation so I don’t expect her to be calling me for long.  That Elsa is a bore!” I said with a snort.  “She doesn’t realize there is no conversation and I see no way or reason to disturb her on this. She’ll drop off within a month because she thinks she’s the only one with something to say.”

Talking about Sagittarius here.

Do you know how to converse?

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  1. Doesn’t bother me at all. I think it’s funny. A person is so large they don’t realize you’re there. But it’s wonderful for someone with a chart like mine. An oddity to study.

  2. Guilty as charged! I talk way too much and sometimes I forget that there is another person.

    I am learning to stop this, before it gets worse. But I sometimes I stop, breathe and count to 10, then let the other person talk, or ask a question/opinion and listen. Because I love to listen too, when I let my motor mouth stop.

  3. Oh wow. I heard it again the other day from a a guy I dated on and off “You aren’t even listening to me”…”I have to repeat myself because you didn’t even listen the first time”. Hmm..that one part of me I’d like to improve. FOCUSED listening, even to the boring ones. 😉

  4. Communications studies show that people who dominate conversations 1) view those conversations as successful and enjoyable and 2) think more highly of the listener. You might not be able to get rid of her. 🙂

  5. Elsa, boring?! LOL!

    A love a good TWO-way conversation- but, admit there have been times when my mouth can get on a roll and I later realize I monopolized the conversation. My progressed AC is in Sagittarius, so I expect that will be happening more often.

  6. CArRiE, me too, sometimes I get so excited and cannot STFU. I really try to be mindful of it though as I really don’t like when people do that to me. THAT is boring 🙂

  7. I was thinking she may not drop you as you think, as you are providing a very real service, listener. See my sister does this to me. She calls and does what I call a “verbal dump” of all the stuff in her life. She can go on and on for hours, so I usually just put on my phone headset and start to work on some chore while I “yeah, um, I see” and the like till she gets it all out. By the time she’s done, I’ve got a few chores done and she feels better. I’m also prone to do this, but only to my Mom and I’ve become very time aware (meaning I ask if she’s busy and I try to call when I know she’s usually free and I only do it for things that I can’t seem to get worked out on my nightly runs).

    Anyway, point is, she doesn’t have to have a point and there are time when she calls and it is a two way conversation. But on the verbal dump times, I think it’s a valuable thing to her that I just listen as she dumps it and works it all out herself.

    Just my two cents for today,

  8. This is a HORRIBLE habit of mine. I have Mercury in Leo trine Jupiter and a Gemini Moon to boot. Talk about a navel-gazing bore! I am completely guilty of blathering and pontificating until others are trying to hide their yawns.

    When I was younger, this made me wildiy unpopular. That Mercury is also trine an 8th house Uranus, and I had a tendency to get absolutely obsessed with a certain topic, hobby, musician, etc. And when that happened, I was pretty much incapable of talking about ANYTHING else. Imagine trying to have a conversation with a 12 year-old who will only talk about the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Boy George, and 1960’s hippie culture. Yeah, not exactly easy.

    It wasn’t until Progressed Mercury entered Libra that I became appropriately social. 🙂

  9. Yes, I do. I’ve been complimented on it my whole adult life (don’t ask me about childhood, my head was up my Saggie ass).

    I don’t mind monopolizers. I have stong Uranus and I figure I can just walk off if I feel like it. I have also noted time and again–and laugher–about what Del says. Blab away, and it makes me look good? Er, okay then!:)

  10. Its the opposite i think. I highly doubt she’s thinking you’re boring. People like that are very self involved, and they love a good audience, so she’ll keep calling you as long as you keep listening to her! Why would she stop when she’s got such a good sounding board. It’s unfortunate that she can’t see you’re a human being with needs too, but it is what it is. She is probably thinking what a fantastic listener you are. Great for her…sucks for you.

  11. I see what you guys are saying but I had this conversation a few weeks ago and it has played out as I expected. It’s not that everyone is wrong, it’s just in this specific situation she was going on about the person(s) in her circle who she thinks are very VERY interesting. She thinks she and they are hysterically funny and really, she has no time for such a fuckin’ bore as me. 🙂 I expect to be on her “obligatory call list” and will say, I do have some play in this.

    I have Neptune on the MC square Venus and if I want to disappear my value, I certainly can.

    It’s fair to say that *I* am bored and so turned to dust.

  12. This is my former Sagittarius boss to a T. She would blather on about her life and name drop like crazy at work meetings. I honestly think she believed her life was important and exciting and that “her audience” loved to hear her talk because our own lives were dull. We all dreaded those meetings.

  13. @Elsa “It’s fair to say that *I* am bored and so turned to dust.”
    That’s totally understandable and you have every right. Besides, I know I’d not like being on someones “obligatory call list”. 12th house sun can make it real easy on them by disappearing.

  14. Avatar

    In the last year I’ve had to amputate two people who used to call me and jeopardize my time with nothing but drama and complaining… Since I’ve amputated, my nerves are calmer and I’m not rehashing some foreign drama around in my head! I’ve gained peace from not listening to extraneous bullshit…

  15. Sounds an awful lot like CorpseSadge.. He’d complain that I don’t listen and that I don’t talk enough and said that it’s so boring to talk to me and hang out with me cuz I’m too quiet!

    I mean, I AM quiet but many times I’ve tried to give my input and he’d interrupt and keep going on.. and on.. and on.. and on.. about himself. He never ever wanted to hear about my day or what I wanted to say. If I ever got the chance to speak for more than two seconds, he’d start to get antsy and it was obvious he didn’t give a shit. Eventually I stopped trying to listen or even speak because I was just so tired of listening to him talk about him. Even though he used me for validation of his ideas, he always looked down on me as if I were too slow or dumb to keep up with what he was saying.

    NAW DUDE. I’m light years ahead of you already.

  16. My BFF is Gemini Sun and Venus, Sadge Moon and Aries Mars… I can never get a word in edgewise lol… but that’s ok… my Aquarius Mercury doesn’t really pay attention to what she’s saying anyway and she only notices occasionally 😀
    I think I can converse quite well but other people may think my lack of listening skills a problem.

  17. I am a very good listener. I remember what people tell me, and I can converse with them ad infitum about their lives. I’ve had to amputate a few because all we could talk about was their lives–I never got a chance to talk about me. When I did, it was boring to them.

  18. Despite my abundance of Mercury related placements I think I am as good at listening as I am talking. I think it’s because it’s sorta like taking in info to me, which muh Gemini just lovvvesss.

    The only thing I can’t tolerate are the talkers who don’t let you get a word in edgewise, they totally dominate the convo and should you even try to ask a question or say anything, they interrupt or act all bored and continue on like you didn’t just speak. My eyes totally glaze over and I drift off into lala land at that point, haha.

    Otherwise, I can listen with the best of ’em, just make me feel engaged somehow and we’re good to go!

  19. I used to be good at conversation, but I think I’ve lost the knack.

    First Saturn through Virgo/3, now t. Neptune to Mercury, soon to move into my 3rd… I dunno. Most conversation seems stupendously pointless to me anymore: same shit, different day.

    I find it boring now, and in consequence I feel myself becoming boring to others. *shrugs*

  20. I have Scorpio ASC so I love to listen and get people to open up. Throw in Sun and Mercury in Libra and you can say I also possess the gift of blab…never dull.

  21. I can monopolize and have with my merc in scorp but in recreating a life with stronger relationships have learned to stop and listen etc. Some people gravitate to what I say so then let me run with it.. but then I realize that I don’t really know them and I’d like to so it’s changing.
    If I vent/share it’s more often in my online journal.. then a can reference dates when astrology says things like “today harkens back to January 2010” 😛

  22. my sag sister is like this, she just talks and talks and makes the room alive with conversation. she has a stellium in sag, and she often breaks the ice really well and finally allows everyone to feel comfortable. Even comfortably numb and relaxed. lol it’s nice instead of everyone awkward trying to find words and can’t figure out what to do and clearing throat and making odd weather convos. instead she just talks and talks about i dont know, but sometimes its quite interesting or its not but others may find it interesting. she has sag mercury in the mix too. i have a sag moon but i get awkward and have no clue sometimes so i come out blundering with whatever. trying to break the ice.

    my parent’s cleaning lady is a gemini sun and mercury, with libra stellium venus taurus. she’s with a leo sun, sag moon virgo venus, libra mars retired air force partner and i bet they talk and talk but he’s quiet though around others; and afraid to get in the way of things. but he’s overly eager to help others. it may be his downfall because there’s alot of people who take advantage. its actually a plus, not a downfall but people out there who dont think of others, can use that. anyway, the gemini; she easily talks and talks and tries to break the ice and i notice she doesn’t have the confidence when i tell her go ahead and explain the situation to them, so i encourage her and she gets more confidence to do so.

    i wonder if it’s an air sign thing, lacking confidence, they need the push and assitance and they are wonderful with it when it gets going. Kind of like turning on the fan: air, you get it to push and it goes. It might be she has no fire of her own. which is why she’s with a double fire. and with her stellium in air, she needs the push and help to give her courage. and she’s wonderful with it.

    just noticing the differences of gemini/ sag opposition and both are chatty but different approach to it. its so interesting. and both dont want to be bored either. sag can be like leo, have an audience, while gemini can be encouraged, gain confidence with assistance, adding witty convos in. Or you add to the convo to make them think of the interesting subject and the convo gets going.

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