Focus On Zero Degrees Fixed Signs: Spring 2023 – Update

fixed signsPluto ingressed into Aquarius at the end of March, 2023. It will remain at zero degrees until it retrogrades back into Capricorn on June 11th.  Pluto is powerful. A Pluto station amplifies the signal.

Pluto has been in Aquarius for about two weeks. I have had a number of clients with planets at 0-1 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), suffer sudden upsets of various kinds.

Here are the details. I am updating this post because I missed the Jupiter aspect in May.

  • Mercury in Aries squared Pluto, exact on April 3rd @ zero degrees.
  • Sun in Taurus will square Pluto on April 20th @ zero degrees.
  • Jupiter in Taurus will square Pluto on May 17th @ zero degrees
  • Mars in Leo will oppose Pluto exact on May 20th @ zero degrees.
  • Venus in Leo will oppose Pluto exact on June 5th @ zero degrees.

Notice this list includes all the personal planets. The the focus on zero degrees of the Fixed signs is intense to the point it’s inescapable.

I don’t have planets near this degree, but if I did, I would be channeling this energy, with all my might. It’s so powerful, I’m doing this anyway, though I’m on the periphery.  I just can’t stand to leave “fuel” like this lying around.  To me, it’s like having a bucket of gas in my garage. I will find a way to get into my car, rather than stare at it or wait to see what happens.

hyperspace button asteroidsHow to use this energy? It’s about transformation.  Amputate and reinvent!

You may also want to breathe life back into people and things you’ve amputated.  Bottom line, I’d rather work this energy than be worked by it.

Some people affected by this seem to be stopped dead in their tracks. It’s more shock than fear.  If you can see this for what it is; an infusion of energy, where energy is neutral until directed, you may very well be able to “hyperspace” your way out of a bad situation and into a good one.

“Hyperspace” is a reference to the old video game, Asteroids. You hit the button when you’re we’re about to get killed in the game. Your character would vanish and instantly reappear in a different place. Classic, Hail, Mary, play.

Is it drastic? Yes. But so?

Some problems are solved, slowing and methodically. Others are solved in a flash.  We’re working with the second option at the moment. It’s okay to bust a move! In fact, it’s highly recommended when you standing in the path of a train.

Have you ever known anyone, hit by a train? I have.  Change things up.  You’re likely to get a good result and that’s a fact.

Who has planets in the very early degrees of a Fixed signs?  28-29 degrees Capricorn are also into this, though fear may be more of an issue for you. How do you feel about radical change over the next couple of months?

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  1. Pluto at 0 Aquarius is on my black moon lilith at 0 Aquarius. It feels like I’m being brought back to life from being dead, or like spring coming in suddenly after winter. So, this isn’t comfortable transition, it’s very unsettling, but it’s getting better as it goes on.

    I had a major shift in reality happen Friday. It was quite electric, a revelation that took me suddenly much further out of the matrix than ever before, into alternative paradigm which I understand is heart sourced.

    I’m assimilating the sudden exposure to something new and liberating. Wondering if there will be more experiences like that to come. I’m trying to keep positioning myself using the knowledge I acquired in those moments.

    Interesting about Mars then Venus opposing in May at 0* Leo. We also have Venus retrograde in Leo following on from that.

  2. What @Elsa, how early? Does up to 5 degrees count? If so I have Mars/Neptune at 4 degrees in Scorpio.
    How do I feel about the intense changes coming up? Collectively, very concerned. Personally, I go from “if x, y or z happened, I will survive” to “my whole life will never be the same and I am terrified.” I am waiting for results and that’s I feel, the hardest part. I am not sure how, either I am going to hyper space from that.

      1. Yes, 5 degrees is within orb but I think this will be far more eventful for the early fixed people.

        For the record, I have late degree Cap and I feel this, for sure. But the zero and 1 degree fixed sign people in an whole other situation, based on the events and conversations I’m having since Pluto hit Aquarius. So the answer is yes, but not YES.

        The energy it there – use it! 🙂

  3. Oops my got sent off before I edited…my name is “AstroJazz” not “Astro” and I didn’t see that “What” at the beginning-so ignore that 😕

  4. I think I need to print this and stick it to my forehead. All in. Haha.

    Mars at 0 sco 44, Sun at 28 can 04… Mmm Moon at 26 cap 42.

    Also having nodal return … NN 2 tau 57 … so no matter what, I have a pretty massive course correction going on. Though it feels more like course refining after a bit of a blunder, lessons learned sort of thing.

    10th house is getting a lot of that action (inc. eclipses)… I would much rather propel myself rather than get blown up.

    I can say I feel all this energy and … I have zero intention of losing my mind, or soul.

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    Astro Beginner

    This is affecting 4 big charts points.. my ascendent (0 Leo), sun (1 Leo), mars (29 Cancer)and my own Pluto (1 Scorpio).. feels like it will hit all in one go.. very confusing time with every area of life uncertain.. but I am sure it I will look back at this as the major turning point in my life and relationships.. hopefully for the better!! Good luck to all

  6. In my case Uranus sits at 0 degrees Scorpio. No use trying to imagine what will happen. It will be the jolt I never expected. I plan to travel light

  7. Pluto is sitting on my Aquarius Moon at 0 degrees at the moment in my 4th H.
    I’m trying to fix things in the house, but it seems like everything is standing still and I can’t get things done.
    Emotionally I’m still okay, but my dreams have been dark, ugly and angry.
    My natal Pluto is 1 degree in Virgo, so there’s that too.
    And my Neptune is in the early degrees of Scorpio. So I’ll have that to deal with too.
    Marching on!

  8. I have Venus in Leo at 0’degrees. I’ve been fearing Pluto for a long time. First the horrible square to my Libra moon and he goes straight away for my Leo Venus 10th.

    I wish I could hide until he’s gone.

  9. 0 Scorpio Venus.

    Not worried about it. There always seems to be some drastic ‘thing’…
    Pluto works slow on me… over time.

    I can’t worry about it. I do the right thing, always. I believe if something is supposed to happen it will. I have pretty good coping skills at this point.

    I am looking at Venus now as art, music and money. And I plan to focus on making more of that. I couldn’t care any less about relationships, having more, bringing anyone back. What is done is done. Scorpio never brings anyone back. They left; they can stay there.

    This is the least of my worries. This trash is going to square my sun and I am going to have to figure out a way to NOT be ruthless. I can already feel it. I know what I want to do, and I am trying very hard to NOT do it. It’s deserved, but my soul has to answer to God… and I am always leaning that way. I only have time for self-care, minding my own business and paying attention to my personal health during the sun square (actually at all times now) I have given my life to everyone. I am taking care of me and him right now. That is it.

    These boogie man transits don’t make me flinch anymore. There have been so many. And here I am. I will do the right thing, what will be will be.

      1. I just refuse to be scared all the time. We have had enough of that with Pluto in Capricorn. A lot of things did happen over the last 15 years, but old people die, so do we, relationships end, and we move forward. What else can we do? Something has to be uplifting. What we think about we bring about. I want a pottery wheel 🙂 I want to make and do happy things regardless of what the rest of the world is doing. Time flies… we have to live! I am going to. If someone dies, I will mourn it and move forward. If I lose my relationships, I will make new friends. I just refuse anything else at this point.

        1. @Soup thank you for your empowering words and explanation!

          I need to lose and get rid of the fear! I want to be free not in my relationship because my relationship is good! But I want to be free of feeling guilty of not wanting to take care of my mentally ill brother. Family have been trying to let me take care of him ( again) been there so many times and I want to live! Live in Freedom, waking up not being scared.
          I love your Scorpio energy . Just refuse ! I will soak these words up. My bf is Scorpio sun, and he already said : I refuse to let you take care of him. Not that I want to .. no no no .. but family is trying to guilt trip me.
          I want to roam the world, feel safe in my own home. I wish I had a back yard. I would grow tomatoes and other veggies. But I live in a flat. There is so much that I want. But the most important of all : I want my freedom.. yes that already sounds nice and soothing. Not giving a crap about what others say or do. I will get there. I’ll survive Pluto opposite Venus. And in a few years Pluto opposite sun. Thank you Soup. I wish that all your desires come true for you.

          1. You only have the one life that we know of. People say otherwise but they don’t know, and we don’t know. Go live it.

            I have been a caretaker since I was a child. I am just no longer interested in it. One reason is it is never appreciated although I know that is not the reason I did it at all. I did it out of love. But I was truly taken advantage of over and over and it didn’t feel good. No return whatsoever with the exception of personally being grateful that the help made people stronger. I have let people live off my back for decades and let them hand me their responsibilities. I want my freedom now.

            I understand what you are saying. I have people trying to make me feel guilty for wanting a fraction of time for myself. Of course, it isn’t working. I flat refuse to do it. I am not playing anymore. No more sympathy for some BS sob story. No more free therapy where I stop what I am doing to listen but never get it in return. I don’t care whose husband is a POS. I don’t care what boyfriend cheated. I don’t care that they are suffering the consequences of their actions anymore.

            What I have found through all of it is misunderstandings, backstabbing lies after you’ve donated hours on end of time and or money… I am done. I don’t mean it in a malicious way. I just don’t care. And I am not doing it. Being a friend will not always get you a friend. Being a loving relative sometimes hurts more than it’s worth. And when I say I am done, I am really done. There is no turning back. Used to bother me but today the last thing I care about is what someone else thinks or says. Who are they? Many times, they are the worst people, and usually a liar. A phony.

            I have thought of quitting astrology many times because of the all doom predictions. Never any good news. The fact is there was a lot of good news over the last 15 years. I was gifted three gorgeous granddaughters. I opened and maintained a thriving business. I bought a building after the first year of opening that business because it I was making money. I made a lot of friends. My husband landed the job he has today which has taken us to great heights. We restored a Queen Anne historic home. I was able to take vacations and there were times when I really had a lot of fun. I could make a list of more good things than bad. Did it get hard? Yes. But sometimes life is hard. Moving was hard but has a silver lining. Our home is nicer, we have more disposable income. We have amazing benefits and access to the best hospitals and doctors. We live in an area that is mostly crime free. Who would I be to complain all the time? I have to have a better attitude. And show gratitude for what is good.

            I hope you go do the things you want and live your own life. Time passes so quickly, and you cannot get it back. I have no plans of taking another phone call where I listen to some 4-hour sob story. Here is an example. My dog died. I was just heartbroken. I reached out to a person who had no time to just let me speak about it. Last week same person… her dog died. Calls me. Yeah, go call someone else. My parents died and not a word. Both of my parents in a month. Take that no feeling non caring conversation to someone else who will listen. You lost a good friend. I swear I am not bitter. I am just not doing it anymore. No more of me being a best friend. No more listening to doom and gloom. Life is up and down. If the bottom falls out it will fall out for everyone. Not a thing any of us can do to stop it… we have to find a way to survive it and if I am anything, it’s a survivor.

            Take your freedom. I did my time. I am taking mine. I hope all your dreams come true… that garden sounds amazing. And please don’t let the words of others stop your dreams. I have had some really rough transits, some where I lost everything. Every single one made me a better and stronger person that I would not have been had those things not happened. So, I say, let it rip… I am ready for whatever happens and will try to move through it with grace even if there are tears.

            1. @Soup

              First of all : I’m sorry for the loss of your dog. I know the feeling.
              O my G.. I felt your words. I’m sorry you had to go trough that. And how inspiring but more comforting to read you’ve got trough that. Even tho it must have hurt and bruised you along the way!
              I have taken care of my twin brother since he was 17 , always living on the edge financially and expecting me to pick him back up. I can’t count the times he stood before my front door with a suitcase. Draining me to death. Abusing me mentally until there was nothing left of me. He went into bankruptcy twice and the 3rd is coming. He earned thousands and thousands and he spend it all. I had to keep his company afloat. But I burned out I was tired I just couldn’t anymore. I took in a few friends also, living of my paycheck, never paid me anything and never a thank you for it. And when you spoke about friends not willing to lend an ear. I’ve been trough that also. When i had benign cells in my uterus friends weren’t there. They just selfishly went on . Everyone always came to me with their problems and i listened offered help, but it was never the other way around . I’ve cut off a few friends the past few years. And I cut off family. I’ve been the scapegoat for years. Now my brother is psychotic and lives with my dad. Even tho I love my dad dearly. He never took my brother in since I was the one doing that. Now it’s his turn. Since we are twins we both go trough the same transits but in other ways.
              I’m 43 now I want to be free. I don’t want to take care of him anymore . Reading your words really gives me strength. Because I’ve been scared for a long time. I deserve to be free and to live a good life. I do know I need to put up boundaries. I’m in therapy for it. But it’s hard at times, I will get there. Hopefully in one piece.
              I admire you Soup i really do. You deserve a good life, since you talk of grandbabies, I reckon you must be older. And even now at your age you deserve a break, no many breaks! Thank you for advising me, it’s truely appreciated!

              1. So kind of you to take care of your brother like you have. You have a giving, loving heart. Unfortunately, people take it for granted. I have given so much away. I don’t really care about material possessions although I have them. I have also ‘not’ had them. He has been lucky to have you, but I would make him man up and take care of himself too.

                I come to realize we are not helping people when they end up in the exact same situation over and over again. They don’t learn. A person learns when they have to spend the energy, earn the money, then make a mistake and lose it all. Or crap on a person and loose the person. That is when they learn. Something of value has to be taken away. Something they have to fix on their own. Otherwise, no lesson. They keep doing what isn’t working. Once they get a good kick in the teeth and there is no one to fix the problem, they curb the behavior that was causing it in the first place. So, we really aren’t doing them any favors.

                I was reading the list of wealthy people that refuse to leave anything for their children when they pass. They all say the same thing. If I leave them a boat load of money, they will never work on their self. And that is true.

                I was watching my sisters circle around my mother’s dead body looking for their cash payout in inheritance. What a surprise when they got nothing. As mad as their behavior made me, I did laugh because that was my mother saying her last words LOL and I thought …. bravo! Good for you setting them straight as the last and final word. She had the final say about how her end would go no matter what they tried. And I love that so much. haha

                Family can be hideous. I haven’t found one that doesn’t speak poorly of someone in the family defeating the premise of family and what the actually is supposed to mean. And you can be giving and good to these people and they still have some snide crap to say.

                You have earned the right to the time you have left for yourself. He will either get it, or he will live on a sidewalk. No bail out. How many bankruptcies should you have until you learn to manage money?

                I am older than you. Don’t do what I did. I should have cut it out much earlier. The bonus is I have this wonderful granddaughter that I am heading in to spend time with this week. Just her and I. She is a teenager now. And we are best buddies. I don’t regret raising her. She is fabulous. Just a great kid. I can’t wait to take off with her. A week of her and I. She is on spring break now. She could be doing any other thing, but she asked me to come get her. And you know I am on my way. But with her, its different. She gives. It’s reciprocal. Honestly when a teenager is better at it than the adults … shameful. They know better.

            2. @Soup
              Thank you for sharing your experiences. And you are a wonderful grandmother, I didn’t have the luck to have a warm grandmother.
              She was very detached.
              What a wonderful time you shall have with your granddaughter. And she shows you how good you are , it’s your genes that run trough her.
              I realize it too, helping others who won’t help themselves. He didn’t change over the course of nearly 30 years. He still thinks he’s owed. While he was the golden child. Only also to realize when I was young I used to be jealous of him, because he received her love ( mom) and i didn’t . I felt responsible for his happiness and always put my own happiness aside. I’m growing more angry every day. I told my psychologist that I resent my mom for dying , because her abuse continues in the form of him. Even tho I feel bad for my dad I refuse to take responsibility again. The thought of him again living with me draining me , makes me sick to my stomach. He needs to help himself. He went to a homeless shelter for 3 days, because he thought that after these 3 days he would immediately get a house. Not! So he went back to my dad. My dad is irritated because he’s in his mental unstable state. But all day for a week now I’m practicing the word no, out loud. It may sound silly . But i need it. Need to hear it. In order for me not to think I’m going to lose my mind over this. I am rereading your powerful answer to me, and I will keep reading it. Just as long as needed. I wish you a wonderful time with your granddaughter! Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. It makes me feel stronger.

      2. Fixed signs were challenged for the last three years… Saturn in Aquarius was rough on us.

        Then there were the eclipses.

        In the later part of this year Jupiter is going into Taurus and it will be a very lucky time for the fixed signs, so I am focused on that.

          1. I have Venus and Mars in Taurus ! Hoping for some good news . I got back from the food bank today. Late on all bills. Victim of big pharma is why Im handicapped. I hope my life will be purposeful and meaningful before its my time. I never had any friends, but I pray for the state of the world quite often. In God and Goddess, I hope and pray the new generation can make it.

        1. I loved the story of your sisters. When my older brother died, he was so young in his 20s . But when my family learned there was money. They came like vulgurs to the money. Lying that he owed them money. Ugh people are so mean and backstabbing. I am glad I moved 200 miles from them. I could only wish I had a grandmother like you! Cuddle your granddaughter and have the most wonderful time with her!

  10. Posts like this are one reason while I treasure this site and your wisdom, Elsa. Forewarned is forearmed. Use it or lose it!

    Pluto has been squaring my 0 degree Taurus moon. There’s some reverb with my natal Moon-Pluto trine, so I’m taking this seriously. Dealing with all sorts of home and security issues; doing life review stuff and deep-diving related to that. It’s not awful — just necessary. I’m in my 60’s, so it’s time.

    Wishing us fixed-sign, early degree folk the best as we harness this energy !

    1. I’m in my 60’s too. All sorts of reviews definitely. Not awful, the worst is when a sad nostalgic mood washes over me. I can handle that. Hindsight is setting things right. And then purge to move forward. I have Mercury @0 deg Scorpio, build-up has been preparing to exact. Right, it helps to have a natal good aspect, makes it less uncomfortable. In my case, Pluto and Mercury are in sextile.

      1. I’d suspect your natal Mercury-Pluto aspect helps with the purging and making you no stranger to a Pluto vibe, so less reluctant to engage in the process. Gotta clean out so new things can go in!

        I can relate: Mercury square Pluto in my natal.

  11. Thanks for the heads up, Elsa…am at 0 Deg Taurus on the midheaven, on the fixed cross, w the nodes (Saturn conj. South Node in Aquarius)squaring my sun/mercury, and moon…feeling the pressure and hope I can pull things off…I have so much I would like to achieve and SO much needs to change ..

    1. “I have so much I would like to achieve and SO much needs to change ..”

      I think this is handle. Make the damned changes! 🙂

      1. 🙏working at it, thanks, Elsa…good and bad seem to be so mixed up now…health problems including a sudden unwanted eye problem(I am an artist), am practising Anulom viloma every night…surfing things financially, applied for a residency in a far off place,considering the long term implications of uprooting myself, accepting serendipitous new commissions, being stubborn about completing old projects to my satisfaction, setting boundaries in unhealthy relationships, taking joy in new friends, realising I need time off, holidays, less stress, and the implications that all has on my health, happiness and creativity…

  12. Avatar
    Karen Batshaw

    I have mars at 0 Aquarius, sun at 6, mercury at 8, Saturn at 5 Leo. Feeling bursting with energy, mood very positive. May it continue.

  13. I still look forward
    To every new day I live
    On a great mountain

    It’s not all fun to
    Live , thrive, under ashes and
    Clay; I reside on a

    Mountain they like to
    Call the mt. Pompei
    But Vesuvius is home.

    1. To me at least I
      Find that I like to play scratch
      Offs all the time if

      I ever one I’d
      Buy a big mansion with all
      The amenities

      A maid, gold statues
      Exotic animals, and
      Play play run free as

      The birds; nevermind
      All the rooms for my fam- lee
      I’m happy, I’m sad

  14. I’m a 2° Scorpio rising, Lilith at 29° Capricorn. Taurus sun (16°) and venus (6°) but am definitely feeling this energy.
    My Taurus father is unexpectedly back in the hospital (pluto moved into my 4H) for the third time. I feel as though I’m in a snow globe that’s been shaken a few times.

  15. With my Sun at 0 degrees Scorpio and my Moon at 0 degrees Taurus, I gather there will be no escape for me. Whatever is coming hasn’t happened yet… but I’ve been forewarned about the third week of May and have my popcorn ready… I have an inkling of what it might be, something that has been looming over me my whole life and might have to unfold before my Uranus Opposition next summer… Gotta trust I’ll get through it, unbearingly dreaded as it is 😬🍿

  16. My ascendant is at 29 DEG Capricorn and natal Mars is at 1 deg. Aquarius..I’m expecting an impact, personal for sure!

  17. Crossing my Sons Aquarian sun at 1 degree, as well as my sisters. My poor sister is going through so much right now I can’t even imagine how she is not curled up into a little ball.My son went through a dark night of the soul experience in the last year but I see him coming out of it.

    1. My sister circumstances keep getting worse by the day. I feel so helpless, all I can do is pray.She doesn’t believe in astrology so I can’t share this with her.

  18. Loved reading all these experiences so much, I felt the need to share mine!! Here goes 🥴
    On the 13th of March my investment property (located next door) suddenly burned 🔥down.
    4 fire trucks/dozens of firemen and 8hrs later I started to realise nothing could have changed this situation from occurring, to me the backstory feels like it was somehow astrologically karmic.
    Pluto was in my 2nd house of Capricorn (natal Pluto is at 29 degrees of Virgo/10th 🤔
    Saturn was transiting from my 3rd into my 4th house of Aries around this same time frame (natal Chiron is here at 14 degrees) 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Scorpio sun in my 12th together with R/Venus and Jupiter too. At 0 degrees Sagittarius I have Neptune, Cancer moon in my 8th house.
    Yes the Phoenix has always deeply resonated with me 🥺
    I’m still learning astrology and too close to this to know for certain but thinking these degrees and natal placements are likely associated with this devastating event.
    It’s left 2 separate tenants homeless, lost everything they owned (including an irreplaceable family pet. Destroyed my investment property, incinerated my only source of income.
    I’ve been challenging my fraudulent mortgages and unlawful council rates since 2020 and not paid these pirates in over 2yrs now.
    Was determined to continue fighting both all and take my controversies all the way to court, but now everything suddenly changed and in the most unexpected and horrific of ways.
    There was no current building insurance policy (long story) and the tenants had no contents policies either. Iam responsible for the cleanup & levelling of this mess, so far estimated at around $70-80k (asbestos decontamination & demolition). I don’t even have a few thousand after being self funded and struggling since my husband took his own life.
    The private corporation masquerading as local council threaten if this is not done with 14 days they will end up charging me double that when having the work done themselves, plus slap me with a $10k fine & have me criminally charged.
    They would get a favourable court judgement no doubt as I know exactly how this epic scam involving the state, banks & judiciary works.
    Im feeling utterly defeated after more than 3 years of going deep, researching/learning the law, who I really am, my rights, how credit creation works, commerce, court processes and trust etc. I’ve managed to hold my own against several attempts to drag me into court thus far.
    I’m so pissed off.
    Is this kind of fukery astrological and therefore karmic??? 😳
    Was the universe covertly yanking me away from what laid ahead???
    Any responses or wisdom would be sincerely be most appreciated, Im so overwhelmed and still searching for some kind of meaning.
    Thanks for reading 🙏🏻

  19. My Mars is at 0 ° 50 Leo above my ascendant. My daughter is 13 and her Mars is at 29° 37 Cancer with a 2° Aquarius Ascendant. Uranus was conjunct my 11 year old son’s Moon yesterday. I have always said Mars in hard aspect to Pluto “sees dark stuff” and I am trying to make the dark stuff we see powerful, good “dark stuff.” I keep chipping away at my talking to dead people and building a new life 🙂

  20. eh… my youngest’s AC is zero taurus. so i guess this is hitting his midheaven. right when he’s starting pre-k. huh.
    it’s a couple degrees shy of smacking my taurus chiron. i think i might have been feeling that moving in for a few months now that you mention it. compelled to focus on a lot of different sorts of inner healing.

  21. ASC 0 Scorpio, Pluto squaring exact & the transiting S.Node currently approaching my ASC (eclipse there later this month). During this time I moved from an apt which sustained me well, was a gem and soul-home, for so many yrs, but recently had grown debilitated, moldy and cold. I’d lived in this space 28 yrs…remaining there for several transitions. This past year I completed 2nd Saturn Return which was conjunct natal IC, and natal s.node. I now find myself in an in between place, with lots of youthful curiosity…..though haven’t yet purchased and settled into our new home here, am in temporary residence. I’m with the most vitality and inner strength having just reconciled and released relationships, well-treaded places, possessions, stagnations and needed finales with this move. I brought forward with me the best of what I had created. And, I’m no fool…some things never change. This blank slate is mine. I struggled to free myself enough from attachments to create an exciting new beginning at age 60 yrs. I have fallen in love and married for the first time. Quite a turning point to have experienced firsthand. With Pluto transiting my ASC there’s probably more to come.

  22. Meant…. 0 Aquarius Pluto is squaring my 0 Scorpio ASC and conjunct my 0 Aquarius IC. I’ll journal the experience. yeeee-ha!

      1. Thank you for the reply Aquarius Lurker. It’s not easy to describe this Plutonian life, but I remind myself to return to my ability w/ flexibility of the way I choose to perceive things, finding heart-centered-ness values. I’ve worked with a life coach/ spiritual teacher every week for 20 yrs. There I’m learning to emotionally regulate, to recognize, listen to and eventually accept all the range of emotion….to remain flexible, to then re-center….meaning remaining balanced in the way I perceive, digest and process my interactions with others, the variety of emotional responses which can come up. There has been so much physical adjustment in my life recently with these intense transits! I just got thru Venus opp Pluto couple yrs ago, and there came another major shift. Most can probably relate to this! While the opportunity for spiritual evolution is there if one takes it. Saturn conj. the N.Node and IC in my natal chart. Amazingly my marriage partner was born the same yr. as me, just 9 days prior. My gemini twin Lol So, I have a mirror at home. We’re learning emotional mastery.

        1. Avatar
          Aquarius Lurker

          That’s awesome, Aurora. Very uplifting to hear. Having a mirror at home sounds just perfect. Also the life coach. Personal development must be so rewarding when nice people are keeping you company and helping you along!

  23. Meant natal- I have Aquarius Saturn conjunct S.Node exact and IC (same sign)within orb…all in the 4th house. Pluto is very close to my IC currently. Honestly, I’m enjoying being all lit up!

  24. Saturn (Sun Sign ruler)is at 0 degrees Aqua. Second house fear will be squaring Taurus sixth house transiting planets. Work restrictions.

  25. Thanks for this update Elsa! I am paying attention with my moon/sun/mars bundle at 27aries-0taurus-2taurus, and which waves are coming and when. I think Mars and Venus will not square Pluto but will oppose Pluto on those dates? right? Don’t mean to nitpick 🙂 Proofreading is my jam lol. Love your blog!

  26. Pluto is now opposing my mars in the 11th house. Im having intense fear and anxiety when it comes to initiating new projects, and even dating. Im leaving a non profit VP position to venture out and explore my own talents with a plan to give back some how. “The group” terrifies me for some reason and I’m trying to work through the fear. I think it’s an innate defense mechanism. Pluto is also on my south node. Also, I started singing with a band of retired men – this has always been a dream.

  27. Transiting Pluto is in my 1st house opposing Moon in 7th house. Pluto has been tearing down my health; have multiple issues including insomnia but also have stomach issues both gastritis and sibo. I have progressed moon in Cancer in 6th house also and Mars transiting through 6th house. Gastritis is inflammation (Mars) of the stomach lining. I have a hard time eating anything and my stomach feels like it’s burning. It sucks. Pluto has been in my 1st house for awhile but my health took a turn for the worse when progressed moon went into my 6th house and Pluto opposed my moon plus squaring my 4th and 10th houses. Progressed sun is also in my 1st house squaring Mars/Uranus in the 9th.

  28. Avatar

    Elsa: what does this intensity portend for those of us who are of the generation with natal Neptune at 0-1 degree of Scorpio? I have Pluto exactly sextile Neptune natally but this mash-up is a square which feels way different.

    1. Neptune is an outer planet so it’s not likely to cause an event in your life. You may be sensitive to the collective pain, though.

  29. Yeah, I remember asteroids. And I have been hyperspacing my way thru life using astrology since I was 17 years old – back when you had to do the calculations, rising for instance, by hand as there was no internet only books. I always glimpse ahead at aspects coming into effect and try to turn the bad into good which may not always work but I can usually lessen the impact.

    I also am in the mist of transforming my focus on how I make money. I am pursuing something a college teacher once told me I would be good at. The the curious thing is that this new way is flowing much easier than the 20 year career I put aside. Okay Pluto, I am listening.

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