Gossip, Group Dynamics, Hate Mail: What About Madalyn Murray O’Hair?

madalyn murry ohairskye wrote on Gossip, Group Dynamics, Hate Mail, The Toilet Flush….

“This made me laugh. I really like that idea of a toilet flush – trust a mega scorp like AMF to come up with something like that, haha “Down the drain with you”

Anyways glad you figured a way to try and deal with these spinning out of control people. I want to write you a pissed letter just to see what song you going to send out, I wouldn’t though, my Mercury Libra conjunct Saturn says don’t do that!”

skye, the AMF has 4 planets in Scorpio (half of them sq Pluto). But he was also an Aquarius Moon and rising so he liked his group eclectic but somewhat sophisticated.

On the pissed off letters just to save you the trouble of sending me one, I never give anything back. Most I ignore. Others I send smoke but I am playing with a new deal on this front as well.

See the famous atheist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair (regardless of what you or I think of her beliefs) also got a lot of hate mail.  Sun, Mercury and Mars in Aries so no surprise.  In fact she said she one person actually sent her their feces!

She went on to say she saved all the letters and had contemplated publishing them, “Letters From Christians”.  I was a teenager listening to this and thought her very funny of course. I liked her audacity so was enamored with her in general, again not for her beliefs but for her ability to hold her ground.

madalyn_murray_ohair.jpgSo anyway, it has occurred to me to publish what people write.  Now I will probably never do this because I don’t like the tone it would bring to my blog, however people who want to mail me like this should be warned.  I just may put the feces you send me up here for all to see which is something else I note about this whole situation.

For all the ways they say I suck, it seems pretty clear these people trust me, less they would not send me mail like this with their name on it. Because clearly I can publish it, in effect throwing them to the lions but I never do. I mean if you trust me enough to puke in my lap are you sure I’m that heinous? I think about things like this.

In whatever case, O’Hair was murdered and I would not be surprised if I suffer the same fate. I mean not to tempt fate, I’m just sayin’… I would not be surprised if I am murdered.  Not that it’s my preference but you know.  What’s a gal to do?

And for the record, they continued to cast a shadow on O’Hair when she went missing. They said she stole the money… meanwhile she was lying dead on a ranch in Texas having been sawed into many pieces and burned!

In whatever case, O’Hair inspired me. You don’t stop believing what you believe just because people send you emails which is another lesson for people who have a mind to do this.  With a root like this in me… why waste your time?

Are deeply rooted… er, unfathomably so?  Tell us.

7 thoughts on “Gossip, Group Dynamics, Hate Mail: What About Madalyn Murray O’Hair?”

  1. I am unbelievably deeply rooted. I could no more compromise my beliefs or conform for the sake of conformity than I could turn into a zebra and trot off into the plains.

    And having stood up to so much opposition in my life I am pretty unshakable at least as far as online associations go. Pretty solid in real life too.

  2. Interesting lady, whatever her views (I’m not familiar). Anyone have any birthdata on her?

    It seems idiotic to write unsolicited e-mail to bloggers who don’t write you first, and whose views are uniformly off-putting to you. If it is that upsetting, stop reading that, and go read someone you like, hmmm how hard is that really?

    Personally,I have always been shocked to get negative reactions to things I have written (not blog stuff, but articles and stories). The reason is because I don’t have much confidence in my writing.

    Therefore, when someone says “blah blah that you wrote was SO upsetting” I am like Wow really? You mean (a) you actually read it? and (b) you were able to see beyond the shitty writing to the actual message I was trying to convey? Well then! Thank you very much!

  3. Oh, Elsa, I sure hope you don’t get murdered. Good grief!

    Thanks for being such a good example to my Libra moon. 🙂

  4. Elsa just a question: I wonder if this would be a NN in aspect to Mercury/Mars, or South Node? Or neither? Or I have Libra and I can’t decide?

    I’m deep rooted for sure. I’m the most deep-rooted flake I know, actually. Woooo Saturn Neptune!

    I’m glad at how much care you take of your blog patrons. Not every drunken knob at the bar needs to be heard, either!

  5. i have neptune in my fourth house. i don’t know how to answer that question…
    i think “unfathomably” might describe it. if anything does 😉
    but not firmly at all.

  6. I feel honoured my comment was used for discussion, thanks elsa.

    For the record I hope you’re not murdered. One of the reasons I like this blog is because you are deeply rooted and wont be swayed by hate mail.

    “I just may put the feces you send me up here for all to see” Totally giggling at this, depsite the Libra in me which probably wont like seeing feces.

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