Weekend Love Forecast – For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear

vodkaFriday night, the Sun-ruled Leo Moon heads into trine with Chiron in Aries. A fiery mood makes the most of what we’ve been through. When we know better, we do better. When we do better, we feel better! It feels good to be ahead of the curve. It feels like we’re on our way to doing something right, being something right.

Saturday morning, Jupiter in Venus-ruled Taurus stations direct. FINALLY. What a long road of… growth! Are you ready to sing out loud? Deep breaths, Mercury goes direct in Sagittarius Monday night. We’re making meaning and mining memories and still rounding up errant details for now.

All weekend long, Venus in Sagittarius moves closer into square with Pisces Saturn (exact Monday morning – New Year’s Day). We’re slowed down, waiting on the goodies. Who knows what the hold up is; it’s unclear. However, it likely has its purpose, so give it time. If you’re not getting what you want, consider that the time’s not right… yet. If the desire can’t be fulfilled, you’ll find that out in time too. Some things we want, we’re genuinely better off without. Maybe something better is on the way.

Saturday afternoon, the Leo Moon trines retro Mercury then trines Mars in the night. Whatever shenanigans cross your path, a sunny attitude can warm us up to a good time! It sounds like dancing to me. It sounds like feeling good about whatever’s lying around and fixing it up into a party. It sounds like coyotes singing because they can. It’s an old song we recognize in our bones.

I’ve heard some people are afraid when coyotes are whooping it up. That has never made sense to me. They’re having fun! Coyotes out hunting are QUIET. Whoop it up when you can. That’s what we’re here for. Troubles rarely give you a genuine warning, so don’t waste a good Saturday night on troubles you haven’t met yet. Coyotes bring both kinds of trouble, sometimes it’s good trouble. Party it up.

Sunday morning a Mercury-ruled Virgo Moon squares Venus and opposes Saturn for a mutable t-square and confounded mood. That looks like a hangover to me. Not all hangovers come from alcohol (tho many do). Some come from the grief we give ourselves for not having what we think we should have (or other perceived shortcomings). I suggest you treat both the same: plenty of water, some greasy breakfast, and moving on. Because…

Then the Virgo Moon trines Jupiter and heads into trine with the Cap Sun (exact overnight) for a grand trine in earth. Could there BE a better New Year’s Eve mood? Not if we want something REAL, something that benefits us all.

We end the year on a high note and that note is LOUD! Should auld acquaintance be forgot (Mercury deep into it retro)… we’ll take a cup of kindness yet (Jupiter to the Sun is a toast) for auld lang syne. We appreciate fully how far we’ve come and acknowledge that we haven’t done it alone. We’ve come far and will go further yet. It’s the cycle, we take joy in the cycle of life!

Maybe it’s much too early in the game
Ah, but I thought I’d ask you just the same
What are you doing New Year’s, New Year’s eve?

10 thoughts on “Weekend Love Forecast – For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear”

  1. My boyfriend’s identical twin brother couldn’t be with his mom in Santiago, Chile for New Years, so he volunteered us to drive the hour and a half to her house after work on Sunday. She will provide BBQ beef, drinks, and lively conversation, and we will stay the night and leave at 6:30am to make it to work the next day in Viña del Mar. She’s a ballsy woman and I love ballsy women!

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    Helene from Denmark

    Thank you for this, Satori, I feel much less anxious after reading. I/the Universe has made a huge clean up in my friends since the plandemic, and the few foreighn friends I have made since are in their home country for the holidays and NYE, so I find myself without an invitation. Far from the first time, as I generally find it hard to keep friends (bc KPTSD maybe). And I seem to easily attract takers, as Im a giver. Im also fed up with young men thinking they can offer me smth cause I still look 27 (Im 37), so I last minute decided to attend a public café party and dinner at a venue where the clientel are in the age range 35-60 and the theme is happy 70ies vibes and colours – the most “sunny” place in town, as you describe! 😀
    Ive never been before and Im going alone, so naturally Im a little nervous… I have 5 Aquarian placements, including my Sun, and only 7% earth so Im really looking forward to being supported by the trine in Earth! 😀

    My dreams (Pisces Moon) are all about caring, loving, older men lately, including last night, I love it. Im so over my Darth Vader period ^^


  3. It feels like it will be a sexy, spiritual, food, and fun filled time for me. I have a lot of earth in my chart and also a grand trine in water. I’m going to a party with many spiritual teachers in my area. Taking a friend that is also
    Pisces sun and Cap moon like you Satori! As Pluto is approaching my MC, I’m starting to take my spiritual and astrology wisdom levels higher in taking classes through the winter. I’m believing in expanding my knowledge to help serve others. Have a happy new year. May it be tasty all around!

  4. I’ve fed our sometimes tabby, just FaceTime visited with my family in Maui, a Tombstone pizza will be dinner, and the flooded Quonset/kitchen is swabbed and we made it!
    The firework ing neighbors are at it already so there we are. We’ll hole up against the explosions — not into it.
    It’s a wrap 2023!

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