Word Dojo Loser: Bad, Bad, Sorry Day For The Soldier’s Venus In Gemini

word dojo“Oh man. I was in there playing Word Dojo and about to go crazy. I had to rip myself away. That thing is addictive.”


“And there was some girl on there. Gina The Fox. Or FoxxyGina and she was the best. She had the high scores and I was trying to beat her. She was number one, two and three of the high scores, that Gina, and I wanted to beat her and about spent my life savings trying.”

I snorted. “No dice?”

“Uh uh. I couldn’t any higher than number four and it pissed me off. Damn that FoxxyGina. I bet she can’t do that shit in Spanish,” he said.

I roared. “Oh! So you can’t beat her own her own turf so you’ve got to change the rules?” I asked.

“No, no. FoxxyGina is smarter than I am, that’s all. I’m just not happy about it, see. Not happy at all. I just can’t work under pressure I guess. So I just had to accept it and leave there while I still had the shirt on my back. FoxxyGina cannot be beat, at least not by this stupid, slow, hog of a man.”

Realizing he was on full pout I didn’t bother to refute him.


6 thoughts on “Word Dojo Loser: Bad, Bad, Sorry Day For The Soldier’s Venus In Gemini”

  1. Interestingly, I also have Mars on the ASC, and I picked ‘Low’. Our family is very competitive and I HATED that growing up so being Libra, to balance that out, I choose the opposite path . . . 🙂

  2. My competitiveness varies. If I don’t like you and you’re trying to make a show on my turf I’m going to go all out to take you down, but I’m not interested in competitions in general.I got stuff I want to do why am I going to waste time showing other people how good I am?

  3. I voted ‘fierce’ even though I hate competing, and in fact ‘avoid’ it at all costs. Of course, it ‘finds’ me!
    I have a theory I’m scared to open the gates. I have Mars in Aries, so it would be ludicrous for me to claim I am not competitive. However, it’s trined Saturn, so I’m more prone to get excited about something and feel completely, utterly, UNREASONABLY dejected when I lose.

    My mother, who is an Aries, never played games with us as kids, and it carries on to this day. She’ll play half a game of Scrabble and then claim she’s too bored to continue…if she’s losing. I really have to work very hard not to indulge the same sort of impulse of ‘If I can’t win, fuck it.’

    Luckily I have lots of good-sport friends to rile me up and laugh at me when I get too serious about something silly, like tackle frisbee.

  4. I try to be a pretty good sport about losing, but inside I am caving…feeling diminished and plain stupid. Mars in Cancer, Merc. in Capricorn. I am pretty good at games if not under pressure. But, for instance, recently, I had to retake my certification oral exam for Spanish interpreters and I failed, I failed big time….not just by a small margin, it was really bad (they gave me another shot because fortunately, the monitor had seen me work a trial) but my point being that going into a little white room with no windows, no other chairs…just a desk, two chairs, and a tape recorder and a very serious monitor telling you when to speak and when to stop and it takes about 2 hours. My mind went literally blank, I could not even think of the simplest translation to the word “pleasure”….very ridiculous and I walked out of there and I was so shaken…..I could have sworn I was panting like a dog….very weird what happened. But, put me in the courtroom and interpret for a murder trail, rape case, drug traffiking…. no problem, in fact, I love it….it’s like being on stage. So what do you make of that?

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