Exploiting The Weak-Minded

mercury trickster godI wrote Diabolical Brainwashing and then discussed it with both my husband and satori. I wanted to see what others thought (Mercury in Libra). I was mostly wondering if my thinking was accessible. There is a lot of code in that thing.

I told my husband the back story. He came at this from a completely different angle which was interesting as can be but not helpful for my purposes so I called satori.

You  probably notice from satori’s writing, she is a very exacting, deep thinker. She listens carefully and she doesn’t jump to conclusions. She also knows me really well and I could sense her reaching to comfortably respond to my questions.  She also had the back story as well which is  completely unique so you just can’t slap general interpretations on my complex questions.  I realized I could simplify it for her.

“You know all about this,” I said. “It’s very common. This is grooming. You know how a pedophile grooms a victim to be what the want them to be and to be accepting…”

“Yeah, oh yeah,” she said. This is one of her areas of expertise.

“This is what I am talking about. It could be, David Berkowitz or it could be, Hitler or it could be closer in on a continuum. The point is there are people out there who will absolutely exploit your weak mind. They will do it on a case by case or personal basis but when you have a lot of weak minds pulled together, lots of people who can’t or don’t think for themselves, it’s staggering what can happen…”

As examples of weak minds try the Heaven’s Gate group who died trying to ride a comet or followers of Jim Jones (see tag, my husband had to clean up their bodies)

As an example of strong minds, I’d point to the people of Honduras who wrestled back control of their country from people trying to take it from them.

Have you seen a weak mind exploited?  Was it yours?

32 thoughts on “Exploiting The Weak-Minded”

  1. YES & YES & YES
    It happened recently on a nation scale its amazing how some can be directed because they don’t use their brains or more precisely they refrain from it because in some cases I just can’t believe this is truly what they think, so to justify their actions they stop thinking follow thinking this is what I have been told & it justifies my actions & it helps even more with his/her acquaintances are in the same boat it has a devastating energy emphasizing that mostly it is used for the wrong intentions other wise why would you NOT think for your own sake!

    The whole not thinking thing makes me angry

  2. It’s how man’s world works – governments couldn’t be elected, religions maintained otherwise. It’s just more obvious when a serial killer or tyrant is involved. The whole media is designed to exploit the fact of it, and the education system to promote it.

  3. You can see it every day!!!
    Not on such a demonic scale, of course, but there are always weaker minds & always stronger ones. The stronger will always “take over” the weaker, it’s just to be hoped that there is a little integrity involved. Usually there is. The trouble begins where there is not.
    I think it’s a common dynamic.

  4. Yes- Watching the changes happening to the USA recently- it’s fairly obvious (to me) that as a nation we have been “groomed” over a number of years… and It’s sad to think about what this country has become, and what purposes those doing the grooming have in mind.

    It’s also happened to me personally and I learned how to guard my mind. Now I am a critical thinker and don’t take people’s word for anything. lol. That must be annoying but it keeps me “safe”

  5. Yes, my mind was exploited, has been exploited repeatedly. I have Mercury/Chiron.

    It hasn’t happened much in recent years due to this place I’ve been sent to called the School of Hard Knocks.

  6. large employers with skeletons in the closet have Human Resource departments and “Risk Management” agents who run such operations against their employees all the time

  7. I’m learning to exploit my own weak mind. I’m sick and tired of being agreeable with others when I really don’t feel agreeable… and so I’ve decided to smash this hall of mirrors I’ve been inhabiting by learning to express myself even though I ramble and stutter. (My mind can make at least 50 connections on an idea before my mouth has time to spit out a sentence.)

    On the other hand, the reason I feel I’ve been afraid to just come out with it is because with natal merc in Taurus it takes a while for me to really reflect and come to the best conclusion on a subject.. but I’ve realized I wasted soo much time and while I sit and ponder one situation to give my best two cents, there are 99 other things to think about so I’m trying my damnedest to just let my initial thoughts flow (never minding the rambles and stutters)

    In addition, having discovered my Vertex in Leo I’m trying to tap in on the trine it makes to Gem Sun & Mars conj and Sag Jupiter & Uranus conj so that I can better manage all these over the top random and swirling ideas as they come to pass.

    It’s as though the Mad Hatter has finally accepted himself as mad and is letting it show 😉

  8. I find the topic very interesting. In addition to sociopathic or pedophiliac manipulation/grooming, look at what happens to children who are exploited from birth, particularly MK Ultra, human experimentation at it’s most diabolical. Julian Assange has connections to MK Ultra, adding a layer of intrigue to his motivations.

    I don’t necessarily believe it’s only the weak mind who is manipulated. Deprivation and conditioning can make strong minds weak, regardless of age. I’d agree that healthy skepticism and self knowledge help create a natural shield, for example if I see thousands of people acting in unison, even at a sports event, I feel like an outsider, out of place and not a part of the whole, it’s an energy that scares me. I don’t want to be a part of it.

    Mercury in Capricorn, skepticism.

  9. I think this could tie into your post about Narcissist.

    I’ve seen this in action w/ our ex-business partner. He’d pull someone in with praise & promises then get them over a barrel. It was always the weaker ones who would fall for this. All did to some point including us because we went into business w/ him but we learned how to combat this & it got REALLY ugly when he couldn’t manipulate things. It was an ugly business divorce for us & a lot worse for those he was able to manipulate.

    Great stuff Elsa & makes me understand the connection between Astrology & Psychology. I’m the type of person who needs to understand “WHY” & this does help, yesterday post about divorce was HUGE in helping me understand. THANKS

  10. @spacerockz… I’m seeing A LOT of what you are going through at the moment. It’s very marked. I was putting it down to Saturn in Libra again… Your “partnership” with The World! Mostly I think it’s a good thing. You just get to a point where you scream ENOUGH!!!!
    Bout time 😉

  11. @Tess

    I know what you mean about sporting events and groupthink, I find it scary too. I have mercury in Cap too

  12. 😀 thanks McKenna, and you’re absolutely right! I never really had a “partnership” with the world -only one sided obligations, and now that I’m establishing some much needed boundaries (as per Elsa) I feel myself taking shape and I like it! 🙂

  13. Thanks Elsa for the compliment to Honduras…..yes, they sure did wrestle the control back for a limited time period though. When the whole world is against you and doesn’t truly understand what is happening, it can become defeating.
    I am currently reading Erik Larson’s new book, “In the Garden of Beasts”, where he writes about this very thing….how the mind can easily be taken over and one can begin to believe and see reality completely different. Even though there were random beatings that increased in numbers as time quickly progressed as Hitler’s strength and power increased, the human mind cannot fathom such evilness, and will try to rationalize things to make sense, where there is none. This was done amidst beauty, flowers everywhere, children singing and marching happily. In the beginning,a very few people could really see what was happening in Germany and they would rally against it and speak out and warn, but nobody wanted to believe….

  14. In my opinion, The Patriot Act is a prime example of exploiting the weak minded. Riding on a wave of fear and nationalism, it slid right through, and we’ve been playing hell trying to get our basic legal rights back ever since.

  15. Personally I look at the Patriot Act this way: “Don’t speak / act / inquire about certain topics , and you’ll never show up on the government’s radar to begin with. If it’s the “secret courts” that upsets you… normal people never end up there. Lady Gaga fans will never be in these courts (although some I personally wish would)… anarchists and subversive groups will.

    It has to be pretty Damn out of the ordinary for someone to be taken directly out of our normal judicial system.

    As far as “reasonable expectation of privacy”…radio/electronic is the weakest means of communication.**radio/cell phone/email** Why: 1)Easiest to intercept. 2)Easiest to decode (computers faster than human thought). If you want maximum privacy… be with said person in person. Next best… written letter (especially in code).

  16. Glenn, he took a different tack completely. I can’t relay it because I don’t want deal with the fallout, rage or whatever it stirs in people when they hear something they don’t like and fear it is right… perhaps know in their gut that it *is* right.

  17. I think some men do this to unsuspecting women. I think I have a strong enough mind though, to not be exploited. Merc conjunct Saturn trine Mars. I am pretty sure the blame lies on both sides..

  18. Avatar
    Donna Notmany

    I bet I know what he said and I agree!
    I would not share with the masses my thoughts either..
    Hanged at the stake….

  19. This is why there is the phenomena of false confessions. It is easy to get children and mentally challenged people to confess to something that they didn’t do.

  20. I doubt you guys are thinking about what he is. He talked about history / brainwashing via inflicting pain / torture and he also does not think psychology is relevant on this topic. he doesn’t think this is at all complicated.

  21. I don’t think mine is exploited that often, but it has been. I’m wary, and maybe too guarded at times.

  22. Avatar
    Blessed Place

    The whipping up of the entire ‘climate change’ phenomenon, and the way belief in it has been driven into people’s minds (esp those of children, via indocrination in schools) is a prime example of this. Even the supposedly well informed ‘environmental correspondents’ of newspapers and other media seem to have been brainwashed to believe the drivel and misinformation they write.

    If you go back to first principles, and learn enough basic physics, natural science and statistics to follow the arguments and examine the evidence for yourself – as I did over three or four years – you will see how those ignorant of ‘science’ have been manipulated into believing this ruinously expensive ‘religion’. Because that’s what it is, no more nor less: a monumental tax grab and control device by the usual ‘world government’ control freaks, masquerading as incontrovertible fact whilst actually demanding the blind faith of a religious belief system

    It’s no coincidence that belief in ‘climate change’ and all the usual PC standpoints and beliefs are found in the same company… and puhed by the same political and social elements

    Another Mercury in Cap here! Scepticism is our default state of mind, uncomfortably for us! It’s always so much easier to go with the flow, to follow the flock

  23. Systematic Deception conducted to mislead others is the standard operating procedure of Employers who have things to hide at a level that puts Berkowitz to shame. Two examples are ENRON and Brown and Williamson. Each had a “whistleblower” (Jeff Wigand and Sherron Watkins) who began to say “disloyal things” prompting the respective legal department to look for “dirt” to stigmatize the turncoat. Watkins and Wigand were investigated and monitored by their own companies, and for good reason: The companies had things to hide. All the while, the spin doctors (e.g. Kenneth Lay) told the employees and investors that everything was perfectly fine and it would be wise to invest all your wages into the 401K, since Enron’s growth was a certainty. As Ken Lay said this to the weak minded employees who depended upon their boss to hear the truth, Enron was imploding and he was soon to be indicted for fraud. This kind of chutzpuh and Machiavelianism is breathtaking, and I suggest it qualifies as a malignant institutionalized sadistic seduction, grooming, ensnarement, defilement of the most perverted, and under the coloer of authority. The Bernie Madoff Ponzoi story also comes to mind, where SEC auditors claimed year after year, that what Madoff was doing was impossible, yet, thousands of gullible people seduced themselves and suspended belief into swallowing this pied piper’s throbbing promise, entranced by the allure of “impossible” profits. The point is, charlatans are everywhere and we must defend ourselves against our own delusions and our own flattery minted by the treasury of mirrors in our own cranium.

  24. When I was 19, I was a very unhappy camper and tried to take my own life. Shortly after that, I decided to leave my hometown and relocate to another city. Very vulnerable kid. There was an older and charming man I met (ex-Special Forces, actually) who honed in on my pain and groomed me to be wife to him and mother to his poor fucked-up child. He knew how to court, that’s for sure.

    What I got when I married him was a monster. He abused me and his child in front of me, and he pressured me to abuse her, too. I witnessed a lot of really bad things in that house, not the least of which being… there was a neighbor’s cat who would howl in heat at night. He captured the cat and hung it on the roof just out of reach of our Chow dog. Then he lowered it, inch by inch, until the dog could slowly devour it limb by limb.

    I had to use every brain cell I had to plot my way out of that scene for two years. I’m lucky not to have PTSD – his was contagious. But I left with soul intact somehow.

    Elsa, you’re lucky to be with a man who has seen such horror and got through it without embodying and perpetuating it in his personal life. I really wish my ex could have done that.

    1. Del, every time you mention that guy, I wonder if he was really ex-SF. It’s something people lie about allll the time.

  25. “The Bernie Madoff Ponzoi story also comes to mind, where SEC auditors claimed year after year, that what Madoff was doing was impossible, yet, thousands of gullible people seduced themselves and suspended belief into swallowing this pied piper’s throbbing promise, entranced by the allure of “impossible” profits.”

    The US Government / social security is a ponzi scheme on a scale that makes Madoff look like a joke and you get unpopular real fast, stating the obvious.

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