Sun Opposite Neptune: Who Is The Saint? Who Is The Sinner?

before the mirror paintingWhen the sun opposes Neptune, there can be lot of confusion around who a person actually is. I’m talking about an individual’s vital life energy, shown by their solar (sun) profile.

The Sun in Virgo is opposing Neptune in Pisces at this time. I’ve written a lot about the impact of having Neptune conjunct my ascendant. I’ve been mistaken for pretty much everything under the sun. (see tag – Neptune Midheaven).

Neptune blurs things. When you view something that is out of focus, it’s natural to bring it into focus.  When you process something in this way, your bias will be part of the conclusion you draw.

The current opposition is powerful because Neptune is in it’s own sign. It’s possible, a veil drop and you see a person’s good qualities but it’s probably more common you see your bad qualities in them!

With the sun opposing Neptune at this time, odds are you’re involved in some mess like this.  I keep hearing the word, “perception” in that one person is criticizing the other person’s perception.

In other cases, one person is denying the shining, vital life energy and (good-ness) of the other. The see themselves as a “higher being in some way”. They want to help the (possibly) misguided person by criticizing then.

This is hard to work with but I came across an interesting suggestion. If you find your opinion of someone wavering; going from good to bad and back to go; go with the positive read. This is smart, because if you really get to know someone, more often than not, you find they’re a better person than you thought or believed, back when you knew so little.

What can you tell us about Sun opposite Neptune?

26 thoughts on “Sun Opposite Neptune: Who Is The Saint? Who Is The Sinner?”

  1. All that and a bag of chips! Spot on description of my conversation with my sister yesterday! I described to her some medical tests (Virgo) I will be taking to determine an ongoing (Neptune) health (1H) issue. I was very transparent (Sun) and, in return, I was quickly kicked in the teeth (nitpicky Virgo)! “Perception” indeed.

  2. If you’re having this in transit as a square, do you believe the weird doubts and intuitions that float up or do you ignore them and keep going the way you were before the transit started?

  3. Oh man, I’m natal sun opposite transiting Neptune. An astrologer did tell me back in Feb that this would be hard and that I will feel lost. This article makes a lot of sense. Maybe I shouldn’t have uprooted my life and moved across the country if I knew ahead of time this was coming. Funny this is written today, on my bday. Add natal Chiron Rx conjunct transiting Uranus and it’s too much. Anxious/depressed/anhedonic since April/May. Wtf with all these difficult aspects. How do you push through?

      1. Oh wow. Ok, thank you. I realize now that since Neptune entered Pisces opposite my 4th house where I have Saturn, Moon, Mercury and Sun, at least Neptune has already moved over those oppositions. So I’m to feel lost until Neptune clears the opposition? I’m 19 deg, and for Neptune to get past 22 will be another couple years. I really need to consult an astrologer bc I don’t want to be stress over this and think I’m just gonna be lost and depressed until then.

        1. The thing to remember is these longer transits are learning experiences. I believe they teach us the great life lessons. So there’s no need to worry the entire time will be miserable. If we cultivate self awareness and new healthy habits, we become better.
          I have Virgo Midheaven with Pluto and Uranas conjunct on either side. This transiting Neptune is a long way from over, and it’s been moving over my Venus and Mercury too.
          Meanwhile, though, the Saturn/Pluto in Cap has my full attention. Emotions are hard to handle.

  4. I have it natally on MC IC axis with Sun in my fourth house. Luckily Neptune is separating.
    But still people mostly don’t see me as I am.

  5. Such great advice concerning when you have a wavering opinion of someone, to go with the positive. People do not always express their inner thoughts and feelings, often due to vulnerability or past hurt. Sometimes these types may be labelled as cold or unfeeling but in actual fact they’re the opposite. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, so it’s important to remind myself that not everyone feels comfortable in doing so. There have been times when I’ve perceived less expressive types to be cold or insensitive. I’m going to refrain from this judgement more often and remind myself that I’m not actually ‘in their head’ so how do I ‘really’ know.

  6. Would this also be relevant to natal 1st house Virgo (pluto) opp 7th house pisces (chiron/saturn)?

    Neptune in Sco – trine sun, conj moon, trine sat/chiron…

  7. I don’t know a lot about the sun opposition, but I have had a tendency to find men with Venus-Neptune opposed. Somehow they fit my mother’s constellation of the same.

    She is one walking projecting case in love and idealization.

    I have Neptune transit the 1st house though – a lot of misunderstanding about who I am for others, and a lot ‘I can be who you want me to be’ vibe. Try to stop it but it’s hard. People keeps misjudge me, and when I show my other sides, they happily project the sh*t on me…. It gets old really fast!

  8. Elsa–gots to have that Pisces (red b.g.) fish picture in your original newsletter! Where did you get it? I googled images but I didn’t see that one. Much obliged 🙂 Cheryl

  9. I have the opposition nataly and I do find that people often get the wrong first impression of me. Most of my friends have told me after they’ve known me awhile that I’m not at all like what they though I was when they first met me.

    But I also often find myself confused about who I am as well, or at least feeling like I can be, or vacillate between, being many different things, depending on my environment. Probably also attributed to the Gem Sun (adaptation).

    1. I hear you, Sam. I, too, am often misread. I have an Aquarius AC and Pisces in the 1H. Because I am okay not being in the spotlight, people assume I am aloof. However, once they get to know me they learn my multi-layers and sincerity.

  10. Thanks very interesting and good advice I wish I’d read it Tuesday!
    Sun/moon 17-18 Pisces in first house so extremely intense for me!

  11. I’m just coming out of this in 6th and 12th as well. Some of my simple acts which to others may seem selfless due to my doing them for a long time seemed to help as long as I didn’t dwell on a self satisfying outcome. All in all a sweet time without high definition lens.

  12. I think there maybe a typo:
    ” I’ve written a lot the impact of having Neptune conjunct my ascendant. I have been mistaken for pretty much everything under the sun. (see tag – Neptune Midheaven).”

    Very helpful article. Thanks Elsa 🙂

  13. Thanks Elsa!
    An eye-opener. Yes go for the positive.!!
    I truly believe this works most of the time.
    We are quick to judge…others.
    But I have noticed my own shadow side.
    Right now ,I m in the fog-bog.
    Without a headlight.
    But I m just keeping on going… getting the work done
    It hasn’t been easy,but I’m making headway.
    I m hoping when I get out on the other side,it will be bright and sunny.
    Happy Days.
    Great Post Elsa
    You Rock!???

  14. Turning back time again. I was heading back to the office, easing back in after 9 years of aging parent care and the nature degree thing. I started temping and landed in some very old companies with some very strange cultures. It was definitely not about work and that bred some very troublesome lifers at those places. I distanced myself. I am beginning to look at natal mars retro in Pisces as just that. Distancing from the insanity. I finally accepted an offer at a younger company, under 20 years old that had gone through a growth spurt and who was in bad need of some collections work. Robust sales are great but the dollars are necessary. Basically, they treated me like I was stupid. An example would be the controller, who was in the same room as me, going to the director with her questions. The director would come to me and then go tell the controller the answer. Sun is in 10th house so I guess career is where I experienced the delusions. There are too many to count. And then my sister dropped off a microwave because people who work have microwaves. I don’t do microwave so it ended up back on her porch. Loony tunes alright. Another mars in Pisces thing I am thinking about is that my whole life seems to have been pushing through the fog and delusion. I would be lost without goals and direction.

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