What’s The Difference Between Pluto Transiting Your Ascendant vs Your Descendant

PlutoHi, Elsa

You’ve said before that you consider Pluto conjunct ASC to be a Venus-Pluto signature since it is on an angle (opposite the DESC). But, I am curious how the energy differs from Pluto conjunct DESC, or in other words how it might play out differently as a Venus-Pluto signature.

Or does it?

Seeking Clarification
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Hi, Seeking!

This is a great question. I’m in a good position to answer it, seeing as Pluto just crossed my ascendant and I worked with numerous people who were having the opposite transit, over these last years. I want to note, this is gigantic question but you’ve specified the Venus Pluto signature. That’s good. I have your answer!

In both cases, your relationships with others are transformed. In the case Pluto crossing the ascendant, it’s you who transform (for good or ill). This, in turn affects your relationships.

With Pluto transiting the descendant, it’s generally an act on the part of the other, that transforms your relationship.  Act of dying, act of leaving but also act of appearing and act of not dying!

The first house asserts the energy where the seventh house receives it, but the result is very similar. Pain, then healing.

Good luck!

What’s your experience with Pluto transiting your ascendant or descendant?

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    1. I don’t know. I’d have to think about this…because you’re living with something over the course of a lifetime. I want to say, yes, but it’s too simple.

      I don’t have this in my head this minute, but I’m thinking about projection and relationship triangles, various transits… I just don’t think it would be this reliably straight-forward for decades and decades.

      1. Yes Pluto crossing the ascendant is definitely memorable. I was ready to reclaim power that I had given away or was never there. With Pluto in my 1st house, it has affected my interactions with friends, family and also in a work setting.
        It is a transit that transforms but then Pluto moves on to transform a different part of your life.

      2. Since i got Pluto on the DC and opp sun in taurus no less, i could weigh in my story so far. But i have yet to write that!
        It’s quite how you would imagine though. With every relationship, no matter the specifics, i always die and reborn. Nothing I’d wish on anyone really but its quite the trip once you embrace it…

  1. I met and married my husband with Pluto crossing my descendent. Going on 5 years of marriage now, so Pluto is obviously still transiting my 7th. He has natal Pluto in his 7th, and we also have Venus opposite Pluto synastry.
    I used to be one of those people with a ton of friends, but nobody I could call my best friend. Now I have a true best friend til death do we part, and all of my superficial relationships have fallen off the map. I moved halfway across the country and left behind pretty much my whole life to be with him, and I have no regrets. It’s not been easy but definitely worth it.

  2. I was 2 when Pluto was crossing my asc. My mother passed away in an accident and I ended up living her parents who didn’t really want me. They never recovered from “their loss.” It certainly changed my world.

    Now I’m 42 and Pluto is squaring my ascendant (and I guess my descendant?) I’m definitely changing and it’s sometimes painful, sometimes confusing and sometimes liberating. I feel like all I can do is just keep surrendering whatever and whoever I’ve been attached to.

      1. Thank you, Elsa <3 It's not all bad! As a 7th house everything, it just requires more effort for me to keep coming back to myself and self love. I believe it was you who said the antidote for Pluto is Venus?

  3. Ahhh good ol Pluto!

    When Pluto crossed my Scorpio Ascendant I went through a divorce and then later that same year had a car accident (as Pluto zig zagged back and forth) … which began a long journey of death/rebirth.

    And then ten years later when it crossed over Saturn ( still in my first house) I went to live in England (from NA) and met my soul mate.

    Then when it crossed my Moon (cusp of 1st and 2nd that whole thing imploded)

    For the last few years, Pluto has been zig zagging opposite my Sun ~ and it’s been way less dramatic yet equally transforming (lots of intense interpersonal stuff).
    Gotta love, Pluto!

    1. I think the sign it is in is going to make a difference. Being in Scorpio certainly amplified the darker side. I didn’t die, but I certainly went through an intense physical experience.

  4. Succinct reply and totally easy to follow and picture.
    Here’s how it has affected me.

    I have Asc 29 Capricorn.
    My work has changed (3 times) which has affected my husband. In the middle of that major shift my husband was run over by a car. He is healed somewhat but has pain more on a daily basis than he has had in years.

    I am working further from home now for less money and one less day a week. I enjoy some major parts of the job but it comes with a physical toll (being on my feet for 5 hours straight instead of working at a desk). This affects my health due to foot surgeries etc in my past. I’ve been diagnosed needing additional surgery on both feet again by a different Dr. So you can see the 180 degree axis responding to this transit. It has been dragged out for months of course with months to go. This is just what I see in 2023 regarding Pluto transiting my ascendant. My natal chart has Venus square Pluto. So I know this signature. Probably could throw the fraudulent job I unknowingly accepted in March into that signature. Because I quit my job to take the fraudulent one, I ended up unemployed for four months but was able to be with husband more during his recovery. I have now been at a new job I love for just over a month.

    I won’t regret seeing Pluto pass this angle and move along…

    PS. Natal Pluto is located deeply into my 7th house (intercepted) and square my natal Venus on midheaven. This is how it played out for me.

  5. This post has revealed to me how I have never really looked at how natal Pluto (10th house) and Uranus (9th) square my ASC/DSC/ and oppose my Chiron on the IC. Saturn is there now, in the fourth house and Saturn is my Sun Sign ruler ….hmmm.

    1. Happens to me all the time, especially with family charts. I am trying to organize my files better so I’m not repeating work on them but it’s always just beyond me to catch up.

      Not only that but I lose track of other transits when something BIG happens. Uranus has been on my nadir for awhile and our house is seeing major things start to come together. It just dawned on me it’s the 23 Taurus nadir. Too much going on at once!!!

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