What To Expect From Saturn Pluto Transits

car batteryHi Elsa,

What can be expected from a Pluto conjunct Saturn transit? What about a Saturn square Pluto transit? Is this about death or is something reborne?



Hi, Capsaturn.

Pluto is always about decay and death and rebirth of something. Saturn represents, authority, limits and structure.

In general, I would not associate and Saturn / Pluto transit as a signifier of death, if you’re talking the person, themselves dying. The Sun represents the life force.  A person can have one of these transits and be vital and bursting with life.

Now the father (Saturn) might die under a transit like this, literally or otherwise. To define “otherwise”, think of a person who idolizes their father…and then he or she learns that he cheated on their mother, non-stop for twenty years.

::cough, sputter, spurt::

You might see a situation like this with one of these transits. But another person might have a baby and become a father when Saturn and Pluto mash up.  Many a boy becomes a man, when he holds his baby in his arms.

If you’re heading into one of these transits, I would expect whatever represents “reality” to you, to break down.  Break down so that something better can replace it. This much is a given.

But be aware, the turnaround time here is outside your control. You can live in ruins for a long, long time. This is not like changing out a car battery; soon as you do, the thing fires up. It’s a slow, painful process, but it does not change this fact – the future is still there.

Anyone want to share their experiences with either of these transits?

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  1. Had this when I was 6 yo (tr. Pluto over Scorpionic Sun conjunct Saturn); we had to flee the country I was born, because of devastating civil war, and developed a psychosomatic seizures, which were actually an attempt to dissociate from harsh reality. I think it was the only way to cope with the transit, since my family surrounding was very far from ideal. Both parents have similar Saturn position, so they were plagued by these losses of their own, and the earlier ones that happened since Pluto had entered Scorpio then. I can definitely tell that none of us was the same after that. The only one (seemingly) less affected was my older Gemini/Libra brother,with Pluto in 12th trine Mercury in Gemini. Interestingly, he was the only one who could cry and mourn these losses, so he was a major support during my youth. I’ve learned to mourn a whole decade after that, with a lot of professional help.

    1. But the thing is: nothing remains unchanged. And you have the knowledge and experience of transforming, and surviving the transformation. I find it a precious knowledge, that I could not come in contact with, until I was able to comprehend it. And it took a lot of time for it to unfreeze, but nevertheless, it is important for me ATM.
      I realize that it is the experience we fear and try to avoid (I could probably live without the hardships of the early life I’ve endured 🙂 ), but it will happen to you sooner or later. So, from this perspective, it’s better to be prepared, and to courageously enter into the change. Mind you, it is not entering blindly, without fear. But it is entering with our eyes open and alert, and with all the respect for the process. Take time.

  2. I experienced Pluto conjunct Saturn, in Capricorn in the 8th house. I eliminated a lot of fear. From personal experience, I’d suggest yoga or meditation during a transit like this.

    1. Because I feel like elaborating:

      I had five exact hits of this. During the first, I received recognition at my student job from my supervisor’s stone-cold Capricorn boss, after I helped ease the transition when my supervisor quit. I also experienced the death of several friendships. The second hit closely coincided with my college graduation. The third was not long before I first moved into my own apartment under my name, during then I’d recently started working at my first full-time job as well. The fourth was around the time I got a secured credit card and began to establish a credit history. The final hit coincided with the realization that I was not above my father’s line of work (at the IRS, I ended up getting a temp job there to get back on my feet after a long period of unemployment). Between those last two I ended up moving across the country and back, and getting realistic about employment played a huge part in that. Saturn was conjunct my Pluto in the 6th house as well.

  3. When I experienced Pluto conjunct natal Saturn Rx 1 degree Capricorn in the 4th I discovered I had cancer. I learned a lot about who and what are really important in life, and it completely changed me. I’m OK now, but it was a tough gig there for a while. Death still figures strong in my life as Pluto continues its journey through Saturn. I’ve lost friends and close family. I see changes coming to both the way I make my living and where I live. All of this is painful, but each blow makes me stronger.

  4. When Pluto conjunct natal Saturn (exact) in the 1st, my father had an aneurysm rupture, and we weren’t sure if he was going to make it. Then we didn’t know if he would make it through the surgery. The family dynamics also got very bad at home with lots of blame and anger. It really changed how I looked at my parents. In the end, I ended up where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be there.

  5. Have the square natally. It just feels like death. With pluto in leo had to get over the drama about it. Still struggle with that at times. I forget that things are just morphing sometimes.

  6. er, i got married when saturn hit my pluto in libra. and being partnered has given me a totally different life. i have someone at my back now. i don’t have to walk five miles home if i miss the bus, anymore, literally or metaphorically…

  7. I must have had Saturn square Pluto already. But I can’t remember what happened. Perhaps the death of a grandparent? Shortly after Saturn will enter Capricorn, then Saturn squares my Pluto again.

  8. Pluto in my theme is not particularly important, for me they are always very ugly\beautiful transits of Saturn on personal planets, however the last time I had saturn square pluto I remember that I had difficulty at university
    I had entered a faculty with great enthusiasm but the environment was very hostile, to the point that in the second semester I stopped attending
    in terms of friendships, I remember that relationships were starting to change, this type of transit for me still always preludes to a positive Saturn transit, so it’s like a last cleaning of the residues of things that are wrong in life
    but the transits of Pluto on the personal planets or of Saturn on Moon, Sun and others have been really much more dramatic

  9. I have Sat squ Plu from Jan 2021-Jan 2022 and Sat squ moon began in April. In May I found out my mom was diagnosed with heart failure and June my estraged father came to tell me he has less than 2 yrs from liver cancer. I know alot of “friends of friends” that died around the May lunar eclipse. A bunch of other weird and difficult things were going on simultaneously. It was a very trying time for me to say the least! I started feeling crappy and “not myself” mid April, looking back that’s exactly when the squ moon transit began. There are probably more transits that amplified the squares including my 3 solar arc planets hitting 29° (Mar,Jup,Sat) in May, then Uranus hitting 29 shortly after. On a positive note I feel like a different person. Like all that transformed me in a way, I learned so much. Next year is looking a WHOLE lot better for me as far as transits go 🙂

  10. I am a completely different person after this transit — for better or for worse.

    This transit forced me to step into my power, confront my worst fears, stand up for myself in the face of violence and uncertainty, and become a leader. It has also made me more resilient, however, left me deeply depressed, traumatized and fearful. It has altered my life path in such a radical direction yet given me a rare opportunity for a completely clean slate. It has been the worst experience of my life, but simultaneously, the best for my overall personal growth.

    Here’s what happened:

    Transiting Saturn has been squaring my natal Pluto since January 2021. Also, I’ve had Uranus Opposing my natal Pluto since January 2020 and my 2021 solar returns is dominated by Mars Opposing Pluto. To say this has been the most challenging 1.5 years of my life would be an understatement.

    I certainly try to look on the bright side of things, but lately, it feels like everything has been obscured by a dark cloud. I don’t mean to scare you, if you’re having this transit, be sure to look at the whole picture of transits occurring simultaneously. Mine, unfortunately, have not been good.

    During the main parts of my Saturn Pluto / Uranus Pluto transits, I moved into a newly purchased apartment in NYC with my husband. Within two weeks, we immediately went into lockdown in NYC as the first wave of Covid hit. I should mention I am a hypochondriac so a pandemic was my worst fear — and I was forced to deal with it head on.

    My uncle passed away from Covid shortly thereafter. For 3 months, all I could hear outside my apartment were 24 hour sirens. Like all of us, I was separated from my family and friends, with only my husband as company. He lost his job shortly after we moved into our new apartment that we just purchased, making me the sole breadwinner.

    Following this, NYC erupted in violence, looting and protests following the death of George Floyd. This brought up memories of childhood trauma and rape, which I began to work through with a therapist. As all this was going on, my husband had a nervous breakdown and began emotionally, verbally and physically abusing me at home. It was very frightening to be locked in the house with him. But the choice of going outside where an unknown virus and violence raged in my city was also frightening.

    Meanwhile, I was promoted into a new job at a Fortune 500 company with heavy responsibility where I was managing 17 employees remotely. My boss, who I got along with, then got fired from our company, leaving me adrift and without support.

    Shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (probably triggered by stress). My hair began to fall out in clumps, my skin erupted in acne.

    My husband refused counseling and became more and more violent over the following year. We moved home with my parents to give him a short reprieve, and instead, survived the Texas Power Grid failure over the winter. We watched in horror as insurrectionists attempted to overthrow democracy in my country’s capitol. After this, my husband and I left for NYC — but things between us did not improve back home. He began buying guns and storing them without a license in our home. His aggression and rage only got worst.

    So, this summer, I hired a divorce attorney. I left him while he was out of town and moved all my things into storage with the help of my best friend. I moved home with my parents where I am now in the process of getting a divorce.

    On the positive side, I took on additional freelance work and saved more money during this time than I ever thought possible. I got a raise at my job. I have a bunch of money in savings. So, if anything, there’s a bright side to the transit.

    I am now safe at home and able to process the trauma of the last year. I’m meditating and doing restorative yoga. I quit drinking. I no longer eat sugar. I am writing and sewing a lot. I’m planning on living with my family for the next year, and saving as much as I can to buy my own home. I started a writing group with my college friend. I’m getting my autoimmune disease under control. I’m starting Accutane next month. I’m looking for a new, less stressful job. I’m trying to be nice to myself.

    The truth is, I’m still not okay. But I’m doing better.

    These three transits end officially in January 2022. I don’t know what life will look for me on the other side, but what I can tell you is that it won’t look anything like my former life. Maybe that’s a good thing. Right now, I’m not so sure. I liked my life before. But these transits revealed problems in my personal life and professional life that I’d been avoiding for a long time. I had to confront them head on, surrender to them or stand up to them, and move on.

    Long story short, this transit sucks. But like most things in life, this too will pass.

      1. Omg I will experience similar transit very soon & I am scared, I got this year a autoimmune and I am getting my hair back . Squares & opposition from Saturn to mars & Pluto. I hope all is well for you

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