Fatal Flaw In Love

oscarYesterday, I came across a phrase that I loved. A person was said to be, “drawn to trash”.  This was in regard to their relationship choices.

I thought it was funny and true.  What are you to do when trash is your fetish?

Everyone knows someone like this.  They hone right in on garbage.  It’s as reliable as it is tragic.

I can’t think of anyone, off the top of my head, who’s overcome this affliction.  We may see it in ourselves, in our friends or in the news, with celebrities.

Are you attracted to trash?
Do you know someone who is?
Have you known someone to overcome their attraction?
What’s the astrology?

20 thoughts on “Fatal Flaw In Love”

  1. My daughters say that I’m drawn to thugs! (including dear old dad) lol! I sometimes think they are correct, however since their observation, I now pay closer attention to thug or not to thug!

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    Joanne Capone

    its a phsychological habit of people that have not had a proper childhood, instead had to take care of younger siblings and denied their own needs. I am struggling to do for me me me after a lifetime of caring for people, children, etc. I’m still a caretaker, and trying to change that….

  3. I know of a woman who has an 11H Scorpio Pluto squaring her 8H Leo Venus. She loves dramatic intimate relationships and she stalks past partners via Facebook.

  4. yeah i am. but not really. well i used to be, but i dont regret it, if they had turned out not into criminals and drug addicts. I dont mind an addict, who can control their addictions. I have no clue, but i dont really like a “perfect” person. so i guess in the middle.I really am more disgusted by a superior type perfect person. cause they look down on trash and i dont like those types. lol like who are you to be so superior?

  5. Lilith in 7th house in Pisces here.
    Drawn exclusively to emotionally unavailable/brooding/unsure of themselves/selfish partners.
    If I ever overcome it, will share.

  6. Oh sure, show me the worst guy in the room and I am all over him like white on rice. Also helps that I am low-hanging fruit. Reminds me of my favorite Seinfeld episode: George laments that everything he does, every decision he makes is fundamentally wrong and that his life is the opposite of what he wanted it to be. Jerry tells him if his instincts are faulty, to try doing the opposite. It’s classic!

  7. Ha, hello me!

    But Elsa… Trash is so fascinating! Just think what you can make of it! Maybe turn it into gold!


    Gah… I might be immature and a commitment phobe, but I attract men with Chiron in Taurus like me (On Algol of all shitty placements) – and then they expect me to heal them on their self worth by ‘taking’ mine.
    Or so it has been often.

    So with Moon in Libra in the 8th house in square to Mars, I seem to attract immature and/or angry Men with mother issues. It has not improved that much or changed that much. I seem also to attract or be drawn to the sexually inexperienced. The trash, right? Transmuting sexual energy into gold…. But if their moon is on my Chiron/Algol I have one hell of a show on my hands. *shudders*

    1. Some people are well aware and they just like what they like.

      I understand this. People are always trying to dress me up and I’m just not interested. I don’t care how good I could look. It’s not my goal and really, this is no different. 🙂

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    James Slattery

    It’s an ego boost to lovers of “trash” to feel superior as they tolerate and work on transforming the person. Or low self esteem makes them feel they aren’t worthy of a “together” person. Caring is great if you set your boundaries firmly at the start.

    1. It could just be that some people are turned on (Mars in Virgo speaking) by the thought of “fixing others.” It’s not necessary the ego, although it could be with Sun in Pisces or Sun in harsh aspect to Neptune.

      Sometimes it could be an ego thing but not directly. Sometimes one has (too many Leo planets) and hence a need for the kind of attention guaranteed by a “rescue mission.” ?Ok, I’m giving too much of my own chart (and peccadillos away) but suffice to say that Venus Saturn is conjunct in my chart and so fantasies are rarely acted upon. Mars in Virgo is also extremely discerning, despite its propensity to do fixer-upper jobs.

  9. I think I was about 10 when a sister told me go sit at counter next to guys smoking told me guys “ like that”
    Generally more accepting???
    She still always working towards men’s approval
    She has had 7 husbands
    It stayed with me I never understood her need, I keep a fair distance
    From men and women
    I am insecure I guess
    I try not to judge but I have radar
    Always on many, I am sure unfairly,
    I sidestep.I drive a bus early in morning and late afternoons 9 months of the year
    So I believe it’s mainly poverty
    Sector I swim with I am a bit of a prude with the rich, the ones who act like they burn dollar bills out of boredom
    I am always trying to just enjoy
    My day,I am happy checking out
    The birds

  10. This sister is a Virgo, she is fixated on being a fixer, love her but
    Not sure she could understand
    that something she thinks needs fixing, may just be that way and it’s ok to have broken parts , things can work a variety of ways

  11. I used to become best friends with the most messed up people.

    I think it made me feel superior.

    Once I realized that I let them drift.

    I wasn’t helping them.
    I was helping me.

    1. I used to do that but it didn’t make me feel superior. Instead it satisfied a Mars in Virgo need to be useful. It also satisfied my Sun Jupiter conjunction in Cancer as there was a lot of caring involved amidst the constant sieving for gold amongst the trash. Understandably I had quite a queue for my “services”, which left me exhausted.

      Over the years, it’s been satisfying to see people who I helped in a lurch go on to positions where they are able to pay it forward. I’ll give you the example of my neighbour, who was a domestic violence victim at 18, when I met her. I saw her through a dark period of her life and 17 years since I’ve known her, she’s completed a couple of degrees, been successful at business…we talked again when she was going through a divorce and I reminded her that this too is temporary…anyway she remarried, had triplets, became a beauty queen and set up an initiative for blood collection…she’s mentoring young people through her business.

      I don’t look for these people to rescue but I do a darn good job of “fixing” so I’m never out of work…unfortunately. I have Chiron on the DC too and the only person I am still working on, with occasional success, is myself.

  12. maybe. to me it’s boring as hell to be with someone so “put together” likeee yawwwwnsville… i like a bit of trash. and i wanna be trash sometimes.lol it gives variety and spice in life.

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