Great Saturn Return In Capricorn Circa 2048-2049!

Saturn God cardAre you struggling with your Saturn return in Capricorn, 2020. It’s been a beast! It doesn’t matter if this is your first or second Saturn return, it’s been oh so harsh!

I had a client born in 1990 with Saturn in Capricorn. I was called to peek at what would be her second Saturn return. I was overjoyed at what I found.

You may be suffering now. But I’m telling you, your next Saturn return, circa 2048-2049 is going to so different. The Saturn Pluto conjunction and various other sundries, we’ve dealt with this year will be nowhere to be found. Instead, Saturn in Capricorn will be part of a grand trine in Earth, with Uranus in Virgo and Neptune in Taurus.

If you’re nearing thirty-years-old right now, this strongly suggests, you’ll have a good result as you near sixty.  Your dues are being paid, today.

If you’re nearing sixty-years-old, you’ve have two very difficult Saturn returns. If you make it to your third, you will also enjoy this profound support.

If you know a mega-Capricorn (born roughly between 1990-1993) please share this with them.  Let them know, it’s going to come out well for them – really.

5 thoughts on “Great Saturn Return In Capricorn Circa 2048-2049!”

  1. Happy to hear this for my son, a 1990 Capricorn baby with mega Cappy in his chart in the 3rd h.
    He has definitely struggled through Saturn in Cappy conjuncting so many planets.
    Things are just starting to look up for him. So much school and little prospects for his degree, but he finally got a job he wants. Yay!
    I’d say he’s been paying his dues for the last few years!
    Mothers never stop worrying about their children. I’m so glad to hear his 2nd return will be better!

    Thanks for this post, Elsa!

    1. Well, it’s true! If this is your second Saturn return – both of your Saturn returns were extreme. But this next generation will fare better.

      1. Were they? “Extreme”, I mean.

        My second Saturn return should be “officially” over in early December. I was born in early 1961, with a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction – that has been replayed in this lovely year of 2020. (Yes, of course I’m being sarcastic. 😉

        My first SR – of the existence of which I had no idea at the time – was so uneventful that I have to think really really hard to find any “glitch” or even a major milestone at all. (It may be relevant to remark that I have – apparently – an extraordinarily good memory, so it’s not senility. :))

        My second SR coincided with a long period of extremely painful disappointments in the (very, very few) friends – friends, not acquaintances – I have/had. The other major area of my life – my work, my creative life – flourished.
        This year has brought a MAJOR unexpected change in my living circumstances (to do with a sibling), but it was not as bad for me as I had feared – quite the opposite. So far, very good things have come out of it.

        I have to mention this, because I find it really interesting, almost amusing: the days when transiting Saturn met the exact point of my natal Saturn (I didn’t know that at the time) – they coincided with the first Corona lockdown in my country – were among the happiest in the past decades.
        Interestingly, the very day my SR ended (for the first time), my feeling of elation dampened somewhat – for no apparent reason – and the following weeks and months weren’t nearly as pleasant as March was. (It couldn’t have been a nocebo effect because I wasn’t following Saturn at the time, so I didn’t know where exactly it was.)

        For the past two or three weeks, I could feel my mood lifting again, often experiencing almost the euphoria that I used to feel very often from adolescence to my late forties – something I hadn’t felt for a very long time.

        Yesterday, Saturn returned, once again, to the exact degree where it was when I was born. So, my SR is not over yet; but SO FAR, I must say (and touch wood!), this year, so terrible for many, has been kind to me – kinder than the two or three years preceding it. And if anything bad were to happen now – God forbid – I doubt it could be attributed to the Saturn return. Unless, of course, it decides to poop on me at the very last moment. 🙂 I hope it doesn’t.

        All the best to everyone.

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