Christmas Astro Forecast: Mercury Conjunct Mars Square Neptune

dodge ballIt’s common for people to stress over the holidays. Christmas week stands out this year in that it looks like an easy-to-handle good time, so long as you can avoid one slick spot. I’m going to lay this out and we’ll see if it helps.

First, outside of the Venus Uranus opposition on Wednesday the 21st, there’s nothing else concerning, ahead of the holiday. Come Christmas, the potential problem occurs as Mercury (retrograde) will be closing a conjunction with Mars.

The Mercury Mars conjunction is often problematic. I’m sure about this because I have one in my natal chart. This conjunction, exact on December 28th, in one of a series of conjunctions over the course of six months.

Normally, Mars will conjoin Mercury ever two years. Think about it. Mouths and Minds on fire. Things flare then calm down, but not this time…

Mercury Conjunct Mars For Six Months – Ends In Capricorn – Bring It Home!

Does the anger stack up?  I think it probably does.

Mercury with Mars loves to pick a fight so you see why I’m warning about this.  If you’re out traveling or visiting or staying with friends of family, you’re likely to meet this energy in the wild.

Generally, this energy is pretty clean but in this case, Neptune is squaring the pair. Now we’re looking at irrational anger, misplaced anger and various other sundries.

The challenge, if you care to accept it, is to avoid (Neptune) these rages that are likely to constellate very quickly.  And to not go off yourself, of course. It should help, understanding this is this is the significant factor, threatening your Merry Christmas.

It’s like dodge ball, if you’ve ever played it.  Someone throws the ball at you, as hard and fast as they can. You see the missile coming but your reflexes are keen. You deftly dodge the projectile and it feels so good!

Any other dodge ball players out there?

6 thoughts on “Christmas Astro Forecast: Mercury Conjunct Mars Square Neptune”

  1. I was born with Mars and Mercury in Gemini. The two have been doing a dance in my progressed chart for my entire life. They were exactly conjunct in Cancer in my 12th house about 10 years ago. Now they are still conjunct, but separating, around my 12th house cusp. In the next year, Mercury will turn retrograde and Mars will march forward into Leo. They will gain some distance over the next 10-20-30 years, and take things into my 11th house… but if I live to be 100, they will meet back up again in early Virgo! Ha! Argh! There is no escaping it, I am the one who picks the fights. I am finally learning to see it myself and attempting to nip it in the bud. This is not easy. I always got hit in Dodgeball… I guess Taurus is an easy target.

  2. Funny angle to take; I loved dodge ball, was good and usually the last one standing. In reflection I’m still the last one standing but the adrenaline stacks up over time. BREAKFAST!! Yea, that’s why I love to cook and eat.

  3. I loved dodgeball! I have Mars square Pluto natally, so I probably loved it TOO much! 😬🤦

    Looking at it, it’s quite a ruthless game, not even your best friends were spared from you chucking the ball at them with such aggression and speed, with the aim of knocking them out of the game. But everyone knew the rules so it was widely accepted, and nobody took it personally (I hope not anyway!)

  4. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    I LOVED DODGE BALL AS A KID/TWEENAGER! There was a group of us girls that would regularly kick the guys asses!! 😉

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