Hitting Bottom Under The Full Moon in Capricorn: Midnight – June 27, 2018

The full moon in Capricorn takes place a few minutes before midnight on June 27th, in the Central time zone. If you’re on the East Coast, you’re looking at one am on June 28th.  As you can see from the picture, the moon will be tightly conjunct Saturn. This is hard core.

It’s an emotional reality, you’ll come to under this full moon. It may e harsh but if so, this not the worst thing. There are times in life where you simply have to accept some kind of loss or limitation. It’s utterly unrealistic to think otherwise.

I mean, come on. People die. Businesses go under. Relationships end. People move away from you, physically or otherwise. Someone gets ill. You sell a stock too soon or fail to buy one when you should have. You reject an offer and another offer doesn’t arrive. You Make A Mistake.

Things like this put a person on the ground.  Okay, they may put you on the floor; I’ve been there myself, many times. But there is something to be said for hitting bottom.  It’s when you hit bottom, you have a chance to stand up.  This hard to do when you’re still falling!

Don’t be surprised if your knees buckle under this full moon. It may also feel like a punch in gut. This is especially true for anyone who has planets in Cardinal signs 0-10 degrees.

Capricorn loves to plan. They survive by planning so if you know you’re going to impacted by this, wait for it. Realize you’re going to hit some kind of wall. Take the knock, accept the situation and persevere.

It’s really the only way.  You’ve got to keep pushing but I’ll tell you something else.  If you’re dragging dead weight along your path, this would be a good time to ditch it. You can’t control others – never forget!

Key concept – Emotional boundary

Do you have planets near 5-6 degrees of the Cardinal signs?  Tell us about the pressure you’re under.

39 thoughts on “Hitting Bottom Under The Full Moon in Capricorn: Midnight – June 27, 2018”

  1. When the moon was conjunct saturn At 7 Cap a couple of weeks ago my son was going bananas with the crying when it was exact. It was something else. His Ascendant is 7 Cap. I’ll hope he’ll be peacefully asleep for this.

  2. Only one planet in Cardinal and that is my 8* chart ruler Uranus in my 8th house. At this point in time, I am awaiting to find out on June 21st if my husband might be put in jail out of state due to his going 45 in a 25 mph zone. Virginia is the state and they can put a person in jail for 6 months for speeding. On top of this, we live on the land where his dad lived and died and now my husband’s sister is pushing my buttons and making snide comments to me and about me and I am coming to the end of my rope like I did with their dad in ’11 and blasted him with everything he had done and been. I am trying to keep calm [Saturn in Taurus?] But I am afraid I will break her face and go to jail if she doesn’t leave me be. Husband wants to get far away from sister whom he can’t stand. I fear a supersized earthquake is about to take place and a bridge is gonna go down in flames.

    1. And she is the reason we were out ranting that morning and he got a ticket. Here is a piece of advice, don’t break the law in Virginia and always pay attention when you drive.

  3. My dad went back in to the hospital this morning, as harsh as he can be I feel sad for him and hope he can really push through this.

  4. This conjunction happens in my 1st house, opposing my Jupiter @ 5 Cancer and squaring my Libra Sun @ 7 degrees.

    I’m screwed, aren’t I? ?

    1. That means Capricorn is in your 1st house.
      That’s not necessarily bad. It just means you will have to make a decision and take responsibility. And considering the moon/jupiter opposition it might be something that turns out to be a relief in hindsight.

      Good luck!

  5. Chart ruler Saturn at 2 degrees Libra. Tenth house too. Im learning that freaking out over stuff, just makes me miserable and doesnt change a thing. Career is falling apart, but Im not unhappy at all. This is the most peaceful Ive ever felt in my life. Very grateful for that.

  6. I have that Moon/Saturn conjunct my Natal Neptune opposite Mars/Mercury in the 4th house. All planets are 5-7 degrees. Reading that makes me feel kinda queasy. I’m being moved around at my current job and I know it’s going to be tough.

  7. What about Uranus hitting this full Moon in a good way? What about some unexpected changes and suprises? And what about people with planets at 5-6 degrees of earth signs? Is their bottom going to be nicer or softer then usual hard core bottom?

  8. Natally my neptune is at 5 degree Capricorn 2nd house opposing Venus in 7 degree cancer. Now having Venus opp neptune is tough, my love life sucks. Been in more than 8 relationships, and it sucks.
    Last year I left the love of my life because I knew we had no future together. I still miss him sometimes but he has already given me the reality check (his wife conceived) so I don’t expect any thing worst than this. When Pluto was transiting neptune I literally broke all my dreams like the world smashed them. Saturn has already made a pass to both opp natal Venus and conjunct natal neptune earlier this year and it made little or no impact. I hope this also passes too.

  9. Mmm this hits my SAN & is conjunct by a mere 5 mins; what will it be? Natal H2 & 8 involved or profected H6 & 12. Mother is 93 yrs – will she last much longer or will this be work related? Time for a deep breath. . . .

  10. i have Venus & 3 Outer Planets retrograde in my birth chart. My Venus is R in 11th in Aries & i will never partner successfully bc it hasnt happened since i was 14 & i am now 57. I have Pluto R in my 4th house in virgo conjunct my NN in virgo, & Uranus in Leo all in 4th. My family life was traumatic & chaotic. Lots of lies & secrets about my life & my sperm donor. I had to leave the state bc one of older sisters didnt want me staying with her in her home but she stoled my income tax return for years after i moved out. no love

  11. Avatar
    Christina O'Brien

    ×6 planets + north node, all in capricorn; House 10 and/or 11… Help !! … im in need of “MAJOR HELP”, IN ORDER TO Work WITH THIS, COME 2020…I really do NEVER WANA LOOK BACK.. AS my WISH is TO BE MOVING FOWARD WITH THIS hardhitting VORTEX im stuck in AND so so sooo wish to make it/ make e be IN HARMONY….gulp!?!

  12. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Both are conjunct my natal Saturn in the 10th, loosely opposite Sun in the 4th, Mercury in the 5th. Other aspects are positive so I hope they provide some relief. Changes coming to the home due to outside condos construction. Already thinking of moving out as my rent is skyrocketing. Job may be going too, as a buyout offer has been made and that leads to layoffs. Feeling very insecure till the end of summer.

  13. This falls in my 12th house. Talk about rock bottom 😉

    My mom and I recently got into a fight just when Mars hit the south node. This full moon will hit my natal Mars at 8 degrees Capricorn. Maybe the fight will be either resolved OR one of us (maybe her) will pull out.

    We agreed to stay in each our camp this summer, not talking. She is stubborn Taurus, and I am stubborn as F with Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio. I am a self rightous ass when I choose to be. But mostly… I just try to be good. A good person. A kind and just person with good moral values. The only place I loose my head is with my mom. I have my Mars square my moon natally. Talk about repressed anger!

    So yeah, I will probably be hit, as this fight originates from Christmas last year – Caps always gets me!

    So, I expect the worst, but hope for the best. Maybe it will be relatively peaceful. Well, one can hope. If she not outright denounces me or something. *sigh*

  14. This hits my husband’s Cancer sun/moon/uranus conjunction on his birthday/solar return and conjoins my Capricorn moon, which opposes uranus. Scary! Can any good come of this?

  15. I have a Venus/MC conjunction at 5 degrees Capricorn. I’m not really happy at work and have been in conflict with our Capricorn team lead but should soon change teams and hopefully things will change for the better. Although Saturn here is making me feel a bit wary.

  16. Avatar
    J venkata ramireddy

    I am having retro saturn rear 4 degree in cancer and pluto at 5 degree in libra and moon at 3 degree in caricorn (saturn near conjoins moon).

  17. Ugh! Cap is my 4th house. I have asc, sun, moon all within 6 degrees Libra, so I will have the transit sun, moon, and Saturn all square my natal sun, moon, Uranus, Pluto,asc, and Chiron. Capricorn is my husband’s 7th house. Our relationship hasn’t been in the best state. Guess it’s best to be prepared.

  18. Oh, dear. This will hit my Cardinal Moon Pluto Mercury T-square, turning it into a grand cross.

    I am getting divorced currently. Sounds like I’ll have another grief pang or something. Thanks for the heads up!

  19. It’s very interesting because this lunation hit one of the main aspect of my SR: Saturn, Moon and Mars conjunct around 9°Capricorn in SR 5°H on Natal 6°H where I have Jupiter at 3°Cap.We’ll see.

  20. Going thru my second Saturn return with my natal Saturn at 3 degrees Capricorn… I just hope I survive.

  21. In spite of all the advice I had seen, I had either a moment of insanity or sanity (TBD) and I quit my job of 20 years that I had put most of my energy into with many long hour days for so many years but especially the last 5. And at the moment I’m as blank as a statue. Hopefully knowing about next Wednesday will help.

  22. Second Saturn return. Saturn in Capricorn 4th House natal 2°07’43 and this full moon also falls in my 4th H.. Can anyone give me an insight as to what I’ll be getting? (too much synchronicity here..) Thanks

  23. I guess I’ll just be happy this full moon is 2, almost 3 days after my solar return (even though I have a full moon natally). It opposes my cancer sun by 1 degree, conjuncts my jupiter by 2 degrees and my moon by 4 degrees. I’ve shored up about all I can, now it’s just a matter of time to see where the ‘weak link’ is (what gets ‘hit’). I do have a 6th house cappy moon, so Yeah, I LOVE to plan, guess I’ll keep that as the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Thanks for the heads up Elsa!!

  24. Elsa i need your help.Since january this year a white woman has been coming into my dreams.Sometimes even twice a month.Last dream was this morning.This woman appears un different shapes i mean a woman/girl.The massage is she loves me so much.We rom and kiss everytime she appears and she has appeared almost ten times now.I dont know her but i love her..What is the interpretation of this dream plz coz it is getting into my nerves now.

  25. Hi all … this will hit my natal Sun, eeeek …

    I work as a medium, I am well respected in my community, but my doctor sent me her best friend to do a reading for, the reading came out as something she didn’t like hearing and she’s bullying me now and threatening to ruin my reputation. Which is a smaller deal, the big deal is my health depends on the doctor who is this person’s best friend … eeekkkk, lol

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