I’m Naïve & Too Trusting Of Others

kaleidoscope glassesHi Elsa!

I was wondering, is there a natal signature for naiveté? Are there indications that a person is too trusting? Or is it something that everyone has to eventually grow out of? I’ve had the rug pulled out from under my feet an enormous amount of time in past one year, hence this question is bothering me so much.

How do I decide whose words I’m to trust?

Stellium in Virgo

Hi, Virgo.

When a person is continually tricked or deceived, I look at Neptune for explanation. A person wants to believe the best of people. In reality people are human and flawed.  You have a multiple signatures of this tendency in your chart.

First, Virgo is often naive, with Neptune-ruled Pisces opposing. They look at “the other” as if they’re some higher being, to be worshipped. You have a stellium in the sign.

Venus in aspect to Neptune is another signature of naiveté. You and I both have this in our chart. I’ve written about it here – Naiveté.

Last, your Moon is also mashed with Neptune, squaring Venus. There is no way you’re going to make it through life without being tricked along the way, at least now and then. But you can address this.

First, knowing you have this tendency, you try hard to discern, up front. Use the clear glasses, not the swirly ones!  When this fails, as it is bound to at time, you can develop your natural ability to transcend.

Good luck!

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6 thoughts on “I’m Naïve & Too Trusting Of Others”

  1. Moon Venus Square Neptune, not to mention Jupiter in the mix…one of my biggest chAllenges… I’d say learning to trust myself first was the best way to tap into the faith

  2. anonymoushermit

    Yup, up until I was like 12, I was very wide-eyed. Then came puberty, and the trust was deflated like a balloon.

    Astrology? Pisces Sun.

  3. Pisces Moon conjunct Chiron, trine Scorpio Neptune, square Venus and Sun.

    No parental guidance, I have bizarre memories of being surrounded by all the kids in the neighborhood while the bully urged me to eat a candy bar with an open wrapper she gave me. Dumbfounded, I bite it and she gleefully shouts out that I ate a dead mouse. I was stalked by all the neighborhood bullies, just getting home from school whether walking or riding a bike was always a stressful ordeal. I was terrified and believed they would actually be able to kill me as they insisted on telling me this.

    High school was worse. Worse stalking, worse bullying and worse lies. My 20’s were a nightmare, I had it in my head that I needed to be married. No luck in that department.

    I have a boyfriend now that I am in my 50’s who I can confide in and he gives me insight when my own is lacking. I’m sure my son pulls the wool over my eyes financially but I am poor anyway so the little bit of money I do give him isn’t enough for him to get into trouble with. I spend most of my time alone or with my boyfriend these days so being duped isn’t an ongoing problem anymore. I am much, much happier spending time alone and have a hard time trusting most people outside of a superficial level.

  4. It’s also helpful to listen to a trust earthy personality in your life if you have one. I have several family members whom have theses rose colored glasses traits. I DO NOT, I have a grand trine in earth including Mars, Saturn and my moon. I am a very discerning person but not judgmental I just see the potential for BS strait away. When the people in my life whom are blind to what is obvious to me ask me I will tell them very directly what I see. If you have such a trusted person in your life listen to them when they offer a word of caution and appreciate that they can see clearly what you cannot. Big clue is if you find yourself defending or making excuses or otherwise talking up or “selling” for the party in question to the earthy trusted person while the earthy person stares at you wide eyed as if to say you cannot be serious…chances are good you are about to feel the floor with your bottom as that rug is about to be pulled.

  5. Avatar

    Placing trust in another human being is a recipe for disappointment, at least that’s my strong belief. Not that their intention is to deceive me, let me down or whatever. They simply are not equipped to follow with what they say or promise or agree to in a heat of the moment. Sure, there are agreements, contracts and co-operation, and fulfilling those is a matter of trust and is super important. But it is rare anyone pays so much attention to wat they say and agree to when talking to another as when they examine terms and condition of a contract they are about to sign. Besides, the same word means different things to different people. In their perspective they fulfilled their promises , in my not even close. They may not even remember what they said. Or we can see the same exchange from a completely different vantage point. Claiming that they perceive world or whatever the same way as I is a false assumption. Therefore the only thing I can truly trust is my gut feeling.

  6. Venus conjunct neptune trine the moon—-yah think??? I’m 53 and I can still be had! Pretty sure it’s not going to change at this point.

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