Jupiter Ruling Pisces: Truth, Denial, Spirituality

truth quoteI think this statement is correct but it assumes the truth “gets out” which may never happen. Or it may happen but not in your lifetime.

I also think this phenomenon is described by Jupiter & Pisces.

Basically the truth (Jupiter) is obscured (Pisces) until the veil lifts (if it lifts).  I do think there is a spiritual component to this in that God (or however you term the ethereal force) opens your eyes; allows you to see things.

This does not mean a person who can see things is favored or special in anyway. One person “sees” one thing; another person sees something else. Or perhaps a certain person is not designed to see things because they have other functions.  They may be designed to jump onto subway tracks to save a life!

Many people feel we are surrounded by so many lies, large and small, we live in a LIE-fog.  But it is very interesting when you experience or witness someone experience “stage three”.  It’s like true (Jupiter) magic (Pisces) when you are able to see something you didn’t see before.

What’s your experience with such things?

5 thoughts on “Jupiter Ruling Pisces: Truth, Denial, Spirituality”

  1. I think those stages can be about lies you tell yourself too. And, so yes sometimes when I have profound clarity after going through the stages, and its like woah. How did I not see that before?

    1. Yes, this is exactly how it goes.

      I was just talking to someone about something sort of related. Perhaps it takes magic to trick people and magic to un-trick them. You are tricked / under a spell. When the spell is broken, voila!

  2. It took me TWENTY years to see the truth about my mother. She’s a pisces with much twelfth house influence. I definitely believe the “lie-fog.” Yet somehow I still care about her. I think that’s just part of life somehow. Everyone has their own perception of reality….but we have the choice to make up our own minds and believe what we want.

  3. Jupiter and Neptune/Pisces are being dethroned as our ultimate sources of truth. There is a shift towards Uranian truth which is linked to Pluto and the dark unconscious – “seeing” from the perspective of darkness and light instead of only from light.

    1. I have jupiter in sextile and mutual reception with uranus. 10H or 11H depending (whole houses or placidus) and 8H respectively. I agree with that statement, especially because pluto is my 7H ruler crossed my Mc while in square to Uranus 12H aries in 2015… theyve made huge rude awakening from 2015 onwards… still some cleaning up to do, now uranus in 1H and pluto in orb to square my ac/sun conjunction… its been hard but its been empowering in a spiritual and visceral sense, for sure…

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