Progressed Jupiter in Aquarius – Thrown For A Loop

aquariusLast week I wrote being a peculiar newcomer.  It’s been raining since I got here.  It’s so odd to me.  It’s warming up though. I decided to begin to shop for clothing that might be more comfortable in hot, humid weather.

I hit a local store. I felt overly conspicuous. I realized I was wearing clothes from out of town…from out of the area. I actually thought I would fit in marvelously in the exact clothing I was wearing so it threw me for a loop.

My next thought threw me for an even bigger loop. The clothes I had on certainly weren’t “Coloradan”. This is when I realized, I am probably no more weird here then I was there. The difference is, I’d been in Colorado awhile. As weird as I may be, I was part of the local landscape.

Realizing this, I was relieved but slightly disturbed. I thought I could fit in, remember?

I spoke with Ben tonight.  Here’s an old and amazing story.

When I met, Ben in my early 20’s…one day we were driving down the main drag in Tucson, Arizona with his cello sticking out of the trunk in my little 1974 Toyota Celica.  He spotted a woman on the sidewalk…”There she is,” he said, excitedly. We’d known each other about a week. “There’s the Blue Lady. I’d give anything to meet her.”

Looking ahead…well the woman walking on the sidewalk was my mother. “You want to me her?”

“I would love to meet her.”

“I’ll introduce you,” I said, stopped at a red light, with my mother several hundred yards ahead.

“You will?  When?”

handstandRight now,” I said, pulling through the interaction and pulling over next to my mother, an enigma in the town.

I put on my flashers. Seriously.  “Get out of the car,” I said, stepping out from the driver’s side. “Mom! Hey, Mom, this is my friend, Ben. He wants to meet you…”

All these years later…

“I’m the Blue Lady, basically,” I explained to, Ben. “They’ll get used to me. I’m not going to hurt anyone. I’m polite, I pay my bills, I’m not going to sleep with your husband, or try to get your job or compete with you in any other way…”

So that’s that. Thursday, I have a hair appointment. I’ll have to explain I’d like them to do their best but if it comes out bad, it’s no big deal…which is exactly how I feel.

When the gal is done, I’ll say, thank you, no matter what I think of it. I’ll pay and I’ll leave and not cause trouble, the same way I’ve done all my life.

And I’ll wait for the day (that I will probably not notice), when I become part of the landscape.

Every town needs a weirdo, yanno?   My grandfather was a weirdo, my mother was a weirdo and now I am a weirdo.

There are far worse things a person could be!

Oh..and my Jupiter is progressing to Aquarius, here pretty quick. Aspecting Uranus, exactly. So, please. This is going to happen. The future.

On that note…I just think this is funny.  I was looking at my other site, Astrodispatch. It still has google ads on it.

I remember when people used to write and scold me / bitch me out because an ad they did not like appeared on the site.  It would be a big rant about what an asshole I was and how they would never come to my site again (since they are *not* an asshole).

With that as my past…you can see how bright my future looks.

24 thoughts on “Progressed Jupiter in Aquarius – Thrown For A Loop”

    1. To be clear, I’m not putting myself down. I am well aware, I’m as interesting a person you could ever hope to find to talk to. I just can’t be socially normal. My childhood for Godsakes. What can you reasonably expect?

        1. True, I could be weirder. My weird is in the bones and the blood. And lupus is pretty strange looking at times. I look like a corpse, pretty frequently.

          I don’t think this is identifiable. People know it’s something, but they don’t know what.

          Bad make-up choices, lol.

  1. Elsa, you only think you’re a weirdo. They think you’re a carpetbagger. And guess what? That will never go away. Try not to act like a flaming one, and you’ll be fine.

    1. My husband is Southern, as is my mother-in -law. I dunno. I think it helps to go church.

      Really, I’m not worried in the least. I always make friends. I don’t bore people, yanno?

  2. What I’m going to do is get a great house and start having parties. Curiosity seekers welcome!

    I might get some horseshoes. Invite the priest and some other people…and their dogs.

  3. This sounds pretty cool. You may become a local celebrity! And with all your talents and gifts you definitely have a lot to offer others.

  4. And here’s another thing. I can’t feel heat. My dog is having seizures, panting. I checked the temperature in the house, it’s 73.

    I am wearing extreme warm socks and have a heated blanket on level 6. This is to be comfortable, not warm. So dressing normally is just not possible.

    And it’s hard to remember. It does not feel like 73 degrees to me. So if I have a winter scarf on and you’re sweating, well I’m sorry. If I could fix this I would. 🙂

    I’m lucky I have a good personality. I need one!

  5. This post made me laugh I am all for embracing whom we are regardless of how we fit with others. I have not always felt that way, I grew up in the Southeast I remember once having a conversation with my Sister when I felt compelled to remind her that we were not normal, she shrugged her shoulders and smirked saying “nope but we can pass”LOL your post reminded me of that conversation with my sister and her response to my fear of having to face not being “normal” LOL LOL LOL

  6. There is a woman in my church, older. Her dress is impeccable. Her hair is lavender colored. It’s also perfect.
    Never seen anything like it on my life.

  7. Pretty funny!
    The relativity of wierdness.
    These days I don’t know exactly what it takes to look/seem really wierd. I see some pretty strange outfits sometimes, but in other places they are normal.
    I think acting stange is more disturbing than looking strange, but even that…
    Yup, Aquarius is a good thing.

  8. You’re right, once you blend into the landscape you may still be a weirdo but you become they’re weirdo. You belong. I grew up in Alabama and in the 1970’s I moved my serious southern accent and hippie wardrobe to New York City. I had some small talent and landed a job at a MAJOR advertising agency as a copywriter. Not because of my talent (or the fact that I had no business attire and wore a peasant skirt to the interview) but because the director wanted to hear my voice every day. He told me later, after I belonged, that he knew my stranger in a strange land voice and attitude in the creative meetings would throw the rest of the staff off their NYC axis and challenge them think, draw and write differently. We had a pretty successful team for several years (until we loss a major account and all got fired, but that’s another story) and now I say ‘y’all’ with a New York accent.

    But now I live in Austin where being a weirdo is honed to an art and is awesome.

  9. I experienced this when I first moved to Florida in ’99; people told me constantly they could tell I just moved there. I didn’t understand it until I was there for so long and then I could begin to see other people who ‘just moved there’ too.

    When we moved back up to PA in the autumn of ’13, you should have seen the stares we got! The area we moved to is very conservative and full of Amish people and Mennonites and such, and people looked at us like we had 3 heads. Now, we go out of town for a few days and when I go to the grocery store I get told things like ‘we were wondering where you were because we hadn’t seen you!’…

    Don’t worry; I’m sure initially this is how it will be, but in a few months you will begin to become part of the scenery.

    Or not; some people are not designed to be a part of the background!

  10. Your own kind will present themselves to you…how fun is that! Enjoy your new scenery 🙂 You make me smile!

  11. It’s 78 degrees in the house. I realized I still need warm socks…and 40 gram thinsulate fleece gloves as well.

    It’s impossible yo explain. Obviously what I feel is not real. But if I forgo the gloves, I’m sure to wake up in the middle of the night, hands numb and throbbing.

  12. I’m sorry that you’re going through all of that Elsa. It will change. life will change, people will come and go, your husband and son will return, the symptoms will change,lessen or you’ll manage it differently. it never stays the same. just Is what it is now. I’m Weird and stick to myself, yet people seem to like that and want to draw me out, then they can’t get me to shut up! I figure as long as you’re nice and not trying to hurt anyone then I’m good, and get along with others, and the happier and better I feel the easier it is to meet people. people are shockingly perceptive, your kind of people will find you and vice versa, plus I think there’s an element of divine timing,luck,synchronicity, etc.

  13. 30 years ago I moved to the southeast coast. One person after the next said I talked too fast. I was there a year or so. No one ever changed their minds about that. Seems I was a fast talker, period. I remember loving the south, but being very aggravated at how slow everyone moved. OMG…they were so freaking slow. Just going inside the bank took forever.

    When I moved back home people I had known for years commented that I was slower. And that I talked slower and a little southern. I couldn’t believe I took any of that on, but I guess I did.

    If I could pick anywhere in the world to live I would be planted firmly in the south with the heat and humidity and all the slow bankers and talkers 🙂 When we go on vacation that is our favorite place to be. I am always going to want to live there. I may never get the chance, but I will always long for it. All my relatives on my mothers side are from Tennessee. I was raised by two old southern women. I adored them and their ways.

    I would move to any of the southern states…. but Georgia is my favorite.

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