Fictional Astrology: Buffy Summers (The Vampire Slayer)

Have you ever wondered about the astrology of a fictional character? Sure they’re “made up,” but it’s not unusual for a character to be written complete with a fictional birthday. I don’t usually bother to figure that out, the author/creator’s chosen date. My musing tends to be more inductive, taking what I know of the character and ascribing planetary influences based on what I perceive. But I’ve been watching a lot of Buffy lately, too much, actually, and thought, why not? There’s got to be an actual date of birth for Buffy, considering how rabid the fan-base. And there is: the 19th of January, 1981, according to Joss Whedon, the series creator.

This makes Buffy a full moon baby. The full moon occurs minutes before midnight, at zero degrees Aquarius. This is unusual. A full moon at zero degrees is pretty special anyway, ending the moon cycle, mystical in itself, at the beginning of a sign. Buffy with a zero degree Sun-Moon opposition in Aquarius-Leo seems pretty dramatic, the Universal Protector, former cheerleader with foofy hair! An anaretic Capricorn Sun is also possible, last degree of Capricorn, with a Cancer Moon. She’s also a hardworker with a lot of responsibility who loves her family.

In any case I like the Mars-Mercury conjunction in Aquarius for the fictional Protector of the Universe. She’s fast and electric! It even trines a Jupiter Saturn conjunction, bigger than life with added responsibility. Jupiter-Saturn squares her Venus in Capricorn, doing the same for her love life, in a challenging way. And power? Buffy’s Sun and Moon form a tee square with Pluto. Boom.

I think Joss Whedon either has some astrological knowledge, has input from someone who does, or this is amazingly serendipitous. Either way, I’m happy. Buffy shiny! Buffy good!

What’s your favorite fictional character? What do you imagine their astrology to be?

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  1. David Copperfield, from Dickens’ book. He was born in March on a Friday (just like me!). I believe he is a pisces.

  2. I love Buffy! I have a shirt that says “Then Buffy Staked Edward…The End” My daughter, who is Team Jacob anyway, made me get her one too!

    Another favorite fictional character for me is Ouiser from Steel Magnolias. That old bat had some balls, and I hope to be like that when I am old!

  3. Oooh, Mal Reynolds from Firefly! LOVE that guy! Aries / Aquarius w/ heavy Saturn aspects, I imagine. Don’t see a lot of water there and NO Libra at all. 🙂

  4. No favourites, but I loved how the actors who played Starbuck and Apollo in BSG, were both Aries.

    The lovable Hurley, from Lost, is a Taurus (the actor).

    I still haven’t seen Buffy, or Firefly. I’m trying to remember what I did watch… Mad About You. Paul and Jamie – actors were an Aries and a Gemini. (I think.) Homicide was a favourite (I loved Andre Braugher – Pembleton and Bayliss.)

  5. @Satori:) I really admire Joss Whedon. I remember being at the video store with my son over 20 yrs ago and I saw the “Buffy” movie and just had to rent it. A cheerleader Vampire Slayer?? We loved it and when the tv series started, I gotta say we were going thru some rough times and it was nice to look forward to tuesday nite.

    So, I share Mars in Aquarius w/ Buffy. We are attracted to the “not so ordinary” guys. (This would explain the serious crush I had on Spike.)

    I’m thinking Spike must have had some Scorpio in his chart. And Druisilla probably a lot of Pisces. Willow, seems Virgo to me and Zander maybe a Sage? Giles is a maybe Gemini because he has two faces for sure. And he’s really intelligent. Cordelia, I think would be Leo. She wants to be noticed. Angel is a mystery. But maybe some cardinal sign. He is always in a leader role (except for the time he was eating rats)

    Thanks for posting this as it’s very rare I find a fellow Buffy Fan.

  6. Love Buffy. Much more than is healthy 🙂

    I also love Harry Potter. He was born July 31, 1980. Just called up his chart and, depending on birth time, has a Pisces moon creating a grand cross with venus, neptune and saturn (all those battling authority issues), also a grand trine with moon, uranus and mercury (think of his ego!).

    And my favourite pluto-mars conjunct, sextile sun. Courage and underground battles linked to core personality.

    What’s interesting is that JK ROwling picked the day because it’s her birthday (different year).

    The other stand-out characters are Luna Loveday – must be a pisces!

    I think there are dates for Hermione and Ron in the books but I’d say Hermione is a classic virgo and Ron…. not sure.

  7. Yet another Buffyverse fan here! I’ve had lots of fun trying to identify sign characteristics in the Scoobs.

    *guilty confession* obsessive Spikeaholic here; I’ve always seen him as a lot of Aries with some Pisces thrown in……….;)

  8. Jilly: I always thought of Holmes as a classic Aquarius — distracted, scientific, unable to deal with the emotions of others.

  9. I had calculated Buffy’s birthday (in the day) as being app. 11 am PST on January 18, 1981 in Los Angeles. It gives the warrior Aries rising opp. Pluto in the 7th. She clearly stated she was a Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius. She still has the Full Moon energy.

  10. Lisbeth Salander and Erika Berger from Stieg Larsson novels ! Actually, almost any female character in his novels, but these two are the two most “out there”, yet identifiable.

    Stieg Larsson gives Lisbeth a birthdate too, April 30, 1978. Taurus Sun (conjunct Chiron), Aquarius Moon, with Aries Mercury, Gemini Venus, Leo Mars. Totally appropriate astrologically, in my opinion !

    Also, I must somehow like kick-ass female characters, since I’m a Buffy fan too ! The series was more enjoyable in the first seasons, before the “Angel” spin-off. I missed the grand finale though, and should probably look for all the seasons on dvd.

  11. Avatar

    Last degree of Capricorn, with a Cancer Moon – sounds possible! Capricorn is about responsibility and she certainly had HUGE responsibilities! Too much at too young an age. But at the same time, a very caring and nurturing Cancer Moon. Yeah, I can see that.

    What’s funny is that the actors/actresses of the Scooby Gang are almost all Aries folks. Sarah Michelle April 14th, Alyson March 24th, Nicholas April 12th.

  12. The birthday was never mentionned, but I’ll never forget reading Anne Of Green Gables a few years back where she was just going on and on about her thoughts and I said to myself ‘she must be a Pisces’. Within minutes, it was stated that she was born in March (BINGO)! Later, she lamented how sad it was that she was not born in the spring (BONGO confirmed!)

  13. LOL! I’ve been watching Angel all week too! I’m on the second season. Love Joss Whedon.

    I really *really* think Angel is a Aquarius with other fixed sign planets, and some pluto connection.(Maybe a t-square with Taurus-Scopio) I have a theory that just about any superhero has a big connection to Uranus/Pluto=Aqua/Scoprio…. Except Batman, he’s all scorpio.

  14. i was pretty darn sure she had to be a cap. waaaay too heavy duty on the duty thing. integrity. that stuff. figured she’d have to hae aq, and mars mercury makes snese 😉
    oh, and her birthdays were always miserable. i guess the pluto t square explains it 😉

    1. Happy birthday Buffy indeed! SMG is in the news this week for making a statement about her children and not allowing them to work as child actors.

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