Having Trouble Dealing With Aquarius Energy?

aquarius water bearer paintingI was writing a newsletter about Mars in Scorpio squaring Jupiter in Aquarius. I realized a lot of people are having a hard time with Aquarius energy.  Namely, it’s unpredictable.

People resist this. They continue to make predictions; feel they know what’s going to happen but I seriously doubt this is the case.

I say this because my parents are both mega Aquarians. There was no telling what they were going to do, outside of the fact it would be something you didn’t expect.

As an example, I came from school and my mother had painted a life-sized bullfighter on the wall. Or she painstakingly collected every recording by her favorite artist, for years. Fifty units or so. But then one day she threw them all away. They were just gone.

As Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius, you can expect the story (Jupiter) and the rules (Saturn) to change, fast.  

How are you dealing with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius?

16 thoughts on “Having Trouble Dealing With Aquarius Energy?”

  1. Oh wow Elsa! That must have either very challenging for you or you just took it in stride! I knew an Aquarius woman who would just go into the families storage and get rid of stuff without their permission! She told me to just get rid of all my deceased stents stuff as I’d never use it. At the time I was grieving and was very upset, but so far….she was right! I could be saving all that money. But I totally get what you meant in your newsletter about two fixed signs fighting. It’s like two Pitbulls that won’t let go!

    Any at rate, I find Aquarian energy refreshing sometimes and puzzling at the least other times, but right now it’s just been over the top changes that are making my head spin and life stressful.

    I saw a documentary on John Lennon and Yoko Ono. She’s an Aquarius and seems so calm, but under all that calm little lightening bolts are going off!…lol

    1. *parents not “stents”
      Elsa I apologize. I read your book and I know your dad was more than just challenging! You had to survive him. (((Elsa))).

  2. Aquarian’s can be such a big deal of fun and excitement. It just depends what I don’t want to make fun of. As a person with cancer AC and Leo sun, I prefer a stable ground in personal relationships and I couldn’t stand too much quirky surprises in this regard. But as long as I can put them on a distance, let’s say stay detached myself – hey, great people to be with.

  3. Oprah is an aquarius and ed sheeran and jennifer aniston
    I guess when oprah was randomly giving away prizes during her shows before retirement it was unpredictable. Maybe ed sheerans music has unpredictably. I dont really listen to it but alot of people like it.

      1. Sounds like aquarius polices people. Ive been hearing alot of anarchy during saturn aquarius meaning they going against justice and fairness. And running amok with stealing department stores up in san Francisco and all west coast big stores like nordstrom and macys. If libra is air going for justice and fairness then their trine are policing and keeping the peace by protection so saturn in aquarius is showing against policing. Similar to saturn Sagittarius where freedom of speech got you killed that year if i recall.

    1. I, too, Diane — now that you have put forward the idea! This remark of yours is certainly profound, but also very funny, so delightful. I’m most grateful for it.

  4. Your parents must have been fun, Elsa!!! Ok, I know the theme here is Aquarius = unpredictable. And they are highly unpredictable.?

    My almost 17 year old daughter with severe ADHD is an Aquarius Sun with Moon in Leo and Uranus on MC. Her father, my husband, is a Leo Sun with Pisces Moon on his DC. You can only imagine how those two get on!

    I often feel like the “hamburger meat” in the family with Sun being my strongest planet, followed by Uranus. When my daughter is home, her friends, all with neurodivergence, will all congregate in our home. Uranus rules my 4th and it is on my AC.

    My best friend and Astro guru, Frances, is also an Aquarius Sun with Libra Moon. I enjoy her mind. We have been able to carry on a close friendship for over 12 years, even though we have only been physically in the same town for 1/12.

    I have a stalker and he too is an Aquarius Sun with Libra Moon. He only lives 3.5km away but after 4 years of stalking me, can’t actually have a face-to-face conversation with me.

  5. I like the Aqua energy. My Dad’s one and two of his siblings. One day apart!

    I’ve also got a natal Sun square Uranus.

    And currently Jupiter/Saturn are squaring my Scorp stellium while Uranus in Taurus is currently conjunct my natal Saturn in Taurus.

    The moral of the story is:
    Stay flexible, stay focused. (Uranus/Taurus IS fixed after all) Think quick on your feet and outside the box. When in doubt, peace out man!

  6. With my Aquarius mom I could have never known as to what situation I would encounter when I was coming home. Would she be home? Would there be lunch? What hippie/weird ppl would be there?
    Once I came and saw her with two legs in cast. Much later I found out that she threw herself from the roof because she thought she became pregnant by one of her hippie much younger boyfriends…
    With my soon-to-be ex I could never hold a simple schedule. My Virgo sun (conjunct Mercury and Mars) like planning, order and practicality.

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