Foul Thoughts – Pluto Transit To Mercury

1515 Titian Tiziano Vercelli (Italian painter, 1488-1556) portrait-of-a-young-womanIf I was a bit smarter, I’d not cop to things like this, but over the last few days, I have really had some disgusting thoughts.  This is not completely foreign to me. I’m not claiming that. But I can really tell that protective, Jupiter in Cancer has moved out of orb. Bye, bye grace!

Up until very recently the Uranus and Pluto (and Jupiter) transit to my natal Mercury has allowed me to be ultra-insightful. I’ve enjoyed studying a broad variety of material, deeply. It’s been empowering to me, the people around me, and the people I work with, but now?

Now, I find myself with the ability to detach (Uranus) and spew words (Mercury) from the deep (Pluto).  I may have a packed 8th house, but this grosses, Libra out to the max. Because with outer planets involved, there is no minimum. There is no subtlety.

You know how you can say something to someone, and have it hurt them so badly, they never recover? I feel I could inflict that kind of injury, and I will if I’m not careful.

Come to think of it, someone inflicted that kind of injury on me a few months ago. I wonder if they had this transit.

Whether they did or they didn’t, I’m going to take a lesson from them and try to keep my mouth under control. I can tell you right now, I don’t think it’s going to be easy.

Who can relate to this?

pictured – 1515 Titian Tiziano Vercelli (Italian painter, 1488-1576) Portrait of a Young Woman

26 thoughts on “Foul Thoughts – Pluto Transit To Mercury”

  1. I don’t know that you have to keep your mouth under control- I think you just need to take care in how you deliver what you say!

    I’m heading for a square to Mercury, that’ll be interesting.

    1. It’s a profound transit.

      My foul thoughts have passed since I wrote this. On to other potent things…and thoughts!

      1. I expect those thoughts to come through in waves, so yeah, if you can move on & not dwell with each swell, you win 😉

  2. I have Mercury and Venus at 10° Capricorn so Pluto has been around me for some years now. While I am certainly capable of dealing cutting blows I often don’t. What I think I have done, though, is put myself in a position to receive smackdown after smackdown. I deal with it in my own way but it’s getting real old. Real old. That and this Saturn in my Neptune, opposing Jupiter. Leave me alone already.

  3. :/ I know what you mean. I was in a very foul mood yesterday. I didn’t relate it to jupiter yet jupiter’s next step in my chart lands on my mars. I contained myself but coupled with a uranus square to my sun I may end up shocking with my anger.

    While the moon met saturn I visited a cemetary and felt very comforted there. Idk what it was. Everything was very peaceful and I wasn’t there to be morbid.

    These days Im emotionally checked out in ways that bother me. I don’t have much left in me to fight anything or anyone because that’s depleting. I’m content outside of it all. For example I read a ton of animal rescue stories lately and I don’t get it. I don’t see the importance. I’m glad someone does although I wonder if they’re causing more trouble for everyone around them (if they’ve stopped traffic, etc) than its worth. I used to care and fought hard against cruelty and oppression because believed everyone deserved a shot. Now? Eh. My voice is gone.

    1. Yes. That’s the term I use: emotionally checked out. That’s how I feel about some things in my life. I believe it’s a form of self-preservation, protection. Maybe we need to take a break for a while in certain parts of our lives when this happens.

      1. Yeah. Its so hard to surrender to it though. I keep telling myself this is a necessary phase but I’m still struggling. I’ve been through this before. My whole body just seemed to shut down and I couldn’t move at all. It was a forced break from my old life.

        Back then I had a boyfriend and a family that was making me sick with stress. I’m quite sure worrying about my relationships is dragging me under again. Time to let go and let God.

        1. Yes, I hope you can! I feel like Pluto is usually slower changes for me. Slower than Saturn where sometimes it feels like a bucket of ice water dumped on your head or getting hit by a truck. meh.

          1. Thanks! I couldn’t respond earlier but your encouragement helped me just at the moment I read it 🙂

            I have the pluto opposition now, it opposed my venus – I learned the hard way, my mercury, I learned the hard way, and its next stop is my sun. I’m trying to go along with it.

            My emotional fatigue definitely comes from fighting my instincts. I know something or someone is wrong for me yet I stay anyway because maybe I’m just not trying hard enough or maybe I’m just in a bad mood that day. When realistically, we all have an inner alarm that doesn’t just go off for fun.

    2. I was becoming an animal activist with Jupiter in Cancer, especially so last month. I don’t get it either b/c now it doesn’t seem to be so urgent although it has opened my eyes to how cruel some baby animals are treated — male calves put in tupperware-like box containers right after birth and male baby chicks that are ground up alive every day. It’s just sad. I still have some fight in me to place calls, donate. That is all anyone can do.

  4. Using the 1 to 2 degree of orb, Pluto (power) has been in an exact square to my natal 1st house Saturn (limits) since November 2013. For a good portion of that time had Jupiter squaring (and any Jupiter is better than no Jupiter) along with Uranus squaring Pluto (we all did) and opposing Saturn. Now its just Pluto square Saturn. It feels like a foot on my throat. I can’t speak without hurting someone and if I don’t speak I stay in an untenable state. But wait! Soon Jupiter will oppose my 4th house Mercury. Like I said any Jupiter is better than none.

    1. Thanks for posting, Wila. That reminds me, I broke off a friendship, several months ago. It was because I didn’t feel I could speak without being hurtful. I’d much rather be alone.

      1. I feel this comment so much. spot on! It’s why i only have very few in my life for a very long time. It’s wonderful to speak OPENLY even if it hurts, or it’s too confrontational — about issues that are deep, very deep issues. I feel only my husband gets me the most, because he never is defensive.

  5. Moon in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. I do have dark/morbid thoughts, but it’s more emotions of mine that are disgusting. I have to keep those emotions/thoughts under control if I want to keep a job.

    And interesting you talked about Jupiter in Cancer out of orb because it explains why the stock market is starting to crack.

  6. I have Jupiter and Mercury at Libra, 11 deg and 14 deg. Pluto is squaring both of them. Uranus opposed. I feel angry, but can’t deliver strongly. At the time Uranus was exat oppose to my mercury, I was feeling madly angry …. yes, Mars was conjunct too as a booster dose.

  7. The only problem with detaching (Uranus) and spewing words (Mercury) from the deep (Pluto) is that people like myself with Mars in Libra right now will not sit back and allow others to cut us up into shreds. Yes, as a Libra I do see that as being intensely cruel and with Mars in my sign it just makes me want to throw the stone right back at ya. I know this is an emotional day with the moon in Scorpio, but but just think before you speak — you know, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

  8. Just let me add 1 thing since I’ve been in these kinds of relationships lately – Don’t people that sling mud think the other person isn’t going to sling the mud back at ya? Won’t it hurt you as much before it is all over? Can’t you just hold your tongue and do some yoga?

  9. “You know how you can say something to someone, and have it hurt them so badly, they never recover?”

    YEP! The Pluto transit isn’t messing with my Mercury, but natally I have Pluto in Virgo in the 3rd house in a very tight trine with my Mercury. An astrologer once told me that I could either completely destroy or completely heal someone with one word, and over the years, I’ve found that to be true.

    I’d much rather heal than hurt, so I’ve learned to keep a very careful watch on what words are coming out of my mouth.

  10. In the legal world, it’s called an “excited utterance” and gets you off the hook if you use it as a defense. Just sayin’. In case someone tries to sue you for your words.

  11. I think there’s a difference between someone in the helping field like Elsa and doctors, etc., to whom people go to to seek advice or solve problems and people who just offer unsolicited opinions or the “truth” because “hey, I’m just being honest”. Unsolicited honesty is sometimes highly overrated.

  12. A few summers ago I went to visit an old friend friend and her family. I’d been taking care of my dying father and took a few days off. Anyway, the oldest kid was so nasty to me I left early in tears. I never told her why but we aren’t friends anymore and she thought I left from stressing over my dad’s illness. I was but there was a lot more to it than that.
    I’ve forgotten the words but not the feeling. I’ve changed and so has everybody else.

  13. I had this transit when Pluto was in Sadge. I had far more obsessive thoughts than I normally do, plus I very much wanted other people to see things my way. My mental activity, and the way I interacted with people, was ugly.
    Later on during Pluto in Cap, I’ll experience the trine. That should be interesting. Deep thoughts that serve my own evolution?

  14. To have insight into what is coming out of my thoughts is In itself merciful , because Omg omg , this is not the high one that I would like to claim !

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