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  1. fickle- changing frequently, especially as regards one’s loyalties, interests, or affection (disagree on the loyalty part. [BUT} I have a Stellium in Scorpio. And, like anyone it depends on to who! I am fiercely loyal to my immediately family and good friends. So loyal I would physically fight for them. I also have a Taurus moon. Even Mars cannot move my loyalty. I am devoted to my own demise to the people I care about)

    The rest? Hell yes and maybe even worse lol

    Add: Blurter, Verbal diarrhea, sarcastic, nervous, pot stirrer!

    I love having Mars in Gemini. The rest of my BC is so deep and blah – feelings (puke) Who would I be if I couldn’t be a Gemini once in a while? I raised a Gemini Sun (stellium) and a Gemini rising. Good lord no one could get a word in sideways at the dinner table, but man did we have fun! They were so smart. If I didn’t have Mars in Gemini they would have been running my house!

    I can’t wait for Mars to go into Gemini and park!

  2. Elsa – I have mars in gemini along with several other gemini planets 🙂 As you know since you’ve done my chart several times. All of the above apply (depending on the day and the mood I am in). I am prepared for it to double down later this year with the mars retrograde. Knowledge is power with astrology.

    Love the videos!

  3. Mars in Gemini in the 6th house here. All true at any given level of health.


    And because I’m changeable, I have moved through all of these levels in my life. Self-awareness, therapy, and discipline of the mind help keep me out of the unhealthy zone, most of the time.

  4. Mars conjunct my Gemini Sun.

    All essentially true except your “early bird” mis-read. I frequently fall into time sumps because I get absorbed by distractions.

    You didn’t offer any of your insights for Geminis with this placement during the 9 month transit,

    S’il vous plait ?

  5. Two hearts intertwined, two peas in a pod, two sides to the coin, which one shall I choose to be! Which one will you choose to see?

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