His Aries Woman is Untamed: Pisces Man Is Jealous

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Dear Elsa,

I have been in a relationship with an Aries woman for 5 months. Our relationship is now long-distance, as it has been for the last 2 months or so.

I feel this distance on her part – she claims everything is OK. We also fight a lot lately, which we didn’t use to do in the past. My girlfriend also enjoys the company of men – she has many male friends and still corresponds with a man she had been romantically involved with in the past. All this leads to jealous outbursts from me that I can’t really help but are also what, I sense, give rise to most of our problems.

My problem with her is that she sometimes does not seem to take my feelings into consideration. What can I do in order to help this relationship work, especially since it is also long-distance?

Thank you,
Impassioned Man

Dear Impassioned,

I am sorry but you are not really asking how to make the relationship work, because it is already “working”. She is being who she is and you are being who you are and you are reacting. And what you really want to do is control her, but here’s the disturbing news…

You may be a sensitive Pisces, but you have Venus and Mars in Aries and you like the challenge this woman presents. She inflames you which is exactly what… inflames you! And if you doubt this, just imagine her married to you and docile, doing as you wish, ’round the clock, day in day out.


“How high, honey?”

Are you bored yet? I promise you will be.

So I don’t know if you can keep this relationship together over the long term, but I can tell you for sure that if you manage to tame her you’re not going to like what you’ve got left.

So it’s not really her who needs to be more sensitive to your feelings. It is you who needs to be more sensitive to your feelings. You’ve got an independent woman on your hands. How do you feel about that really?

Good luck.


2 thoughts on “His Aries Woman is Untamed: Pisces Man Is Jealous”

  1. I can relate to this completely. I’m an independent woman in a long distance relationship which is fiery to say the least. This makes life difficult, but it also makes it interesting. Over the years the relationship has become less volatile – we listen to each other more now, there are boundaries we do not tresspass on both sides, and this has been incredibly important for ‘us’. On the other hand we both live the ‘don’t ever let them tame you’ philosophy, and I would not go for less. Good luck!

  2. I’m sorry your feeling this way. I too an Aries in LDR with a Pisce.I do too love to surround my self around men and its not anything has to do sexually. We are dominant sign. I love the feeling of power that men has and I feed off of that. I don’t like girlfriends because subjects are too emotional and Pisces hearts are emotional. I do love the support that I nurture my Pisces heart no doubt about it. Is just I can’t mingle in with emotional romance heart too long I need air to breath I need to regain my power of independent so I can support my Pisces. So never think that we don’t care. We do care we love your company to come home to after facing the world with challenges. You are my hero Pisces.

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