His Scorpio Moon And My 8th House: “…Need Somebody To Burn”

“I’ll wind up the dark one, you’ll see,” I said, talking to the soldier. “You’re the dark one until I get involved and just watch. Mark my words, you’re going to be the poor soul sucked in by me, you little victim. Pooooor soldier. He was great until he got tied up with her. Things would have been great if only she’d not come along…”

He laughed.

“I know, I know. You think it can’t happen but I am telling you it will. You thought (this and this and this) couldn’t happen but it did, just like I said it would. Does it suck that I was right? I bet it does. My sister told me that years ago. She said it was my biggest problem. She said I was right too much and people didn’t like it. Anyway, I’m just telling you that I guess it will be a great shock to you when you find out that you… you the darkest of all dark figures can be replaced by me… me, a mere girl.”

“Oh, P.”

“Yeah, you don’t believe me but you’ll see. Put two of us side by side and the shadow that may start on you will wind up on me. It’s impressive. You’ve got to go a long way. You’ve pretty much got to go around the world to find someone who will be blamed over you but you’ve done it. Yep, you’ve done it, I’m her.”

“Wanna take a bath?” he said, grinning.

“Sure,” I said, grinning back.

Elvis Costello – Blame It On Cain (the song where the quote comes from)https://youtu.be/qynbbfC7J5U

6 thoughts on “His Scorpio Moon And My 8th House: “…Need Somebody To Burn””

  1. huh, that always happens to my scorpio stelluim friend 😛 (well, most of the stellium is in aspect to an eighth house saturn, too…)
    it’s not like i can’t make own decisions to walk down this path, but i was “led astray.” kind of insulting to me, really. i can lead myself far far afield on my own thankyouverymuch! 😉 you’d think after more than a decade my own volition might be part of the picture, eh?

    anyway, yeah, people are funny, but not in a fun way, all too often….

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