Mars In Aspect To Saturn – It’s His Job To Fight

truck fuel islandMars in aspect to Saturn feels responsible to beat someone up. It’s er… “the right thing.”

“So I get in the fuel line and there is a truck in front of me,” the soldier explained. “Place is packed, trucks everywhere all trying to fuel. So this guy in front of me… guess what he does?”


“He puts fuel in his truck, with me waiting to fuel next and then instead of pulling his truck out away from the fuel island so other trucks can go, he gets out, locks his truck and goes into the store,’ he said.

(swearing below the break)


“Yeah, you’re tellin’ me. Because I’m the one behind him waiting to fuel and get this. It gets even worse. The bastard didn’t just go into the truck stop, he went in and took a shower! Can you believe that?”

“Not really.”

“Well me neither. I could believe it and either could anyone else in the rest of the trucks that were all snaking around at this point waiting to fuel. And if you happened to have gotten in my line, well you were just screwed because it’s not like you can back up. Hell no. You can’t back up so now we’re all waiting on this prick to finish taking his shower.”

I laughed. ‘Were they talking on the cb?”

truck stop shower“Hell yes. People were mad as hell. You aren’t supposed to block the fuel line, the stupid prick! Yeah, people were all yellin’ all right. They wanted to kill the guy.”

“So what happened?”

“Oh he finally comes walking out now that he’s had his shower, looking all cocky too. So I got out of my truck and started to yell at his ass and he got this look on his face like he was going to stand up to me or something.”


“Yeah, but when I pushed him up against his trailer and held him there, he changed his mind. He decided at that point that I could say whatever I wanted so I did. I cussed him and I pushed him a few times but I didn’t punch. I would have punched him. I would have beat the hell out of him but he didn’t punch me so I kept my hands to myself… well, except for pinning him up against his trailer.”

“You’re lucky no one called the cops,” I said.

“Are you kidding me? Who is going to call the cops? Truckers love shit like this. They love it. If I’d have killed him, it would have been fine with them. He’s blocking the fuel! Don’t block the fuel or something is going to happen.  But anyway, P, I had to do it. Someone had to kick his ass and the responsibility fell to be since I was the truck directly behind him.”

“I see. This is the rules (Saturn) in man-land (Mars)?”

“Yep, those are the rules. Among men, when someone needs their ass kicked and everyone knows it, whoever is in best proximity to kick the ass must then kick the ass and once the ass is kicked we all go back to normal.”

‘Cept for the cheering on the cb?”

“Right. Except for the cheering on the cb because when there is a fight, men do get riled up and everyone of course wants to talk about it.”

“Nature of men?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Nature of men.”

4 thoughts on “Mars In Aspect To Saturn – It’s His Job To Fight”

  1. Yes, I feel like that (Mars in Saturn ruled Capricorn). But.. I have to watch myself, because there’s nothing worse than when you know you’re in the right, it makes me feel like I’m justified in being however I want, and then afterwards I’m not very happy with how I’ve been. It’s the outcome that matters, and keeping your eye on that. I find it difficult to give someone a hard time (and you have to sometimes) and keep my self-possession. But then I haven’t had the training that S has had!

  2. Mars in Aries trine Saturn Leo (7th House). I had a few bad encounters with truckers in Australia, none of them knew my friend who was driving us had a CB radio.
    And up until someone threatened to run us off the road, I didn’t know my friend had a rifle ‘for shooting kangaroos.’ How’s that for a little 3rd House Fire trine 7th House Fire?! GAH!

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