Halfway Through Pluto In Capricorn, Looking Ahead To Pluto In Aquarius

pluto roman god of underworldHi, Elsa.

We are halfway through Pluto in Capricorn. What do you think we should brace ourselves to learn next? Will structure just keep rotting all the way through pluto into Aquarius? In what positive way do you think can this energy be used?

Thank you for your always sound advice!

This person emailed me from this post I wrote in 2011 – Pluto In Capricorn – Structure Rotting. Thanks for the interesting questions. I’ll take them one at a time…

What do you think we should brace ourselves to learn next?

I’m not sure you should brace yourself at all. Pluto in Capricorn is huge force of nature. You’re a wee human being. But this doesn’t mean you’re powerless.

For example, I wouldn’t go up against, Mike Tyson. I’d go around him.  And this would be my advice to you: cultivate your ability to adapt.

Once you realize there is truly nothing you can do about a certain thing, you want to be as fluid and possible. For example, the building starts to collapse…please exit!  Those who want to brace themselves when as a building falls in, are going to be hurt and probably killed. So think about reacting intelligently, and being able to do this again and again and again.

As for what you might learn…there are forces greater than the individual. Do you remember the story about the little Dutch boy who saved his town by putting his finger in a dyke? That never happened.  When dams burst, towns are flooded.  We’re dealing with reality now and by the time it’s all said and done, most every person alive today will be humbled.

Think of Steve Jobs meeting a wall called, “cancer”.
People who thought their jobs were secure are losing them left and right.
I watched my city rot and fold in on itself for ten years.
I could not stop any of these things and either could anyone else.

 Will structure just keep rotting all the way through Pluto into Aquarius? 

I don’t think so, but it’s an interesting question because Aquarius is also Saturn-ruled. But I tend to think we’ll be dealing with the shadow side of technology (and the Internet).

The government may clamp down, and restrict access to particular content. Many of us are likely to replaced by machines. The rest of us will likely work for machines…

By that I mean, a machine will monitor your productivity. If it drops below a certain level, you’re out. There are a number of people who work in these conditions already.

A machine is likely to have a say as to who will survive and who will die. People are going to have sex with machines…you get the idea.

In what positive way do you think can this energy be used?

Pluto is associated with depth and healing. Capricorn deals in reality.  When I put these things together, I see the potential of real healing.

I am experiencing this myself, but let me be clear. Pain is part of this process. Suffering is part of this process too!

Being stripped bare, forces you to find the fortitude to continue on. I don’t know that I would choose to know my guts this well, anymore than I would choose to have my house flattened in a hurricane. But these things do happen to people and it they happen to you, you may as well try to profit, where “profit” means, “a valuable gain”.

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4 thoughts on “Halfway Through Pluto In Capricorn, Looking Ahead To Pluto In Aquarius”

  1. Everything was very inflated with Pluto in Sagittarius: Beanie Babies, the economy, Britney Spears’s boobs (LOL), sensational journalism, The law of attraction, Oprah’s peak of her career (she’s a Sadge rising and Moon).

    It’s no wonder Pluto in Cappy is like a bad hangover for some people, LOL.

  2. This can be a tough time on the calendar, I drive( lately, fill in) high school bus; who they are where their going; constant topics. I lend them a couple lines if needed”we all get 24 hrs irregardless of where we are in the food chain. Feel good, feel free even Trump watches TV. Remember it’s not what happens that matters, it’s how you respond or react that defines you.

  3. I wish that Pluto in Capricorn had a light side to it at some point, but it seems to be long and droning until it moves into the next sign. As others have stated, the best case scenario is just aiming for simplicity. It’s a new year now and we haven’t seen much shift. It’d be interesting to see if 2016 holds any new events astrologically speaking, or a summary of shifts to look forward to.

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