Gemini Hell – Part Three – The Plot Thickens

The Set Up

Gemini Hell night was of Billy’s own making. His ego got him in trouble and his planets in Cancer didn’t help when they got all mushy and decided he could make one big happy family. His Sagittarius had a hand as well. He was just a wee tad too optimistic.

There was a concert coming up, rockabilly retro type stuff. Well actually it was that guy who is young and sings like Sinatra whose name I don’t recall. I saw him on “The Tonight Show” some years later and was amused all over again.

No, not Harry Connick Jr. This was someone much more fringe. This was a hip hep cat like Billy and whatever his name, he did this kind of period show. Big band stuff plus some crooning.

Now this stuff was not my cup of tea… I am very modern. But I was going to be seen which is the main thing you do when you date Leo, so what the hell?

Besides that, there was always after the show, which is my exact cup of tea so the date was made and this is when Billy sprung his news. He told me he was going to invite DADDY.

Hmm. Daddy, huh? I thought I ought to mull this.

I thought it through and I decided Billy wanted to parade me in front of Daddy. He wanted Daddy to approve of me, sure. He wanted an “atta boy” out of him, but I also think he wanted Daddy to be jealous.

See, Daddy was getting old and I thought Billy wanted Daddy to see that he was the KING now. Yep, that’s what I thought. I thought it was a fire-rising, pissing contest and was I right about this? Well, yeah I probably was.

Billy was confident he could pull this off because he figured Daddy would like the music. He figured he could get away with just a little duck and dive and he was surely capable of that, being a hep cat and all.

To be certain Daddy showed and in a classic Leo move, Billy offered to pay for everyone. It was going to cost him too because a day later, Daddy call to say he was going to bring five or six guests.


Who were the guests?

Well he had invited Billy’s entire extended family. Various aunts, uncles and miscellaneous this was. I don’t know who all. Relatives! He’d invited everyone he could round up, which was highly comical when you factor in this was a Catholic family. Yep. Daddy was highly Catholic but even more critical, so was Billy when he was with Daddy…

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    Johnnie Johnnie Johnson

    As for the singer, are you thinking of the fabulous fabulous Mr (Michael?) Buble? A real crooner, at times like Mel Torme, but only maybe better. Certainly better than Harry Connick Jr., IMHO.

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