Gambling: Leo And The Fifth House

BookersChristmas is a time when most of our ingrained traditions surface. I spent the first part of the holiday with my family then we drove to spend the rest with the man’s people. It’s interesting seeing the dynamics of each group and how they change depending on who is present. My family tends to bring out my Pisces, I lurk and ruminate, in a good way. His family is a mixed bag of sign influence but I swear it plays out like a Leo convention. My family is a lot of fun, but his family holidays make mine look like a gathering of very tired and irritable monks.

It’s very exciting, for sure. The biggest difference I’ve noted is they like to gamble, in a friendly, affable way. I think I’ve managed to somewhat hide the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m a total alien. I have Leo rising and a fifth house moon. I should enjoy gambling but up until now it’s been unexplored territory. On the drive up, the man stopped and bought some “scratch” tickets and asked me to check them for him. I didn’t know how. He keeps an eye on my cards for me during a game too. It may have been poker we were playing. I’m not sure. I’m not going to ask and admit I’m a total rube.

I’m learning, though. I guess with the moon in Capricorn it’s coming to me with age. The wee hours of boxing day had me drinking straight bourbon and begging to be taken to the casino. “It smells like cigarettes and desperation in here! I LIKE it!” Who am I kidding? I am so not stealth. I may not know anything about gambling but I’m getting a quick education, and enjoying it, much to my own surprise.

What is your Leo/5th house influence? What is “fun” for you?

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  1. Sun and Mars Leo
    5th house Saturn/Taurus

    I love to gamble but feel guilty if I think I have lost too much and content if I win/keep what I put in machine

  2. I only gamble on the horses – I tell a lie, I did put a couple of quid on London having a white Christmas so I’d feel less p’d off when the big Kempton Boxing Day meeting was cancelled! (It’s postponed til the 15th now)

    Being a Cap I found gambling incomprehensible until I was in my mid fifties; now I enjoy it (possibly a little too much!). I learned a lot about racing and how to read the form and a racecard before I started to gamble though

  3. Ha! ha! Very funny. I love the idea of very tired and irritable monks. Sadly…it sums me up!I also have Leo asc,but as a Capricorn Sun and with 5 major planets there I am quite a miserable workaholic ba***rd and I have an inordinately strong Saturn as final dispositor. Fun!
    Add my Hades Moon and you will agree, I’m the best candidate to get your party started. My Aries MC with the Leo Asc means I don’t appear to be your average party pooper. Good job too. I’m a publicist so I rely upon looking fairly normal, confident and showy (as the profession demands) so as to earn my crust!
    5th house er… well my Moon Pluto position hampers self expression and also feeling loved and lovable. Oh well… never mind. I look the part. Fur coat and no knickers (as they say where I come from).

  4. Virgo Jupiter in the 5th… sextile Uranus, trine Moon.
    Every school hols I say “I’d rather be at work”… My workmates are my friends.

  5. 12th Leo Sun and Leo ASC. But there’s more! Sun conjunct Pluto. Kicker is Saturn on 12th cusp, with stern reminders about keepin’ it real. But I’m way off topic. This is about Leo/5th house influence and “fun”. The party girl, fun-loving, playful, inner child Leo/5th stuff never really seemed to be me. “Fun” for me is often a solo endeavor. Reading and learning about the Tarot, Astrology, and similar “things” is what’s Fun for me. I seem to spend more time at it than most other things, given the choice. Oh, did I mention Pisces Moon in the 8th?

  6. I have an empty Pisces 5th; my idea of ‘fun’ involves food, music, good conversation, laughter.

    Satori, I spent a New Year’s Eve once with a big family like that, they were old card players from way back, and they were so much FUN! Joking, telling stories on each other, lots of good-natured teasing back and forth. That card party took place 30 years ago and I still remember it, it was that much fun.

  7. Leo is my descendant and 5th is uninhabited but ruled by gemini..but I mean it’s barely in there. Cancer takes up most of the space but gives out right before the cusp.

    Elsa says her gemini in 5th has her enjoying to chat. I do, but in person..i hate to talk on the phone. I mean, I enjoy chatting with others. But I wouldn’t classify that as how I like to have fun.

    Also, don’t like to gamble, but I sure enjoy

    Fun for me? Adventure..seeing new places, exploring the unknown..but mostly adrenaline. Yeah, that does it for me. Give me a good rush and a good story and I’m happy 🙂 Make me feel something..

  8. Me again,

    I’m wondering what you thought about the Progressed POF ? Has anyone noticed if its a factor in progressed solar/lunar returns ? This is someting i’ve never checked ,but will have to do a personel historic check to see.

    I double checked Bill Gates POF ,which is opposite his Jup/Pluto conjunction —therefore would be in a 5degree orb conjunct to his POS-spirit! Also his POF is in a grand trine to asc/neptune , rather involved if aspects are used.

  9. Oh my first reply never took. I went into detail about my chart , also leo rising, moon in 5th ,in CAP . Am a son of a fbi agent who gambled alot.I play both lottery and poker. Have hit 4 out of 6 a bunch, have hit a 7k bad beat playing poker on a full moon conjunct my MC.I will make a prediction that next yr i will win the lottery or fantasy 5 based on better chances with a Progressed Lunar return then. (the last time it occured i was lucky , at age 26)

    I had noticed i was on a astrocartagraphical significant line , i felt that gamblers should take note of that. Much details could be explained,but am cutting it short.Yet, i’ve never noted where my POF astro-cart line is ! hmm.


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