Can Astrology Describe A Person’s Hands?

palm of handHands are Mercury ruled. I have Mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th house and my hands are large (9th house) and energetic (Mars). They are almost always banged up (Mars) if not actually bleeding.

I always notice a person’s hands. “Would I like this person to touch me?”

I feel a lot of energy pass through my hands. I like them! I like to work with them. I like that they work!

I like to shake hands when I meet someone for the first time.  This makes sense with Mercury in the 9th. I reach out. I’m open to connecting.

Astrologically speaking, shaking hands is a meeting of minds. It certainly feels that way.

What are your hands like? Where is your Mercury?

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    curious wanderer

    My Mercury is in Capricorn in the 5th, trine my Virgo Moon and Saturn in the 1st, and square Pluto in Libra in the 2nd.

    I feel like I have average, proportionate hands to my petite self. I’ve had a tremor all my life, and I’ve abused my hands all my life. I bit my nails until I was 9 and since then I’ve picked at the cuticles. The area around my nails hardly ever looks healthy. At the same time, I enjoy having long nails (interestingly, the longer they are the harder it is to pick), and absolutely abhor the methods used to have fake nails. I have two moles on my left palm, which I understand to be unusual. For all I abuse my hands, I love them, love doing things with them, usually crafty type things. I’m very aware of my hands when I’m writing, either typewriting, or handwriting; and writing is a huge emotional outlet for me. I also talk A LOT with my hands. I love touching things, but not necessarily people. I have to feel very close to someone before I feel okay touching them.

    When it comes to others’ hands, I absolutely adore hands with long, slender fingers, and will usually notice that. Otherwise, I don’t feel like I pay a ton of attention to hands. I have a belief that a woman’s hands will show her age (I know, not always), and I will look at another woman’s hands if I’m curious about it. I also have a thing about how a man’s hand looks on a woman’s body, like on her shoulder or on her waist. I find the contrast of proportions to be very sexy.

  2. I love this post, many say the eyes are the window to the soul, well I believe the hands are the tools of the soul. I don’t mean how they look physically, but how we use them to communicate our feelings when we don’t use words.

    10th house mercury hands semi-sextiles my 8th house saturn, and trines my 6th house jupiter.

    I guess this is a good placement for the kind of work I do too!

    1. I like your hands are the tool of the soul analogy. Hands speak volumes to me. Hand shakes etc can tell you so much about someone such as their level of confidence and openness.

  3. I have abnormally short pinkies. Not freakish or anything, just on the short end of the scale. A palmist once told me that pinkies were the symbol of Mercury so I would probably have troubles communicating. Balderdash. I’m a freelance writer (amongst other things).

    Short pinkies makes it a little hard to play guitar and reach all the really spread out chords. I have a little 3/4 size kid’s guitar that I like to play, it’s just my size.

  4. And as well have sewed, knitted, crocheted, cooked, constructed, typed, some amazing things, so that is why, really, I feel OK…

  5. My hands are tiny; my ring size is a 6. Well shaped, with average length, but thin, fingers. I get compliments on how dainty and elegant they are and they’re about the ONLY thing about me that is. 😛

    Mercury in the 8th, Aquarius

  6. My hands are neither small nor large. I am very overweight, but you’d never be able to tell via my hands. My fingers aren’t terribly fleshy, and if you were to look over my palms, you’d be able to tell I work with my hands. They almost look “muscular”, for lack of a better word 😉 My fingers are long; I can touch pinky to thumb with a little overlap if I wrap them around my wrist.

    My Mercury is in Aries in the 2nd and is in mutual reception with my Mars in Gemini (aren’t you proud of me, Elsa? I finally got that right! hee hee) 🙂 So, my hands get cuts, burns, etc. quite often. If not from other objects, than from my own fingers. My ex swears I am OCD because I pick at my fingers all the time. *shrugs*

    I pay very close attention to the hands of others. In fact, “hands” are usually right at the top of my list of attractors, right next to “eyes”. A man with nice hands is a wonderful thing 😉

    Anyway, I’m bored, so for shits & giggles I took a pic of my hand (yes, while this page was up…I have no life, you see 😉 lol) 😀 see? (sorry, in one of those moods tonight) *ahem* ok, shutting up now…hehe

  7. mercury in leo in the 4th and I’ve always gotten compliments on my hands. they’re kind of thin and smaller I guess, but i always see bone and blue vein I dont think theyre actually pretty, just feminine somehow…

  8. i have mercury in scorpio in the 11th house. my hands have remained the same since birth. i’m very adept with my hands, and occasionally that makes my grip way too tight. i have beautiful handwriting, play guitar, tower over video games, give a mean indian rug burn, and every other unmentionable thing scorpios would want to do with their hands. i get superficial wounds regularly, but i’ve never broken a bone. there is a tremendous amount of nervous energy in my hands which leads to a few unconscious bad habits (locking doors, pocketing lighters. don’t hand me a piece of paper unless you want it back in a hundred neatly torn squares.) there is no arch in my thumbs – straight and to the point. my hands are undeniably masculine but highly expressive.

    this was a neat post!

  9. I love hands! Venus in Gemini, 3rd house moon and a 5th house Mercury in Taurus. Always, always talk with my hands, love to touch someone that I have feelings for(actually very hard not to) also extremely strong hands ever since I was a kid and if a man doesn’t have attractive hands I just can’t get interested…I will watch someone’s hands with intense interest.

  10. I have Mercury in the 9th in Aries, conjunct Sun….but definitely not large hands. They are rather feminine actually, but strong due to my work.

    I am a massage therapist, and have found that most people in my profession have strong Aries in their chart. Its a very physical gig!

    I run energy very easily from my hands, and I have to touch people. That would be my Venus in Taurus on the MC, however.

  11. wow, people really write a lot about their hands!

    my mercury is in Libra conjunct saturn. As you’d expect, mine are very cold. Small with long nails, thick palms. You can see the bones pretty clearly on the top of my hands.

  12. barb, I was a massage therapist for awhile when I was in my early 20’s – Aries Sun conjunct Mercury & Taurus Venus as well! 🙂 Actually, I was told it was the Taurus bit that likes to work with the hands – it would stand to reason that there might be a strong Aries signature as well, since the signs are next to each other and the “personal” planets tend to be close together.

    Anyway, came back because I almost forgot – I’m also ambidextrous, which I attribute to that mutual reception, as well. hehe…ok, done now! 😀

  13. Mercury conjunct Pluto in Libra, in the 8th house. (Mercury also makes sextiles to 7th house Leo Saturn and 10th house Sagittarius Neptune, and is trine my Aquarius ascendant).

    I have small hands, but they are not delicate. I have wide palms and short, stout fingers. My nails are also strong and would grow quite long before breaking if I didn’t keep them trimmed short because I’m involved in martial arts.

    I’m very hard on my hands, and any rings I wear are promptly beaten and battered. When we got married, my husband suggested we get silver or “white gold” rings to save money, but I knew such soft metals would never hold up to the unconscious punishment my hands receive. We went with titanium with a platinum inlay, and my ring still looked like it had been chewed on after less than a year.

    I don’t like to touch a lot of things and frequently wear vinyl gloves when involved in manual tasks (but maybe that’s my Virgo moon).

    My hands are very dry and not particularly sensitive to heat or cold (although they do swell during the summer), but they’re very sensitive to texture and touch. Having my hands massaged is incredibly erotic, electric.

    I can’t stand weak, limp, “dead fish” handshakes; I experience a gut-level revulsion when someone shakes my hand like that.

    Whenever I speak, I use my hands to illustrate what I’m saying – not just for the other person, but for myself. That is, I use my hands to help with the mental process of verbalization, of translating the images in my mind into spoken language. I do this even when the other person cannot see me (e.g., when I’m on the phone).

  14. I’m an Aries (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron in the 8th) with Virgo rising. My hands always have nicks and scrapes. I have a 2.5 inch scar down my left index finger. I consider my hands to be tools. I have Mercury quintile Mars.

    According to palmistry/chiromancy I have a Water Hand- I have long palms and really long fingers. My palms are heavily lined- I’ve never met anyone with palms that are more lined than mine are.

  15. I’m a Leo, with Mercury in Leo (12th house); and my hands kind of resemble lion’s paws. My palms are broad and squarish, each one is marked with a ‘psychic cross’ in their center. My fingers are on the short side, and I keep my nails and cuticles neatly manicured; but almost never use nail polish. I do use a lot of oil or shea butter on them, though. I almost never wear rings because I’m usually into something ( work or art ), always busy. I try very hard to keep my hands soft because I am a Reiki healer. I’m a little self-conscious about my wrinkled skin on them, due to being a very pale redhead and having spent way too many hours on a boat going to and from dive sites when I was a teen. I am however, deeply appreciative of my hands and all the abilities bestowed upon them; not the least of which being conveyance of healing energy and artistic ability.

    Oh, and having someone offer a handshake makes me CRINGE ! The energetic thing, the germs thing, the invasion of personal space thing — I want to run screaming ! So, I’m weird like that… but I’ll hug those that I warm up to. Go figure.

  16. mercury in aries conjunct chiron in the 11th. I work with my hands everyday (mars in sag in 6th). While not pretty, ruddy large knuckles, large palm, always with a band-aid somewhere, they are interesting. My hands have energy and often a will of their own. I feel energy through my hands and can at times move that energy with them. I touch everything.

  17. Mercury is the ruler of my chart (Virgo Rising) and is in Cancer in the 11th house.I have Mercury conjunct the Moon both squaring Mercury.I also love hands!In most photos of me I am doing something weird with my hands.In about 6 or 7 photos I have the same pose with my hands,with the right one folded over the other one in front of me.I think it’s a nervous Virgo thing–

  18. Rx Libra Mercury conjunct Sun, and these are my hands.
    People always tell me I have “long fingers” and I’ve been told I have beautiful hands too. I don’t even think my fingers are that long, if anything I think I have a large palm. I like my hands only when I grow my nails. Which is okay now that bass is not my primary instrument anymore as I only use voice. I miss playing an instrument though.

  19. My mercury is in the third house – but very near the fourth, in Scorpio, with no major aspects. My hands are rather big, square, blunt tips, brown, with all the veins showing. Not pretty hands. I didn’t like drawing attention to them when I was younger, now it doesn’t matter, they’re OK so long as they don’t hurt. I was a fenomenal typist once, very fast and precise (Virgo rising). Now I tend to drops things (when I wash the dishes I make a tremendous racket). I’m still a fast worker though, and don’t have much patience with people who do things slowly (not proud of this).

  20. cool, i was actually wondering about this yesterday.

    i have merc in virgo in the 8th house. in a grand trine with mars + saturn, mars + neptune. sextile pluto, chiron, and pallas. square saggo asc.

    i have well-proportioned hands. people have commented that they are very feminine and graceful, although i have always thought to myself that they are masculine. i think that’s just because i know they are strong. i am a lefty, have aesthetically pleasing and clean writing (often commented on), and am an artist with a particular steady endurance for detailed work.

    i LOVE giving people massages. anyone, really, but it feels best when i know i am healing the person, or sexually arousing them. i am very tactile and sensitive to things that feel good. i can feel energy through my hands when i touch another living thing.

    my hands are kept clean, unless they are covered in paint. i like to keep my nails fairly long (leo sun), and they naturally look like they have a french manicure. i am a little obsessive about pushing back the tips of my fingers that lie under the nail, you know? so that the line separating the white tip and the pink base is smooth and uniform. the tips of my hands get really dry in the winter, especially my left.

    1. the tops* of my hands get dry, i mean.

      also, a few of my nails, when they get long, kind of curve downward. it’s not really a big deal, nor is it noticeable unless i point it out, but it wrecks the uniformity of my nails and it bothers me!

  21. Pretty cool subject!
    I have Mercury in Virgo (with only one aspect, sextile Uranus).
    My hands are squarish, not terribly good looking but they are one of the very few things I like about myself.
    For many years part of my work was manual and have to say that they were very good workers and I was happy about that.
    These days, with computer work I don’t use them as much, which I miss. I write pen on paper every day & think I just do it for the pleasure of connecting my mind to my hands.
    Wish I could do more manual acivities, but have a pretty bad eyesight problem & makes it difficult. It’s really frustrating my hands!

  22. I have Mercury in the 12th in Cancer. My hands are child-sized with slender fingers and long nails. Rings often slide right off my fingers, even the smallest ones, which is annoying when you like jewelry ?

    With Venus and Moon in Gemini and Pluto in the 3rd, I have very expressive hands. Hands are my erogenous zone and I like others who have attractive hands. I like to talk with my hands. Convey a point. Uplift an audience. Make a meal. I’ve been told I have healing hands—being in the 12th and in a sensitive water sign, they’re naturally attuned to others’ energy fields and boundaries. However, I do find that hand to hand contact can be very intimate so I avoid that when possible unless it’s with close friends or family members.

    1. I also have been told I have healing hands. Scorpio mercury 12th house.Short fingers, but not fat ,even though the rest of me

  23. I too have Mercury in 9th house!

    Virgo asc. Gemini stellium. I love hands too! I myself have very nice hands. Slender very delicate. My fngers so thin only rings for 10 years olds will fit! And my wrist are small too, 14 cm. Like a 10 year olds haha. My nails a perfectly proportional too. I get lots of compliments for my hands.
    I like touching, only if its a person I like or if its someone I want them to like me. I don’t shake hands at all. Going against the norm. Female hands I may not look at much but males hands I’m more interested in.

    I can even get turned on just by looking at nice looking male hands if it’s the hands of someone I desire haha! It’s so weird! I like both slender pianist alike hands in men, but also manly strong hands.

  24. Also I can’t stand long nails and nail polish on women or myself. Especialy long nails, it’s so disturbing to me! And so uimpractical. Maes no sence walking around with long nails. I use make up and I’m interested in clothes so I dress very nice. But long nails and polish, no thank you.

  25. How fascinating. To @October 27th — I am very close to that date by Sun sign.

    But. My hands are probably my most graceful and glamorous feature.

    I have a packed 8th (edging into 9th) House. My 4 degree Sun, 7 degree Mercury and 2 degree Venus are all conjuncting each other. (9th H 17 degree Pluto is cojuncting Mercury, I had to go back and check.)

    I speak with my hands, gesticulating, frequently, and feel hemmed in when I can’t use them in socially appropriate circumstances. My mother laments that she should have made me stick with learning the piano, as I have a very loooong hand span and very looong, elegant fingers. That or try to make it as a hand model. Mothers, right everyone?

    However it is something other people notice even if they don’t sigh at my lack of portfolio pictures.

    I also grow very strong, very long natural nails, which of course makes manicurists go on about “wide nail beds” with obvious relish. I feel bad, because I do nothing to maintain or encourage this growth, and there are those who shell out hundreds per year to imitate the length I can get if I dont clip or trim them for about 3 weeks. I type and text too much to really want to keep them noticeably long, even if I do enjoy the colors and artistic opportunity of nail art and polish, and really, I find the mini massage of a good manicure to be relaxing. (I’m putting this last bit down to Venus)

    I use my hands though, from helping move around furniture and adjust storm shutters, bring in heavy grocery bags, and yes, entirely deserving those cat scratches I get from time to time.

  26. I’ve had old woman’s hand a since I was young. Long fingers, gnarly knuckles, wrinkled, freckled and deeply lined. Mercury conjunct Mars 9th H, Capricorn. I love having the right tools handy: knives, screwdrivers, pens, plungers, saws, pliers on and on. I write right handed and eat left handed. Very sensitive sense of touch. I really enjoy feeling quality fabrics such is in large thrift stores I pretty good at picking linen,silk,wool and cotton from touch (trine to Taurus asc).

  27. Fascinating thread. I have Mercury 1st in Scorpio Septile Mars in Virgo (11th). I like cleaning and gardening (getting my hands in dirt). I like research and investigation with my hands (computer and phone). I’m proud of my hands that do work that shows. Not a snob about my hands’ appearance (within reason).

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    Christopher Skagen

    I was a palm reader professionally while at university, and continue to do it occasionally. I always ask a person’s Sun sign, and developed a feeling for the different signs. You can actually ‘feel’ Fire, Earth, Air and Water in a person’s hands. They are an incredibly intimate part of us. I presume you shared your right hand – do you really want palm readers to know that much about your present state of existence. Also, Mercury and Venus are often not far from the Sun, and the Sun is not always the perpetrator of the feel and look. Capricorn/Earth hands. My father was a Capricorn and his hands had similar attributes. Also of interest is what I have discovered in the 45 years since I studied and practised it, which is, that if one uses distance of the lines for predictive work, it is generally accurate, but as people age, the timing can be chronologically 15 or more years less. Some people seem to age slower, which may indicate a cosmic ’embrace of their fate:’ a cellular alchemy seems to intervene in the ageing process; one takes over by letting go. Look at Liz Greene today. Also of note is how radically the shape and lines in hands can change over time – it is not fixed, and can be quite fluid, reflecting the inner machinations.

  29. I have mercury in 20’56 degress Sagittarius in 10th house in my natal birth chart. My mercury conjunction with Sun , Jupiter and Midheaven . My mercury square my Ascendant . Can astrology describe my hands?

  30. I am a handshaker as well. (not at the moment but in general, as in before the pandemic). I am trying to read my own palm right now and there are just 3 lines, the one in the middle is interrupted. I have no sun line. Does it mean I don’t exist 😀 ? My hands used to be cold/ feet too- poor circulation but now my hands have gotten warmer as I got older, which is pleasant. I always scratch my hands or arms, tap my fingers, gently too, use some hand cream when I remember, fidget, typing is nice, can only snap my left hand, busy hands. That’s it.

  31. Mercury in Gemini in the 10th. My hands are a public statement; they embody reputation. Nails are always trimmed short; cuticles never ragged with hangnails or dry. I use hand lotion a lot. I don’t want you to thinknmy hands look rough or gross, or be uncomfortable when we shake hands. Hands communicate.

    1. The skin is also dry and my nails break easily. Mecury is in Capricorn. I always wear nail polish and my current color as I write this comment is indigo.

      1. Nails breaking easily is due to nail polish, even non-toxic one dehydrates the nails making them brittle and fragile (speaking from experience) and nail polish remover is even worse. If you have mercury in capricorn you need extra hydration for hands and for nails too, like a cutticle oil and a rich but not greasy feeling hand cream. I have given up on nail polish (I’m a mercury square saturn) but not on hand cream- (mercury conjunct venus).

  32. My Virgo Mercury is conjunct my 8H cusp. It trines my 4H Gemini Mars and squares my 11H Sag Saturn. I definitely “talk” with my hands a lot. I love to pound away on a keyboard while researching.

  33. My hands are small but sturdy. I have ALWAYS noticed hands. I was happy mydaughter’s hand were lithe and expressive. My mom and I had/have bent thumbs. So obviously, I notice hands, lol. I recall my first adult visit to Vegas. I liked blackjack but was shy about joining a small table. I was mezmerized by the dealer at one table. She was sweet-faced and convivial, and her hands were beautiful. ..a model’s hands. ..perfectly manicured. The manner in which she dealt the cards became rhythmic and hypnotic. I looked around and the other two people, two non associated men, were fixed on her dealing. I recall giggling to myself. It was brilliant!

  34. I’ve been watching this blog avidly, hoping to hear from a Sun conjunct Mercury. I have always been a pretty dexterous all-rounder. But my can-do pride had a strange manifestation about which my lovely Mama was always very concerned: I love doing occassional move-mountains feats, be they digging up a big dead tree-stump, or deciding to single-handedly clean out the seriously fifthy house we had bought because I could not find a heavy-duty cleaner to do the job. People’s ‘I never thought your pretty little hands would do this!’ delighted me.

    My hands began to concern me in my 50s. Veins developed on the backs of them. I actually considered surgery — still do, from time to time. And my thin, brittle nails are a constant concern now. Lots of creaming and waxing goes on. But why now?

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