Under the Scorpio Moon – Depth vs Breadth 

Do you know what a whomp-um board is?

My husband and I grew up in different parts of this country, and in different countries as well. I don’t always know what he’s talking about.

He told me the people on LA Ink reminded him of the whomp-um boards, he played with as a kid. I stared at him, blankly.

He said that a whomp um board was a piece of plywood. After it rained, the kids would find a shallow puddle, a big one. Then you throw your whomp-um board on top it, hop on and hydroplane across the puddle.

“That will hold up the weight of a Rhino?” I asked. That’s his nickname.


He feels many people are broad but not deep, like a whomp-um board. They move across the surface, horizontally. There is no depth to there. They’re not vertical at all – they’re horizontal.

I thought it was a great analogy. The people on LA Ink are just like that. No matter who comes into the shop and no matter what they want, the artist(s) is able to meet them on a  horizontal plane…but that’s it.

I think this is why the show bores me, though he likes it. I think it also explains my recent pulling back and pulling in.

With my Pluto transit, it’s a lot easy to sink down vertically, and allow people to hydroplane on the surface above me.

A few months ago, I wrote that I felt most the people are buzzing by on jet-skis…I’m some bloated submarine, sitting on the ocean floor, sending up signals. This is another picture of that.

I thought this was interesting and maybe you agree.

Are you a horizontal person…or vertical?

22 thoughts on “Under the Scorpio Moon – Depth vs Breadth ”

  1. I sure wouldnt admit to being shallow if I was. I think I am deep but who knows, lots of neptune here, so I could be deluding myself. I am way too concerned about how I look in the morning and if someone is coming over I freak about a dirty house.But I do have deep thoughts and crave deep, meaningful conversations that most people run from.

  2. I don’t think “shallow” is bad. There are plenty of people who have no desire to get caught in the muck – it’s easy to understand.

    Of course, when they have a Pluto transit, they’ll be caught…but free again after some time, and glad about it, I’m sure! 🙂

    1. My double-Gemini sister had Pluto oppose her sun/moon in Gemini a few years ago. She threw a mattress down, crawled under a table in her workshop and lived there with her dogs. It just about killed her, because Airy people don’t like that depth. She didn’t grow from it – she merely survived it.
      Me: I’m a Virgo stellium sextile a Scorp stellium. If it ain’t deep and meaningful, I don’t bother. It took me years to be able to withstand my sister’s verbal ramblings, and to not take everything she said seriously. Talk about 2 different continents, and I can appreciate her ability to just chatter with her customers, while I’d die a million deaths having to talk about the weather.

  3. I kinda think the muck is interesting..you find out a lot about a person from the “muck”…I prefer substance to a lot of nothing.

  4. Wow, I would not know what “gliding” will ever mean. I feel like a mermaid, I practically LIVE in that water and come up to the surface once in awhile..but never out of it. Pluto/Moon is currently in my 3rd house and I’ve felt and seen how easily my co-workers just “glide” through life and “glide” right through me! Is this all I am worth to people, I ask? My natal 2nd house Scorpio Moon has lately seen too much and my mermaid has now become a sea-witch! Time to destroy the sea and bring back my mermaid <3 Mars-Libra style

  5. Neither one nor the other!
    I feel like a pyramid, stuck to the ground and not able to reach the sky.
    Staying deep underwater is not for me – drowning is one of my worst nightmares.
    But I don’t feel very shallow, just heavy.

    1. I get philosophical alot but I don’t think that’s going down, I think that’s more like flying above earth. I don’t know what getting deep in the muck means.

  6. I like to move around. I think I’m both. And of course I’m a libra so I adjust myself to bring things into balance. I think I tend towards depth because that perspective seems to be so lacking around me.

  7. I have natal scorpio moon. Sun is virgo but progress sun has moved to scorpio. I want depth. I look for intensity. Don’t give me anything superficial. I feel insulted!!

  8. I’m having simultaneous Pluto and 8th house transits. Right now, the deep is where I dwell. I wonder if I am reaching my limits, though. I feel like I can’t take it anymore and need some oxygen.

  9. Been vertical since Pluto transited Sag–so for about 20 years. Came closer to the surface for awhile and then down in the deep again this year. Hoping to see the surface again from a new vantage point soon.

  10. I think I’m vertical – Sun, Moon, Uranus, Pluto stellium in Virgo; Sun, Moon on one side of a yod to Saturn; the other side is with Mars, the ruler of Aries ascendant. I try to apply Leo North Node to approach things a little more horizontally.


  11. Avatar
    LadyCamille E

    North node Pisces in 10 th house. If I’m not already in deep meditation dharma says my ego should be.
    Aquarius moon keeps my emotions shallow. I can Love the whole world but in the area of relationships I’ve been known as a bounce back girl after break ups.
    “If u Love someone set them free. If they come back they are yours if not it wasn’t meant to be.” Has been my mode of operation since teen years.

  12. I can pretend to be shallow pretty damned convincingly (I’ve got a lot of people fooled with that one, actually *grins*), but I’m not. It’s actually draining to maintain the veneer instead of delving like I’d prefer to do.

    Definitely vertical. Marianas Trench. *nods*

  13. Glub! glub! glub! Down here in the muck, sending up glub glub smoke signals. Elsa, you totally nailed it. It’s not always like this, but when it is, it’s almost like being stoned, watching everyone else scooting around up there on the surface. Howdeydodat?

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    curious wanderer

    oh dear, this explains some of what I’ve been experiencing so well…

    I’m sinking down, down, down…but I kinda like the view down here. 😉

  15. My Gemini Sun/Moon/Mercury husband skims happily along the surface walking immediately away from any conversation that ceases to hold his tiny little attention span. As an Aquarius I can easily hop on his skimboard…until my Cancer Moon and Capricorn rising demand some depth and sustained conversation. Mostly, he’s not my guy for that. If I want depth and discussion, I look elsewhere. That said, he agrees with my hard-won conclusions that have taken hours of discussing and thinking to arrive at. He just doesn’t want to do the process–or he processes so fast that he can skip the torturous contemplating and agonizing. Lucky for him!

  16. Love that analogy too Elsa and I had also never heard of a Whom-pum board and I grew up in California (Northern) but have cousins in Southern California. I should ask them!..lol But anyway, I have a trine in air going from my Chrion in Aquarius in the third to my Juno in Gemini in the 7th and my Jupiter in Libra in the third. I can sure Whomp-um when prompted. But my NN is in my Scorpio 12th house with my Sun and I tend to sit back and take it in with a Moon/Pluto radar. I sure could do with a lot more fun :/

    1. LOL. I’m from the desert. What puddle? There is no puddle?

      It rains 4 weeks a year and you can drown in a wash, but other than that..

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