Pluto Transits My 12th House, Conjuncts My Ascendant & Enters My 1st

open doorTransiting Pluto in Capricorn entered my 12th house in 2007. There was very little written on the topic at the time. Every bit of info I could find was negative, at best. I decided I should chronicle this transit.

Thirteen years later, I’m still here and I’ve kept my commitment.  You can peruse my work here: tag – Pluto transit 12th.

With Pluto conjunct my ascendant, this transit it wrapping up. My experience has been classic.  Pain is a burden. I suffer in captivity… and in secret.

Keep in mind, when a planet transits the ascendant it impacts all the Cardinal houses. My reputation is decimated. One note on that – the same thing happened when Pluto entered my 10th.

I lost both parents during this transit.  They’re dead.
Again, this is similar to what happened when Pluto entered my 10th. My grandfather died and I became estranged from my family.

I got my daughter back and she’s given us a grandson. I note that all of our children are raised and on their own.

My appearance is transforming as is my “first handshake”. For one thing, I’ve quit coloring my hair.

As most know, Saturn is conjunct If you’re having this same transit (or if you’re Aquarius rising and you will be, my thinking on this might help you.

This idea was introduced to me because of the Covid shutdown.  But as I thought about. Saturn and Pluto crossing into my first seems a good time present myself as an older person. I’m a grandma, yes?  But the main thing that influenced me – I realized if I did not do this now, I would most likely continue to color my hair until transiting Saturn hit my 4th house.  That could be a depression. Once I realized this, my decision was made.

Of course, I have to have surgery on my spine.  I feel okay about it. I am right on the verge of the beginning of a new life.

On that note, I think it’s prudent to leave what happens in the 12th house, in the 12th house. I won’t be dragging my painful troubles into my future.  Goodbye to you!

*Pulling this up, end of 2021 because Pluto is about to leave my 12th house for good.  It’s all about letting go.  Pluto is in Capricorn. My accomplishments have been washed away but so have my concerns. I’m down to bare bones but there’s some relief to this. The bags I were carrying were so heavy.

Are you a late Capricorn rising? What’s happening in your world.

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  1. Wow, incredible Elsa.

    I remember back all those years ago, when you first
    wrote about it. I was just learning back then, and wondered
    what it all meant.

  2. Hm, when Pluto is done hovering opposite my moon, it will enter my 12th. I’ve been thinking about moving across the border for a while now. I hope that’s how it’ll work out.

    The good thing about the outer planets moving out of the 12th is that whatever was hidden will come to the light. I had that happening with neptune. I guess that’s why you’re finally able to have that spine surgery. If it goes well you’ll be free of the 12th house burden.

  3. Pluto crossed my Asc and is now retrogrades to conjunct my Asc again, and eventually (through September-ish)conjunct my Natal Cap Moon. In late September my son has a birthday and is nearly 50. In late November he has a son. In mid-November I have a birthday, and turn 73. In late November I am a grandmother. My career as a blogger is changing, I’m giving it up after twelve years. Saying good-bye hopefully leaving a legacy of content (hidden for the most part) to be found by the stealth and excavating wanderer. The retrograde is plowing up my purpose and my dreams have been busier than waking life. Uranus in Taurus squares all this Pluto, but also sextiles my Cap Moon to provide me graceful potential for changes. I’m counting on that sextile to apply some ‘glide’ to a lifetime of rough Saturn and Pluto.
    Your place, Elsa, is a safety net for me and many other hitch-hikers on this planet. I’m very grateful for the compass you offer and since I’ve never colored my hair the evidence I am an old woman is apparent. Being a grandmother is something I thought would never be. It’s happened, I pray that when Pluto moves set into my 1st House this Scorpio grandmother will help not hinder the raising of a Scorpio new to Earth.

  4. I am having this transit as well.
    Your tale is both inspiring as well as frightening to be honest!
    I became estranged from my mother when Saturn conducted my Scorpio Stellium.
    My mother’s Saturn is also conjunct my stellium.

    Astrology… You just can’t cook this sh*t up!

    I found this blog during 2013-2014 when Pluto started his transit in my 12th. I am sure I have learned tons by reading your posts and reading and commenting. I have no doubt that this was a classic example of “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” case.
    I just didn’t know how full of teaching it has been to read about transits, personal as otherwise general transits. I didn’t know it was in Cap 12th house I should learn valuable lessons from astrology.

    I have gained so much from this blog and try to support it by buying your in-depth reports. I wish I could afford more. Maybe some day.

    During Saturn’s transit to my Moon I finally lost contact with my mom and her side of the family (Libra Moon). I am Aquarius, so this makes sense.
    I have been thinking about changing my last name to start the new cycle in a new identity somehow. I hadn’t realised this was probably a kind of Saturn coming out of the 12th house thing. But in December he will conjunct my Ascendant. And then I am hopefully in a better …. Discipline. Taking responsibility for the collective would in my family and life: anxiety and trauma.

    By having a new last name I will have ended a lifetime with a name that was a burden and had Anxiety treatment also. New life, new times!

    1. Avatar
      the laughing goat

      I have also been contemplating changing my last name – been experiencing 12H transits, and Saturn will cross my Aquarius ASC Jan. 2022. Similarly, I want to disconnect with all the past BS associated with the identity of my last name which I feel I am shedding. Hmmm – shedding…

  5. I think I have this placement natally? Not sure, I haven’t focused much on degrees, just signs/houses..

    Sun in Libra, 25 degrees, end of house 11
    Ascendant in Scorpio, 16 degrees, house 1
    Pluto in Scorpio, 6 degrees, house 12


    1. Think that when you are born with this placement, your entire existence is one of crisis, to the extent that calm is the exception rather than the rule.

      I say this because I too have Pluto in the 12th Natally, in Libra. With Uranus RX on my AC, my home is where I am. Calm is a choice.

      1. Avatar

        This is the only thing that makes me question the equal sign system… in this system Pluto’s in my 12th but in Placidus it’s in my 11th. My life is pretty stable – not exactly typical for my age of 33 (maybe it is these days – not married with a family). But it’s pretty predictable and stable and nothing like the life of a person with this placement that we all hear about. I wonder if other placements can counteract a 12th house Pluto

  6. Avatar
    Kathy Hamilton

    I was born with Pluto conjunct Saturn in the twelfth house so I understand the power of the unconscious. It can be the most powerful transformer but is hard to handle in youth. I found that before forty my searches lead to many painful dead ends. Since my conjunction is in Leo, it was at 40, only after I had come to feel self sustaining, my life changed radically for the better. Now at 73, I find that Saturn is my friend and teacher and Pluto my guide to the truth.

    1. Glad to hear the rainbow at the end of the storm clouds. I have Pluto in the 12th in Libra Natally and am presently 42.

      Soon Tr Saturn and Tr Jupiter will conjunct my IC at 3 degrees + Aqua. Simultaneously I will have Tr Uranus on my DC. I have a stellium in Leo, in my 10th and they will be opposed by Tr Saturn and squared by Tr Uranus at the same time.

      The Uranus opposition will also be happening then. Given the wisdom of years, I know that this will herald a period of transformation and growth. There is neither without growing pains and I expect that my mettle will be tested.

  7. Here’s a cappy sun, aqua rising 0 degree;-) All the trouble and the new life started with pluto in the 12th/ 2007. Me too lost both parents in 2009 und 2012. Got money, lost money. Got married in 2000, because i was pregnant with my beloved libra 12th house sun daughter, allthough my instincts said NO (saturn versus uranus). Got divorced 2009 because of a young man, who “suddenly” in 2007 crossed my boring work routines at a university students canteen ( me: sag in 10 + 11 / cancer in 6) and told me, that “theatre” could be my gift. He was 19 years younger than me, a volunteer and searching for the right place to study acting: Vienna. He is an aqua sun, moon and mercury and “free” actor. He has vanished out of my life, but he was the start for very important life lessons. “If you love somebody, set them free” (Sting). Man, it was hard to let him go. And in 2015 i wanted my daugther to “freedive in life”. Man, ist was hard to let her go again. She left her hometown, first settled in Berlin with her allways absent father (12th house sun) and now i am a young grandmother (moon in 4/5th) . My beloved grandchild is a german-polish mix, scorpio sun, moon conjunct neptune in 7th, me scorpio at the 9th house cusp:-). Father and daugther live in the same town, but they really rarely meet in town or by telephone. Guess why? My daugther is a “mama-child” and with the north node in cancer in the 9th house, guess what;-)

  8. Hi Elsa!
    I’m also a Capricorn Ascendant with Pluto transiting through my 12th house. Though, I think I’m considerably younger than most viewers on your blog? I believe my transit began somewhere in 2011; I was only 11/12 at the time. I’m now 21, about to turn 22, and I’m not sure what this transit has meant for me exactly? I don’t remember much of my earlier childhood, so I can’t particularly recall a time BEFORE Pluto was transiting my 12th house. A lot of what you’ve said in your blog posts resonates with me, though; thank you for that.

    1. I forgot to add! My Capricorn Ascendant is at 28 degrees exactly; so I suppose I’m one of the later degree Capricorn Risings you were talking about! I’d love to discuss with you sometime personally 🙂

  9. Not a late cap rising, a middle one. Saturn and pluto transits brought limited movement. Now they are still in 1st house- body aches, bones aches. I am basically a rain and bad weather human detector.

  10. @Elsa You’ve written: “Keep in mind, when a planet transits the ascendant it impacts all the Cardinal houses”. I just checked the dates, in the last, soon-to-be, 13 years I lost both my parents and grandparents, on days they died, Moon was squaring my natal ASC. I’m not very good with transits, but does it have anything to do with what you wrote above?

          1. I wasn’t clear either. You said on the DAY they died, the moon (which moves quickly) was on an angle. I would consider that to be a timer of an emotional event.

  11. Pluto’s about to hit my 10th. I guess I’ll be singing that song “I know I’ve got a bad reputation, and it isn’t just talk talk talk”

  12. Hi, my ASC is at 24 cap and Pluto spent last year and until recently going over it three times! I think Jupiter was my saving grace last year as the heavy weights Saturn, Mars and Pluto were hovering between 22 -24 Cap. I felt weirdly isolated from everybody, literally because of the pandemic but also from the world as I know it. Neptune is also squaring natal Mars in Sag, which has the effect of Anestesia… I feel numb and unable to do much, like watching the world events happen from under the water… we had the loss of family and friends and we could not even say good bye because of lockdowns, I had the challenge of homeschooling and making sure the kids were nourished (spiritually, emotionally and physically) 2 years of hard work being the spine of the house (Capricorn), supporting everybody… I feel exhausted… but now that Pluto is finally at 25 I must say I have a feeling of relief. It helps that Neptune is direct, as the ruler of my sun, I felt the shift in a positive way… there is relief and hope… so I guess not too bad now… hope it gets a bit better every day

  13. I also lost my parents when pluto transited my 12th house in scorpio where my sun is. My husband passed during this capricorn transit he has his asc in the 12th house capricorn. My youngest sister , a capricorn just was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, I dont think she will make it out of this transit alive. My brother passed last Dec,The capricorn in pluto transit has been crossing my second house. Nothing but loss after loss.

    1. Same here. My parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Since 2008. Pluto is transiting my 2nd house, I’ve buried 9 family members. I wasn’t close with my dad’s brother and sisters, but still, they were family. The only family I have left is my uncle (my mom’s brother and my godfather) and my brother. We aren’t close, nominal at best.

  14. I’ve had Pluto transiting my 9th and within orb of my 26 Cap MC for awhile. I lost my nephew, brother and father in 4 months in 2014 with transiting Uranus in Aries in my 12th squaring transiting Pluto from my 12th. More loss of loved ones and work since 2019. My 12th is intercepted having Uranus transiting since 2010. 2022 Pluto goes to 10th and Uranus to 1st. I will get Uranus opposing my Saturn and squaring my Pluto later in 2022 along with others born around my time. Saturn in Aquarius joins in for a grand cross in 2023. Heads up to those with any late fixed signs.

  15. Dear Elsa!
    Congratulations! You made it gaining probably so much inner power and wisdom, liberating yourself from the pain and your hidden heavy burden!
    Pluto will be in my 12th for a couple of years until it will reach my ASC at 5 Gemjmni. On the way I have to survive opposition of tr Pluto to my natal Saturn, Mars and square to Uranus. Damn.i am in hiding, processing intensely my own pain and burden.
    What makes it a bit easier is that the Pluto gradually trines my immense stellum in Taurus

  16. Pluto is quincunx my Mars conjunct late Gemini ASC. I have not been able to find anything much on ‘transit Pluto quincunx ASC’. I referred this to a friend who has been keen on astrology for a good forty years. She said something I just do not understand:

    ‘Look up “transit Pluto conjuct ASC”. That’s the same.’

    Seeing my amazed gape, she added: ‘The quincunx is the same as the conjunct: the planets can’t see each other in either. That’s why. Get it?’

    I did not get it. Has anyone ever heard this line, please?

    1. It’s not the same. It is not even remotely the same.

      The quincunx would have more in common with a square aspect. When planets (points) are conjunct, they’re conjoined and working together.

      I have Pluto conjunct my ascendant and it’s as if I swallowed the damn planet.
      Compare that to Pluto over there —–> aggravating me, perhaps in the form of another person.

      I hope that illustrates the difference. 🙂

      1. Oh, thank you, Elsa! Your illustration is brilliantly evocative. After all, ‘inconjunct’ is the negation of ‘conjunct’. So my friend’s position does not even make linguistic sense. She had me fooled, though. More fool me.

  17. I have my rising at 26 degrees Capricorn so I am aware of the dance Pluto has made over my ascendant. Because of the retrograde Pluto is getting ready to exact conjunct my ascendant for the third and final time. Well, I say third time, technically Pluto stopped on my ascendant when it turned retrograde but Pluto is getting ready to cross over it. Even then, Pluto will still stay conjunct as it will take some time to move on past my 26 degrees in Cap so I will stay on this ride for another couple years I believe. On December 19th, which is my birthday no doubt, a conjunct Venus and Pluto which will both be exact on my ascendant, Venus will stop on my ascendant and turn retrograde.

  18. Pluto has officially entered my first house for the last time – not going back to the 12th again. I feel a song in my bones.

    1. I also had, at the same time, progressed Pluto conjunct progressed Sun (and natal Pluto) and that just cleared as well.

  19. Since Pluto moves so slowly, I am impacted by what house system I use. With Placidus, I have late degree Aquarius on the 12th. In Whole Signs which is the other system I mess with, Pluto right there in 12… soon.

    When Pluto was in Cap on my Moon for EVER,it seems, life changed in so many dramatic ways.Lost my parents,best friends, my son got cancer.

    Now, My son is sick once again. I am depressed. Our retirement plans were 86-ed by Covid a couple of years ago,now. Barebones indeed. But my husband and I are mostly “safe.” Compared to many.

    I barely recovered from Pluto on Moon, and now.. a bit scared of what’s next. AM in midst of caring for our sick son,who had to move in with us (no wife or kids)—

    As a Cancerian, I do love my home but the walls are beginning to creep in on me!!

    I am trying hard to fall into my Pisces rising spiritual foundations, but truth is, my faith is running on fumes these days.

    I bought some poinsettias too, but just can’t work up enough Christmas spirit to make the cookies..maybe wiht next week’s planet. Shifts I iwll pull out the rolling pin.,Who knows.

  20. Dear Elsa and all who are traveling through Pluto in the 12th and ASC onward in to the first.
    Life was seemed choppy towards the end of Pluto in Sag. Had no idea what was coming ahead in the 12th.
    10/29/12 -Life shattering a rear end collision left me with me with a misdiagnosed brain/stem injury. Lost my career, my investments and retirement. It took five years for a correct diag and nine years to take to trial.
    9/27/21-10/6/21. A small covid style jury ruled 0 verdict?.
    My S.Node was transiting (MC/N.Node) during Nov eclipse.The Judge granted a Reconsideration for my case. Yet he denied his decision on the morning of 12/3/21 and eclipsed my Sag Saturn and Venus in the 10th house.

    I’ve Just turned 65 with multiple disabilities and it will be a struggle to find work.
    Have filed for Appeal on 1/3/22 which is a long intense and expensive process..deeply concerned if there will be a better outcome -or -leave it in the past.

    Like Elsa, decided in 2020 to let my hair go silver.
    These days,there is freedom in going gray especially in the Saturn/Pluto era.

    With 1 Aquarius ASC my angles are effected in houses 4/7/10
    Uranus 6 Leo opposes n.ASC 7th
    PLUTO 7th 0 Virgo
    a.Leaving me wondering how health will endure or not.
    b. Truth, how many Silver haired, disabled ladies find jobs that pay enough to replentish one’s retirement savings used to cover living costs, medical costs and of course legal fees.
    c.Will Aquarius on the ASC and traveling through the first house provide abundant health, finances and peaceful happiness?
    d.Any ideas on what the next Saturn/Pluto transit?
    e.Truth is Power.

    My last statement to all who are reading. This is proof that your words matter in the Universe. Take care in thought and word.
    I waited 12 yrs to buy the car that was demolished in this collision.
    It cost more at the time than I anticipated spending. While running the numbers on this karmic vehicle, I stated to myself that I would need to keep this car nine years instead of five years to make it pencil.
    (Capricorn decision making)
    I purchased this car on 10/29/2003. Nine yrs to the day of my major life change.
    Who would have known.

    1. Thank you for sharing all that. ?

      I agree that our thoughts and words have a way of manifesting themselves. Furthermore, I also agree that truth is power.

      However the ability to perceive the truth is usually hampered by our hopes for the future. It takes an incredibly amount of courage to see what the charts really say (natal potential, progressed internal revolutions, external factors in the form of transits, SR tied in, SR on top on natal tied in etc etc) and not flinch.

      Often they will all say more or less the same thing but in our hope to see what we want to see, we miss what is actually there.

      I experienced Tr Pluto going from 12th house to 1st very young in life. I was 8 and I have a packed 10th. That was a turning point in my life. Of course it’s different to experience Tr Pluto going from 12th to 1st when you are 65. You have a lifetime of experiences to unpack. ?

  21. Thanks to all for sharing. I too have been searching and buying books on Pluto as Pluto entered my 12th house in the end of 2008. My brother tragically died 3 months later. I had a car accident in 2018, Mom died 2019. My Dad won’t last this year. Pluto crosses my ASC on March 13th and stays till it retrogrades back into my 12th in June this year. It’s been awful at times and most recently since the pandemic. Also of depression and trauma coming up for healing that I thought I had dealt with. Anxiety, sleepless nights. Alot of endings and isolation. I also have Pluto sq my Sun. Oh and did I mention menopause? This too shall pass and thank god I’m in recovery and have a solid foundation of support. Blessings to all who shared.

  22. I decided to check some dates and transits in my childhood and just discovered Pluto transit my 12th house and conjunct ascendant when I was a child. It never even occurred to me that I might have been through that transit! I have a very good memory, excellent, so what do I remember? I was sick a lot, had problems with my throat, there was a war in my country, lots of death, but as I always recall, it was the most beautiful part of my life. I was a child, but no matter that we didn’t have money, there was war, my mom’s addiction, father’s illness, I was happy. Maybe I wasn’t aware back then that the burden of my family slowly found its path to my back at that time. Then, I wasn’t aware of it so much, but today, I still carry it and it’s getting heavier and heavier. Just wanted to share this little experience I remember.

    1. The outer transit are less brutal when we are young, only because we have less memory of the events with time, and also because, I feel at least, we don’t attribute blame to ourselves in how we handled them; for the most part, we just coasted along over the turbulence in our paths.

      They also set up our expectations for how life is; when life has never been about daisies or sunshine, everything that follows is well *shrug* somehow tolerable. This toughness is actually an advantage and unlike what others may think, doesn’t mean you are immune to hurts. Just that it would take much more to shake you.

      1. Oh wow. Can’t say that I agree. Take the death of a parent, a sibling or even a friend. Parent’s divorce can also do it. You life is changed forever.

        Bullying can be quite bad in some cases. Sexual and/or physical abuse. Even a move away from your friends.

        As a child you have no control or choice or way to get out of the path of an oncoming train.

        1. Ok, I speak for myself then. Maybe it comes back to the natal makeup. Maybe I have also had favourable progressions.

          Turbulent childhood not withstanding, and generally eventful life as a whole, I just brush the dust off my imaginary shoulder and say, “Let’s just continue.”

          I’m not going to wait for anyone to come commiserate with me about the shit relatives (father’s, mother’s, my husband’s) or the changes of schools (5) or the childhood bullies (we are still in contact) etc etc. Uranus Rx on the AChas taught me that I came into this life alone, I am quite fine functioning independently (number of friends and acquaintances aside), and will exit alone as well. It’s not a sad thing for me. I’m just wired differently. ?

  23. 29 Cap rising here. Living as though waiting for the other shoe to drop. Yes I too lost reputation when Pluto passed through my tenth house years ago. Feeling a need to cull possessions, acquaintances, would like to disappear for a while. Have had health issues then a surprise healing which left my doctor scratching his head.

  24. pluto entered my 12th in 2007 too, asc 24 cap,Lost my dad, Blew out 3 discs in lower lumbar, thankfully epidurals worked, I left my 25 yr marriage in 2010 when pluto was hitting my ex’s asc. In leaving ex lost my step kids and their kids. Moved back to where I grew up, stayed 2 years ex died, moved back to where I was, never had been in a hospital…then Bam broke foot, 2 surg, lots of scooter time, 2015 seizure while riding a bike( not recommended) broke my face,TBI and couldn’t drive for 6 months, stopped medication(wellbutrin) no more seizures. Started painting and showing my work,Moved 2018 lost mother, in 2019 opened an art gallery and 2020 right when it hit my asc I died 3 times, hospital ICU Ventilator , 2 weeks Blood infection(sepsis) cause unknown, long recovery but today I am doing great! But I honestly look back and talk about transformation! Whew!

        1. Elsa was the first person I called…Pluto is fucking with me again…Back in 2020 when it hit my asc. blood infection etc Now have been having TEE trans ensoph echo and last one came back severe aortic leakage so I will be having open heart surg in the next few months. I wonder if my asc is not 24 but a few degrees later? Wait it gets better, I am dealing with shoulder issues, I am an artist and when getting cortisone inj my dr noticed waht he thinks looks like melanoma, so getting that removed Dec 20… AND recheck mammo on Monday.. they have been watching the same spot since 2007, my dear friend is an oncologist and says don’t worry….Yea right, obviously he’s not into astrology….Next up when PL opp Venus I wonder what the hell that will be like? PL is not for sissies, that’s for sure…..

          1. Wow, Lisa, your journey w/ PL has been epic to say the least. I’m sorry that anyone has to go through what you’re going through. I have PL on my 28 deg Saturn right now conj my asc at 26 deg. It’s been trial after trial and a breakdown of structures left and right, but some I’m really glad and ready for. My mom just sent over an article on mushrooms as a supplement for many health issues. Good luck and keep us posted.

  25. Things are still improving, pluto in the first isn’t half as scary as the 12th! I looked back and when Pl entered my 10th I married my first husband, changed my name and took on two step kids….

  26. Oh Lisa, this is incredible, you are a Phoenix truly rising from ashes
    My asc is 5 Aqua opposite Mars and square Uranus… I hope will survive like you. Saturn crossing the Asc lately was excruciating…

    1. Thanks Alice,
      I think my saturn when aspected isn’t as bad bc I live with a cap asc. so I understand saturn? Elsa do you find saturn is easier bc of your sat asc? My stellium in the 7th house ve,ur,mars are in early degrees of Leo so Pl isn’t finished with me yet…. Keep us posted, we all will survive, as long as we pivot and embrace some changes, it’s much easier to submit to the pl energy, not something I am good at doing, submitting I have learned tho to work with saturn and give in to pluto, not like you can stop it!

      ps my Ju /Mo conj is trine my asc, I think that is what saved me! Happy Thanksgiving! XO

      1. Hi Lisa! I agree…My Venus, Vesta and Sun is trine my Asc that might save me.
        We both share moon-jupiter conjunction ( mine has also South node and is 11-14 Taurus) Jupiter Moon is usually lucky! Thanks my hope as now last 3 years were damn hard.
        I send you all good vibes!

  27. Wow, wow, wow… about timing, currently doing some in-depth healing work centred around my early years and my mother. After the latest session, there was the email about 12th house pluto transits. I have natal pluto in the 12th conjunct my moon – just taking a look at the transit of pluto in the early years…12th house and into the 1st….all falls into place. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Belinda. Several years from now Pluto will be squaring my immense stellum in Taurus so maybe I will benefit from reading and stop being so scared.

  28. I am a late Sag rising. Pluto is at the end of my first house conjunct my natal 28 Chiron. Amazing and painful. I’d say Pluto transit the first was more difficult than its transit to my 12th tho that brought a stalker and character assassination as well as limiting accidents and surgeries. (Oppose my sun in 6) Good luck to everyone.

  29. Wow, your story reads just like mine in every way. And I’m also now due to have a serious life altering surgery in a few weeks. Been concerned about the the effects of this extended transit over my ascendant for years.. I’m just going to keep your positive outcome in my heart as I go through this continued massive change. Can barely recognize myself or my life since this all started back in 2012ish. Truly a frightening, confusing and frustrating experience but I did know that Pluto was sitting right there and I know astrology well enough but haven’t practiced since the late 90’s so haven’t truly been in emotionally tune. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story and I hope you are doing well and that somehow it all served you in good way after so much suffering. Yes, I know pain too. Physical torturous screaming pain and emotional abuse, being cut off, being slandered, being left left alone and heartbroken and confused. I’ll take Almighty GOD and your story into surgery with me and I’ll not look further into this transit. Bless you and the rest of your life. May all your truest aspirations and joy fill your life with peace and happy moments. Gabriella 🌺🫂

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