Natal Neptune In The 4th House

slide bolt“Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not yet understood”
–Henry Miller

Neptune is a very slow-moving planet. It is considered generational. That is to say people of the same age will generally have Neptune in the same sign. Therefore its house placement and its relationship to personal planets are what personalize its impact. My own Neptune is in Scorpio which places me within a certain age range; all you have to do to figure that out is consult an ephemeris. My Neptune falls into my 4th house, moon-ruled and concerned with matters of home, hearth, housing and parental issues.

Neptune has a foggy effect. It rules magic and illusion, confusion and the divine. With Neptune in my 4th house my concept and the reality of my home is not static; it is changeable, illusory. At the age of 38 I counted up all of my moves and figured I had changed homes 38 times. Granted, some were back and forth between the same houses but not most were unique. That’s a lot of moving around. My base was elusive/illusive. I’ve lived in the same house for seven years now, by far the longest I’ve lived anywhere. However, much about my living situation has changed over that time and I know better than to consider it permanent.

I’ve lived in fine homes with pillars and servants quarters and I have also been homeless. I’ve stayed in suites at the Four Seasons and sat awake in fear in 2-bit rooms when someone rattled the flimsy, hollow-core door secured only by simple hinges, a doorknob and a dime-store slidebolt. Neptune spiritually elevates over time, promotes the acceptance of the divine instability in life. Stability for me has nominally asserted itself since I realized there is none. Neptune assists one in the shedding of duality.

Where is Neptune in your chart? Do you see its influence?

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  1. 12th House. I do see its influence, yes. It’s impossible to describe. It was the first placement/planet I studied after my Sun (even before my Moon studies began).

    An astrologer once told me that people see what they want to see in me, or they see themselves. Or they see the last person they dealt with. That is the most difficult thing of all, however I have these feelings of recognition when it happens–“who are they thinking of? who is it?”

  2. Sag Neptune conj my Asc and like everything I’ve read about it, I held true to being a chameleon with an identity crisis… growing up in New York City I was able to experiment and explore many different arenas & lifestyles until I recently learned to look deep inside and create my own psychic form.

    The one thing that my boyfriend says the most is that I have a lot of different voices… a quality I’m sure my Gemini Sun lends and I most certainly use to my advantage!!

  3. Holy shit, Satori. This moving business. Story of my life. And though I managed to keep my children in one city for 12 years… Hence, I always believed, giving them the stability I never had (or some such crap) I think we moved as many times as years within the city. WTF?

  4. Hey Satori-
    when pluto moved through your 4th house, do you feel like that contributed to some of it as well?

    I also have neptune in the 4th, but it wasn’t until I was 16-17 when pluto crossed my IC i started moving every year or so…

  5. for me it was always moving, from the time I was born. BUT, when pluto crossed my IC I had to move because of violence.

  6. Hi ellen–how does it feel like for you? I wasn’t able to articulate that feeling until around the time of my Saturn Return–maybe it is also related to time?

  7. Neptune on Saggy 4th over here… never felt home @home, things are foggy related to family, specially related to mom… didnt change a lot of residences, just a really few times… and i do love to stay out of home… but honestly no matter where i am, one day ill feel im not home… am im in home @ planet earth? (aquarius moon feeling)

  8. Neptune in the 9th conjunct my MC and I feel it in the 9th AND 10th..for sure. Although the conjunct my MC is apparent in how unconventional my career path has been. It is also square my moon which can give me fits as far as my emotions. I have a sextile with Pluto, but it’s a larger orb and have read that aspect is also generational.

    Helps to make me the strange bird I am.

  9. Mine’s in the second. Not a placement I’ve ever been too keen on, but I chalk that mostly up to my lack of experience/understanding when it comes to Neptune. In fact I’ve never read something as interesting and moving about Neptune as your piece here, Satori — something about the concrete examples of all your moves coupled with the spiritual progression related to change and detachment, it just got to me. I too long for stability, as surely many do, but perhaps acceptance of its lack in the outside world can lead to greater development of it in our inside world? Anyway, thanks Satori, for sharing your insight ad experience in a great post.

  10. 4th house, in Scorpio. I grew up with the specter of Armageddon coming…oh, say ANY MINUTE! Family disappears and reappears in my life.

  11. Neptune conjunct AC in Scorpio. And like SpaceRockz, I’ve been a chameleon with an identity crisis. It used to frustrate the hell out of me, but since learning about Astrology, I at least know now that I’m not crazy, which helps a ton! It can actually be an asset at times.

  12. 4th house. My dad has mental illness and between me and the both of my parents, sometimes it is hard to know who’s the child and who’s the parent. There have been major boundary issues for sure.

  13. well on the growin up aspect…I did all twelve years of schooling in the same town n house growing up. My ma still got the same telly number. Of course the address adds to 23…the houses blueprints were layin backwords when they built it…conveniant for me cause Im the only leftHanded one. I wonder about Neptune in other ways. I even practiced my right to work n got me a check. Stability isnt my issue. I even got Uranus conjuct the Ic in sag. Im just the one who puts out fire with water lol both my parents are sags….a aries brother n leo sister. its hard to explain..wont board you on a messagin board lol its real thats the funny part. water planets in earth sign…complents my 12th house virgo moon. I wonder what happens when one has a strong neptune…yet aboulutely no pisces…

  14. Mine’s in 4th Scorpio. I’ve moved 26 times (I think), though that didn’t start until I was 15 and most of them were undertaken on my own, not with my family of origin). I have lived in my current home for fourteen years, plan to be here for four more until my youngest graduates from high school, then I’m going to hightail it out of here. My husband and I plan to rent at our chosen destination before we commit to a neighborhood again, and then we want a condo/townhome instead of a house so we can get up and go when we wish, and not worry about the lawn.

    I had a stormy, emotionally abusive first marriage, and based on Satori’s comments I opened another tab to see if Pluto was in Scorpio during that time. Surprise! It was!

    I loved this: “Neptune spiritually elevates over time, promotes the acceptance of the divine instability in life. Stability for me has nominally asserted itself since I realized there is none.” I’m going to put that quote in my journal. Thanks for that.

  15. In 4th, conjunct Moon in Scorpio. Have moved house 35 times now. Aiming to settle here, been here for over 4 years already, which is an eternity in my world. However, despite this bid for permanence, open to the poss that at some point it might all change. But I hope not soon…

    Great post, thanks.

  16. I’ve never moved. I have neptune in fourth house, maybe only people around me have moved. My parents traveled and now for first time i’m alone at my mom will have a delicate surgery and i feel so much shes gonna die. I feel so bad for her and i hope it doesnt happen. The currently transit is pluto in the 4th. indeed i’ve not spent much time at home i avoid it. I feel confuse if the father you refer in this post is indeed my mom (?) my fourth house is in cspricorn opposite to its natural house ruler

  17. Hi Satori, Thank you for this post. I have Neptune in 4th house Scorpio, opposition Jupiter 10th house. ( Triple leo, Sun in 1st house) Is there any hope with this Neptune in 4th house? My relationships have usually involved deception and so far I have never manifested a stable partner, job or home. My work relationships have been difficult. When I was a child, we lost our home which devastated me. I am now attempting to buy my own home after many moves. I am trying to heal and have just stumbled across this Neptune in 4th house and it answers a lot in my life. I dream of a stable life, home, job, partner. Again, is there any hope? Thank you, Gina

  18. I am such a nomad! I am way beyond that number and been everywhere…. from padded walls to many states and different locations. I am the endless vagabond. In older age… of 33, lol I bounce back and forth taking care of my parents, I have a strong traveling spirit for a Cancer. I decided to jump on a greyhound at 21 to LA, to hate the place and migrate up to Washington for a year, then Oregon 6 years and then to Texas.. Wisconsin, New York. Ended up in Tennessee 3 years. Then back to my roots where I grew up in Michigan and facilitated my parents divorce in their mid 60s. I showed my dad a hidden secret spot in North Carolina to move to, I know my siblings won’t take the duty of taking care of my parents…. So its all on me.

    To escape my “Karma” via location, nothing changes. You actually meet the same people, with even the same fricking names…. the same exact circumstance cause you can’t escape your karma, and that’s the grand illusion.

    Sorry for posting on an old post… but oh well we all read this when we do random google searches, so its all relevant to me.

    I guess the thing that always stuck me… With Neptune in 4th, is your home is your sanctuary. I am really good at making others honor their homes, and treat their personal space like a shine.

    I do got Moon in Virgo in 12th trine Neptune in Capricorn in 4th. My 4th is ruled by Sagittarius with 2 Saggi Parents…. tho Uranus is only 5 degrees away from the I.C. ruled by Sagittarius.

    Different Spin for you… Neptune in 4th finds home a sanctuary regardless of location. I make every place I live at as a temple, I instill values of grounded on others, regardless how unstable I might appear. I know how to make others feel grounded, regardless how unstable I appear. Its my gift lol I know how to solve crisis.

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      Ariana Peterson

      Allan! Travis would like to talk with you! Five for won, double eight zero, ninety-four twenty-six

      Hoping you are well and still around here to find this!- lots of love

      -cuppcake3 and Mr Thompson

  19. Neptune in Scorpio in the 4th for me. I relate to this. Too much moving throughout my life from the day I was born. No planets in my 10th house of Taurus. I’m always searching for home and it seems to always allude me. I’m drawn to water and particularly the ocean. It brings me comfort. At 50, I accept the impermanence of a physical home, though I’m always trying to find where I can place roots. As my spiritual evolution has really taken root and I’m ever aware of my impermanence in this life, I’m hoping for a small place, near the ocean where I can call home base while I explore and travel the world with my spiritual work. And sometimes I think maybe I should just buy a 5th wheel, so I can take home with me on my adventures. Confusion most definitely.

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