Garnering Thoughtful Feedback

conversation“…I crept out last night behind your back
The little they know might be the piece I lack…”
– Elvis Costello

I was talking to a client this week; I had a different perspective on her situation.   Honestly, I don’t remember the particulars but magic often happens due to a conversation with another person. In this particular case, we both noticed.  If you’re stuck, often times it’s because you’re missing something.

I’ve always seen the value in running something by someone. I have Libra! But this has been pronounced, recently. It may have to do with Saturn in Pisces.  Support comes from the ethereal and what am I if not ethereal? I’m a stranger’s voice on the phone!

A couple days later, I spoke with this young woman, she was one of, Ben’s, cello students. She’s a standout individual. I’d heard of her over the years but I’ve gotten to know her a little bit, since he had his stroke. She’s in her early twenties and she cares for him, greatly as she understands she’s thrived under his tutelage. She’s been helping him in every way possible, since his accident.  She’s like a mature-beyond-her-years, angel.

Yesterday, I consulted with her.  She lost a (good) job, she’s had for five years.  It’s not an optimal time for this, that’s for sure. She was Saturn-in-Pisces stuck, which means she was fearing she’d be stuck forever. This is an an illusion, of course, though the challenge of her problem is real.

I think the conversation was productive.  When opportunities are few, you want to nail one of them, especially if you know it’s the right job for you. So we talked about tactics, which I think was new to her.  Really, there is nothing like being young and having someone older, with relevant experience, share their secrets with you. This is a time in life where you want an edge, if it’s possible to have one.

This happened again, this morning. Client is a double Gemini who I love to work with, but he’s got a “cowlick in his psychology“, that causes problems.  I don’t think he’d ever realize it, if there was no “other” to id it for him. It’s baked in!  This man is going to tame that thing, if it’s the last thing he does. He has that chance now, due to what?  A conversation!

This is why I feel it’s so important to continue to interaction with human beings. The internet has become a pacifier to a large degree and a lousy one at that.

Over the years, we’ve discussed taking advice from others. Most people stated, they prefer to learn the hard way.  This has been curious to me for twenty years.  But now?

Now things have changed. Life is far more demanding and in some cases, it’s flat out desperate.  Sometimes you just have ask someone, what am I missing?

Specifically, ask someone, willing to answer you honestly and just in general, invest the time and energy to grapple with your problem.    Seriously, we are not all the same.  Chances are, that other person will have information to supplement your own.

Just what you need and off you go!

3 thoughts on “Garnering Thoughtful Feedback”

  1. “Seriously we are not the same.”

    Why aren’t there any comments? I’m just reading this, another wet dark February morning. I’m chiming in to say the value of another’s thoughts on my heart ache can be such a blessing and this from an old Scorpio with secrets kept like trade marked recipes. (Is that even valid any more?)

    Being old and seeking out an authority becomes tricky ✅ The pedal hits the metal, and internal work is really important (who am I now kinda stuff) But then taking the issues of end of life on hand I have found you need to know who your friends are and who will WITNESS your humanity and your wishes. This is a bit of a ramble that is intended to confirm your point Elsa.

    Reaching out and asking for what I might be missing is an exquisite if not bizarre experience. I’m reeling from it, texting to touch bases, resting between innings (like this is baseball and it’s overtime).

    I’ve never gotten old before, and doing so in this culture today is a lot of work. Whew, social conversation can help. Try to choose well ✌️❤️💪

  2. I totally understand what you’re saying, Moki! (BTW I always appreciate your comments/viewpoints.) In fact right this minute, my friend & I are snowed out from going to Seattle flower & garden show…a needed whiff of Spring. I’m a woman w lots of friends, good friends, who are great at witnessing usually. But, I’ve had 2 concussions this year & a sudden death of a younger brother. All my friends are as deeply entrenched & it seems we are running for cover – from too muchness. Granted my friends are Capricorns, Librans & a Neptune & Uranian mix.
    Very little simple social interaction & I’m not able to go deep, continually. (Me – w 6 air planets & Pluto in 1H opp Venus in Aquarius 7H.) During lockdown, I called others to check on them. I’m not now. They aren’t. Texts abound but not inspiring…more perfunctory, like fragmented news without context. I go out for errands & it’s like wading through pure resistance, bizarre behaviors, & an absence of eye contact. Thank heavens, Elsa, for your comments & questions & these threads of convo. (And some excellent books & jigsaw puzzles.)
    I thought direct planets would open us up to each other… I mean a 120* focus is tight in a single chart but as groups it would seem it would have stirred the pot socially. Also I’ve always had a mix of age groups as friends. I’m surprised how isolated most of us elders are in terms of most friends being our age. We don’t have children & grands or family nearby but even friends with them are having minimal interactions.

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